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October 8, 2015

Michael Scott

Steve Carell Snubbed for 'Office' Emmy

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 18th 2011 9:40PM
Steve CarellWhile there's no doubt Jim Parsons does incredible work as Sheldon on 'The Big Bang Theory,' one of the biggest bummers of Sunday's Emmy Awards telecast was the inimitable Steve Carell losing out on his final chance to win an Emmy for his six-year stint as Michael Scott on 'The Office.'

Though the show's writing has been uneven in recent seasons, there's no doubt Carell's performance -- especially in the episode 'Garage Sale,' where Scott proposed to longtime girlfriend Holly Flax -- was statuette-worthy.

Carell has been nominated for acting Emmys and Golden Globes for all six years he's played Michael Scott, but the only win he took for the character was in 2006, when he nabbed the Globe. The actor left 'The Office' this year, so it was his last chance to snag some Emmy love.

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TV 101: Some of TV's Most Memorable Departures

by Dr. Ryan Vaughan, PhD (no, seriously), posted May 5th 2011 3:00PM
Steve Carell, 'The Office'If I learned anything from Bon Jovi in the '80s it was that an object's slipperiness had a direct correlation with that same object's relative wetness. But more importantly, I learned that we should never say goodbye.

However, following through with such a sentiment -- never say goodbye -- is much more difficult than scrawling it across your bulging crotch on an 8-by-10 -inch glossy for a hysterical groupie.

The truth is, we have to say goodbye -- especially in television -- no matter how complicated, emotional or difficult that might be. Some say goodbye too soon, some hang on far too long, and some depart at just the right time. It's our job to make peace with those goodbyes.

With the recent departure of Michael Scott from 'The Office,' I started to ponder other televisual vacancies and the interesting circumstances surrounding them.

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Michael Scott Gets a Farewell Hug at the Airport on 'The Office' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 29th 2011 4:30AM

Michael Scott leaves 'The Office'The episode that has been talked about for months finally happened Thursday night -- Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin. And thus Steve Carell left 'The Office' (Thu., 9PM ET on NBC). Despite the goofiness, it was a touching episode that showed Scott as a caring, capable human being. And when he finally gets to the airport, intercepted by Pam for a quick goodbye, it feels good to see him happy and doing the right thing.

The conceit that this is all one big, long documentary came back into focus in the ending scene. "Hey, will you guys let me know if this ever airs," said Scott before remembering at last to take off his mic. "This is going to feel so good, getting this thing off my chest."

Of course, Scott couldn't resist one more, "That's what she said," even if the mic was no longer picking it up. Then it was one last hug, and the plane took off, leaving a few last episodes covering the scramble to replace the World's Greatest Boss.

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Michael Scott's Most Outrageous 'Office' Moments (VIDEO)

by Kim Potts, posted Apr 25th 2011 6:00AM
Steve Carell, 'The Office'We've loved to hate him at times and hated to love him at others, and when you think back on Michael Scott's most memorable moments on 'The Office,' that pretty much sums up the character.

He can be maddeningly self-involved and petty (like, say, when he suffered a little burn on his foot via the George Foreman Grill, but thought his injury was worse than Dwight's concussion), but he can also be sweet and goofily charming, as his entire relationship with the like-minded -- if slightly less dorky -- Holly (Amy Ryan) has shown.

The bottom line: As Emmy-nominated Steve Carell bids adieu to the show that made him a household name (April 28, 9PM ET on NBC), he does so having created one of the greatest TV characters of all time.

And in honor of his many (many, many) shenanigans, please enjoy our mash up of Michael's most outrageous 'Office' moments.

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TV 101: Can 'The Office' Perform a Televisual Magic Trick?

by Dr. Ryan Vaughan, PhD (no, seriously), posted Apr 22nd 2011 4:00PM
'The Office' - 'Training Day'
'The Office' is treading on treacherous ground, whether they realize it or not, as they plan to move forward with the series even after Steve Carell's departure. The litany of shows that have attempted such a coup in the past is a diverse one, with wildly varying results, but that's not to say that it can't be done. It can.

The better question is: Should it be done? For the sake of the show itself, its legacy, and our ability to watch it without saying "do these people think that I'll just watch anything simply because it's on television?" They're right, of course, but I'm not proud of it.

The case of 'The Office' may be moot, for the basic reason that it probably should have ended about three or four seasons ago, making anything it has done since into the cold lumpy gravy smothering what were once some steaming creamy mashed potatoes with chives.

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'Office' Preview: Steve Carell Gives Will Ferrell a Backwards Hug (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Mar 26th 2011 12:15PM
NBC has released a first look preview clip from Will Ferrell's upcoming four-episode 'Office' arc, and although the video's only sixteen seconds long, it's clear that the Michael Scott Farewell Tour is about to get kicked up several notches of awesome.

In the clip, Ferrell, playing an as-yet-unnamed Dunder Mifflin branch manager, shares an exceedingly awkward backwards hug with Steve Carell.

Ferrell is set to make his 'Office' debut on April 14th. Check out the clip after the jump.

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Will Ferrell Goes to Work at 'The Office'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jan 27th 2011 3:12PM
Will FerrellIs Will Farrell stepping up to take the top job at 'The Office'? As Steve Carell prepares to bid farewell to the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, it's been announced that his 'Anchorman' co-star is joining the cast.

According to deadline.com, Ferrell has signed on for a four-episode story arc. Although NBC hasn't said when his episodes will air, it has confirmed that he "has committed to one episode beyond Carell's finale, to help create a bridge."

