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October 10, 2015


Who will bite the dust next on Prison Break?

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 4th 2009 1:33PM
Prison BreakIt's no secret, Prison Break is one of those shows that is not afraid to kill characters along the way, even major ones.

Therefore, it will be no surprise to you to learn that more deaths are coming in the final episodes of the series. But did you know that there is one that will be so major that the show's Powers That Be needed to meet face-to-face with the network to get approval?

Curious as to who may bite the dust by series' end? Want to speculate on how it will happen?

Extreme spoilers follow! You've been warned.

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Ten reasons why Lincoln is better than Michael on Prison Break

by Kristin Sample, posted Oct 2nd 2007 12:01PM
The Prison Break BrothersLincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is hands-down my favorite character on FOX's Prison Break. Some argue that the star of the show and the main character is Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) but I would propose that it's his brother Lincoln who is the real reason to tune in on Monday nights.

Yes, Michael is very attractive. Yes, Michael is very intelligent. Yes, Michael has cool tattoos ... all over his body (cool tattoos that have cool secret codes and secret maps). And finally, yes, Michael uses said attractiveness, intelligence, and tattoos to break his brother out of prison. This is show of brotherly love is, to put it lightly, generous of him.

Okay, so I went through the reasons one might argue that Michael is better than Lincoln. Continue reading for my reasons why Lincoln is truly better than Michael.

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Prison Break: Sweet Caroline

by Keith McDuffee, posted Mar 5th 2007 10:53PM
prison break
(S02E19) After all of my complaining through the past few episodes ... OK, the entire season thus far, I'm happy to admit that this episode was actually well done. No huge loopholes worth dwelling on and a couple of surprises to boot. Heck, before this episode I was dreading what would be coming next, when now I'm looking forward to it.

The recording we were waiting to hear was ... unexpected. I'm not sure I could have predicted that. I'm a bit confused as to why such information would make any difference to her when she was planning to leave the presidency anyway. Was it just the embarrassment of the situation? Does she have other plans?

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Prison Break: Wash

by Keith McDuffee, posted Feb 26th 2007 10:17PM
prison break website
(S02E18) Someone commented last week about my Prison Break review, saying it was possibly the shortest review ever on TV Squad. Well, it certainly wasn't the shortest, but I have to wonder what more could have been said?

Seriously, I sometimes ask myself why I tune in every Monday to watch this show. It's just that I feel as though I've invested so much time into this show as it is, and I'm just waiting for the payoff. But will there be a payoff? And when will the end be?

Let's discuss the good and bad points of this episode...

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Prison Break: Bad Blood

by Keith McDuffee, posted Feb 19th 2007 10:35PM
prison break t-bag axe
(S02E17) Damn, that felt good. Seriously, the best part of the season was in the second half of this episode, when Bill Kim got a beat down by the front end of an SUV and then Lincoln's fist a few times. It's almost too bad he didn't get a few slugs in the process, but we already knew that wouldn't happen ... yet.

This was actually one of the better episodes of the season, though not without its own set of problems.

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Prison Break: Chicago

by Keith McDuffee, posted Feb 5th 2007 10:41PM
prison break haywire
(S02E16) I guess for those of us who assumed Haywire would be the only one to find his way to freedom, maybe we weren't all that far off.

As much as I'm sad to see Haywire gone, it was a fitting end for him. As short as the scene was, it was actually one of the more well done moments of the show so far. We get a sense for how Mahone feels having to always run away while mirroring Haywire's feelings of being caught in a maze like a rat. What worries me now is how quickly they're killing off interesting characters from this show.

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Prison Break: The Killing Box

by Keith McDuffee, posted Nov 27th 2006 10:27PM
prison break bellick in cell
(S02E13) I didn't really pay much attention to the previews last week, so I didn't see it coming when Mike and Linc were taken into custody. Of course it makes more sense that something like that would happen, given how last week ended, since clearly we couldn't have Mahone going on killing the two of them.

Somehting that sort of occurred to me: Why is Mahone trying to kill them when it seems like it might actually be easier to kill William Kim? Would he think that those who work with/for Kim would still carry out the hit on his family? I guess that could be the case, but with Mahone's attitude it seems he'd feel a lot better killing Kim than the two brothers.

