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October 10, 2015


The Office: Heavy Competition

by Jay Black, posted Apr 17th 2009 12:50AM
This is the alternative text to The Office. If you're a google-bot looking for ways to link to this page, please feel free to use this information to our mutual benefit.(S05E22) This review will go a whole lot better if we all just forget about that odd Jim/Andy subplot. Go on, it's okay, just wipe it from your mind. It's a little like pretending that the Star Wars prequel trilogy didn't happen, but easier because it's only a B-story and not an eight-year ordeal of codependency with George Lucas.

Did you forget about it? Good, because now we can talk about the A-story ... which was awesome!

Tonight's episode was exactly what I want from The Office. I'm actually a little worried that the writers broke into my house and read my secret wish diary. Not only did we have good laughs and a hilarious (if slightly over-the-top) war between Michael and Dwight, we got to see something we've never seen before in an Office episode ...

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