Ferrell, who's a big fan of 'The Office,' apparently called up the producers and offered his services as a way of commemorating his good buddy Carell's departure. He'll play a Dunder Mifflin branch manager from the home office who, according to NBC, is "just as inappropriate" as Steve Carell's Michael Scott character.

Could his character be leading the search for Scott's replacement? Or could he be Scott's replacement?

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Should Dwight Replace Michael on 'The Office?'

by Rich Keller, posted Jul 12th 2010 1:30PM
Should Dwight Schrute be the logical replaement when Michael Scott leaves 'The Office' at the end of season 7?Dwight Schrute -- Regional Manager, Dunder Mifflin. If star Mindy Kaling had her way, this could be a reality as soon as Steve Carell leaves 'The Office' at the end of this upcoming season. Of course, being a co-executive producer of the NBC comedy, she has some additional pull. And that's why Dwight is definitely in the running as Michael's replacement..

In fact, according to Entertainment Weekly, Rainn Wilson, who portrays the slightly manic Dwight, is at the top of the succession list. The reason, says Kaling, is she likes to promote from within rather than pull an unknown factor into the role. With enough grooming this upcoming season, Kaling thinks Dwight could become a terrific boss.

We're not too sure about that.

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Cheating on 'The Office' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 7th 2010 3:35AM
Cheating on 'The Office'How can you tell if someone is cheating on you? In order to learn the truth, you could always consult with your friends -- or your co-workers. On 'The Office' (Thu., 9PM ET on NBC), Michael (Steve Carell) suspects that something is up. He thinks that his new girlfriend Donna (Amy Pietz) is messing around with another man. He then makes the questionable decision to employ Mr. Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) as a private investigator.

[Spoiler alert.]

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Girl Trouble on 'The Office' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 30th 2010 3:15AM
Girl Trouble on 'The Office'Someday, the romantic woes of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) may come to an end. Carell recently announced that he was considering leaving 'The Office' (Thu., 9PM ET on NBC) after next season. If he goes, will that leave enough time to find a happy ending for the character? Will Michael ever find true love?

Watch the video after the jump.

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Could 'The Office' Survive Without Steve Carell?

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 28th 2010 3:27PM
Steve Carell in 'The Office' - 'Manager and Salesman'Leave it to the Brits to ask the questions we here in the States just won't ask. Despite all the interviews Steve Carell and Tina Fey did before the premiere of the movie 'Date Night,' not one interviewer that I saw here in the US thought to ask Carell how much longer he was going to play Michael Scott on 'The Office.'

However, OfficeTally.com says that someone from the BBC thought enough to ask, and got a surprising response: Carell said he thinks he's done with the show after his contract is up at the end of the seventh season. It could be a negotiating ploy, but it might be a sincere wish on Carell's part to do something else.

Could 'The Office' go on without Carell? Maybe. Though I'm not sure I'd want it to.

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'The Office' Romance for Michael and Holly Isn't Over After All

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 7th 2010 6:35PM
Michael Scott on 'The Office'Dunder Mifflin is a strange place for romance. Jim and Pam, of course, have been the cornerstone of the show. But we've also seen the rocky relationship between Ryan and Kelly, a love triangle with Dwight, Angela, and Andy (as well as Dwight's baby plan with Angela), the awkward courtship of Andy and Erin and a few doomed dalliances involving Michael Scott.

Michael Scott has moved on to a new love interest this season (played by Amy Pietz), but according to EW's The Ausiello Files, Holly Flax may not be done. Ausiello quotes 'Office' executive producer and co-star Paul Lieberstein (he plays HR guy Toby) as saying he wants to bring Holly (Amy Ryan) back next year.

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Kid Gets Detention for Repeating Joke From 'The Office'

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 25th 2010 3:31PM
This happened last year but it's still worth posting. A thirteen-year-old kid got detention for repeating Michael Scott's popular catch phrase "That's what she said!" during class. Steve Carell should write a note to him.

The funniest part is this detention notice sent to his parents. It's funny when a teacher has to put down a reason like this for a detention and has to describe it. Is the kid a wiseass? Probably, but it's funny. All of my report cards when I was a kid said "gets good grades but laughs too much in class."


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Where Did the 'Office' Phrase "That's What She Said" Come From?

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 4th 2010 6:29PM
Of course, we know that 'The Office' didn't create that phrase. A lot of people have probably been using it for decades. But somebody had to start it right? Turns out it was created by Kim Marlowe of Long Beach, CA, as explained by this Funny or Die video.

I'm just glad Megan Mullally is doing things like this and not concentrating on getting all excited by fake butter. That's what she said! (Wait, not sure if that works...)

(FYI, despite the harshest words getting beeped, this video is still NSFW...)

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Ricky Gervais to guest-star on The Office?

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 16th 2010 1:31PM
The Office (BBC)While promoting his new, self-titled animated HBO show based on his podcasts, Ricky Gervais hinted that his boss character of David Brent may make an appearance on the American version of The Office. Gervais and his writing partner and co-creator Stephen Merchant have already been associated with the show, having written two episodes, including the pilot.

Can you imagine the sort of repartee between Michael Scott and David Brent? Would they be friends? Would they be enemies? Does anybody remember the bit from the Emmy Awards in 2008 when Gervais demanded he be given Carell's Emmy? I'm not even watching it right now and that bit still has me laughing hysterically.

Sure, NBC doesn't need the promotion right now what with the late night controversies going on, but soon Conan will be gone and Jay will take back The Tonight Show. They'll need a new event to get people excited about something on their network and this could be it (well, I don't know about everyone else but at least I'd be excited).

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