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Prison Break: Disconnect

by Keith McDuffee, posted Nov 20th 2006 11:03PM
prison break disconnect
(S02E12) It seems we have conflicting reports on what's going to happen to the remainder of the season for Prison Break. On one hand we have a report that we'll see the show continue without interruption for a while longer, while on the other hand the network is saying that next week is the "fall finale." So which is it really? Maybe it's both, and the show will just continue past this "fall finale" into the next week?

Anyway, I digress. Let's get to this episode.

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Prison Break: Bolshoi Booze

by Keith McDuffee, posted Nov 13th 2006 11:01PM
prison break
(S02E11) Finally, the accursed hand is gone! I know, I know. It seems like such a small detail, but a hand sewed on by a doggy doctor has been bugging me on this show for weeks now, and to see it gone, no matter how it happened, is just a little satisfying I guess.

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Prison Break: Buried

by Keith McDuffee, posted Oct 2nd 2006 9:51PM
prison break(S02E07) OK, OK. It's been made pretty clear to me now by several commenters what "Bolshoi Booze" means. You can go ahead back to last week's post and read the comments there if you want to know -- I won't ruin it here for you.

So, it seems I was dead wrong about the Vet possibly being, er, not dead. Obviously I'm glad about that, as it just would've been incredibly hokey had he suddenly been alive. I am glad T-Bag's festering hand was finally brought up as "not taking." And the fact he didn't realize he'd wind up with an Asian hand out in Southeast Asia was Haywire-stupid on T-Bag's part.

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Prison Break: Subdivision

by Keith McDuffee, posted Sep 25th 2006 8:55PM
prison break(S02E06) So, did it make a difference that I had this post up a bit earlier for you all? I guess it seems probably not.

So we're back to digging again, and I have to say that Micheal's explanation of where the thought the silo was just seemed a bit too impractical. To be able to pinpoint it so closely with only what T-Bag had to tell him?

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Prison Break: Map 1213

by Keith McDuffee, posted Sep 18th 2006 11:21PM
prison break(S02E05) If I had to pick out one person who I'd like to see make it on the outside, so far it'd be C-Note. He's at least smart enough to not look so suspicious all the time, fronts a friendly demeanor and uses his head. Everyone else looks overly guilty all the time, including Michael. It's no wonder everyone looks at them funny.

Speaking of everyone looking at them funny, when's the last time you saw photos of a prison escapee from across the country? I mean, I know there have been prison escapes before, but hell if I could ever remember what they look like. It seems these guys are instant celerities all over the country.

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Prison Break: Scan

by Keith McDuffee, posted Sep 4th 2006 10:51PM
prison break(S02E03) In true Prison Break fashion, we see pretty early on that the title of this episode is another play on words, as Michael's wrist tattoo featuring a barcode shows us that something's coming soon that has to do with it.

Was it just me, or was that scene with Bellick and Roy fighting pretty awkward? It just looked like a couple of old fat guys tumbling around a 7-11. And on top of that, neither of them walked out of there very beaten up. How the hell were these guys frightening in the joint?

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Prison Break: Tonight

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 1st 2006 11:24PM
prison break(S01E20) For all the times I've been down on this show, tonight made up for it all. The tension has come to an all-time high in this episode, and it's almost unfathomable that there's still two seasons episodes to sit through before the season ends. I have to admit that I didn't see some of what happened coming, especially the ending. But hey, I did have at least a close guess on what happened to Bellick.

By the way, I got a couple of tips in tonight wondering why they didn't break out yet. There's actually two more episodes left guys, so there's a little time left. I'm actually hearing that most of the guys get out in the next episode, and the last episode is what happens right afterward.

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Prison Break: The Key

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 24th 2006 11:07PM
prison break(S01E19) Like I'd mentioned in one of the recent APB podcasts, I already saw this episode a couple of weeks ago. Luckily the version I saw was the same as this one and ended just as shockingly. It's hard to believe that there's only one three more episodes left, and then that long wait for the next season ... if there is a next season, for sure.

The first surprise (for some of you, at least) was the return of Abruzzi. His back story was sadly missing a couple of episodes back, and it's too bad, since his story was likely one we'd have little remorse for, unlike all the other 'Breakers. Even Tweener has a sob story to tell, sitting in prison for a mere baseball card theft.

But is Abruzzi just playing everyone? Is he really reformed and forgiving of T-Bag? The fact he asked about Fibonachi again shure makes him out to be a player.

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