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October 9, 2015


Cashmere Mafia: Dog Eat Dog

by Kristin Sample, posted Feb 21st 2008 8:42AM
Lucy Liu (S01E07) "Good night, Jason." --Mia

And I think that's the last we'll see of the Chinese brain surgeon. What a catch he was though. Smart (well, obviously). Sweet. Attractive. Sleepy. Okay, that last one didn't go over too well. How could anyone, tired from neurosurgery or not, fall asleep on Lucy Liu's abs? She looked downright hot in that lingerie. It reminded me of the Desperate Housewives episode when Brie went to Rex's motel room and whipped off her fur coat to reveal a red lace bra and panties. (Of course that was Marcia Cross's body before the twins.) Then Brie ruined the sexy mood by obsessing about a burrito about to fall and stain the motel carpet.

More on last night's Cashmere Mafia (and no more on Desperate Housewives, I promise) after the jump...

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Cashmere Mafia: Yours, Mine, and Hers

by Kristin Sample, posted Feb 14th 2008 8:21AM
Lucy Liu, Miranda Otto, and Bonnie Somerville
(S01E06) Cashmere Mafia is slowly but surely getting better. Let me digress quickly by saying that I lost a little respect for Kanye West last night. "Stronger" as the opening song for Cashmere Mafia? Did the producers really think that CM was cool enough to warrant that song as the background music for the opening scenes? I guess Kanye West had a momentary loss of self-respect when he agreed to that.

But enough complaining. I said the show is getting better and I'm prepared to explain myself. Let's see what's going on with the girls this week. A full review after the jump...

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Cashmere Mafia: Stay With Me

by Kristin Sample, posted Feb 7th 2008 11:30AM
Bonnie Somerville as Caitlin (S01E05) The "manny": "You're awesome."
Mia [whispers]: "I'm awesome."

Even my husband laughed out loud when Lucy Liu delivered that line. We got to see some more of Mia this episode which was nice. She went back and forth between the likeable but too-serious brain surgeon and the carefree and sexy "manny." By the way, did you find the brain surgeon too intense? I think he's sweet. The writers built him up as the stable, good-looking, intelligent man for Mia last episode then tore him down in the first ten minutes of this week's episode just to make room for a fling with the "manny."

More on Mia and the other girls after the jump...

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Cashmere Mafia: The Deciders

by Kristin Sample, posted Jan 24th 2008 7:31AM
Mia, Caitlin, Zoe, and Juliet toast to being the deciders.
(S01E04) "I am the worst lesbian ever."

Yes, Bonnie Somerville, you are the worst lesbian ever. And I am so glad that this pretending you're doing with Alicia will soon be over. Or at least I hope it will. I can't take the I-don't-know-if-I'm-really-gay storyline anymore. I fear Cashmere Mafia will drag it out for the entire season and dare I say, have Caitlin end up with Alicia. Ugh.

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Cashmere Mafia: Dangerous Liaisons

by Kristin Sample, posted Jan 17th 2008 8:41AM
The ladies of Cashmere Mafia
(S01E03) So I am really starting to enjoy Cashmere Mafia. And the reason? It's that little lady in the blue shirt above. Frances O'Connor is fantastic! Can you believe she's British? Her American accent sounds so natural. Furthermore, her comedic timing is always spot on.

Everyone else's storylines range from mediocre to pure crap. There's Juliet, who's moderately interesting. There's Caitlin who I like but they are trying to hard with her. And then there's Mia. Oh, Mamma Mia! You're story was so interesting that I checked my emails, Windexed my kitchen counters, and tidied up my living room during your scenes. And I didn't miss a thing.


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Cashmere Mafia: Conference Call

by Kristin Sample, posted Jan 10th 2008 12:18PM
Cashmere Mafia
(S01E02) I'm still not sure about Cashmere Mafia. And with Lipstick Jungle coming soon, they had better step up their game. I liked tonight's episode a little more than the pilot but I'm not as taken with the show as I'd like to be--the way I was after the first episodes of Desperate Housewives. DH had more compelling storylines and carefully mixed the comedy with the melodrama. Cashmere Mafia definitely had its funny moments last night (i.e. when Mia said that Juliet was an ice queen...sometimes) but parts of the show are just overdone.

Mostly, I think I want more interesting, quirky, accessible characters. The stories that CM has come up with for these women (who could potentially be very compelling) are shallow and contrived at times. More on this after the jump.

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