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October 13, 2015


What to Watch Monday, Jan. 19

by Kim Potts, posted Jan 19th 2009 5:00AM
(9PM, Fox)
Once again, Jack's forced to make some decisions that may ultimately prove unpopular (and may add to the jail time that Senate committee is itching to give him) when a potential terrorist act looms, while Agent Walker finds herself conflicted about whether or not Jack's way is the right way to deal with baddies.

'The Electric Company Stunt'
(Check local listings for time and channel, PBS) series premiere
The 1971-77 'Sesame Street' spin-off that featured Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby is remade as a kid-friendly series that still aims to teach youngsters to use the letters they learn on 'Street' to form words, using music, humor, and in this redo, beat boxing.

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What to Watch Monday, Dec. 29

by Kim Potts, posted Dec 29th 2008 5:00AM
the city'The City'
(10 and 10:30PM, MTV) series premiere
We've always loved that Whitney Port's the most drama-free member of 'The Hills' bunch, but here's hoping that's no longer the case now that she's moved to New York City for this spinoff.

Her days of listening to L.C.'s never-ending relationship woes are indeed behind her. But with a prestigious new job with fashionista Diane von Furstenberg comes ambitious new co-workers, and that promises to lead to major office politics.

And let's not forget Whit's new boyfriend Jay ... he's no Justin Bobby (and we mean that in a good way), but between a demanding job, life in a new city and quality time with her guy, Whitney's bound to find out just how hectic reality TV life can get.

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What to Watch Monday, Dec. 22

by Kim Potts, posted Dec 22nd 2008 5:00AM
the hills'The Hills'
(10PM, MTV) 4th season finale
Dra-ma! Or, at least, the pseudo-real 'Hills' variety of drama.

The fourth season wraps with a visit from Heidi's mom, who, as we all know from that interview she gave to US Weekly, is not so thrilled with her baby's marriage to Spencer. Mom, and everyone else who thinks the evil Spencer has manipulated Heidi, may be in for a Christmas miracle, though, as it appears the duo's Mexico wedding may not have been legal.

Meanwhile, with her future as Mrs. Pratt in limbo, Heidi turns her attention elsewhere -- a reunion with her former BFF Lauren, while the biggest shocker of all revolves Audrina and Justin Bobby, who actually plots a surprise vacay for Audrina.

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What to Watch Tuesday, Dec. 16

by Kim Potts, posted Dec 16th 2008 5:00AM
biggest loser'The Biggest Loser: Families'
(8PM, NBC) 6th season finale
America, you made the call. In tonight's live season ender, Michelle and Vicky have secured their spots as finalists.

But husband and wife Ed and Heba are vying for the third finalist spot and a shot at the $250,000 grand prize, and audience votes will determine which one it will be. Has the viewing audience heeded Ed's chivalrous plea to vote for his spouse?

Meanwhile, in a season that has included plenty of drama (Vicky!), fun challenges and dramatic, inspiring physical transformations, the eliminated players also return for a final weigh-in to determine who's won the $100,000 check for the biggest at-home weight loss.

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On the 12th day of Festivus, TV gave to me... - VIDEOS

by Richard Keller, posted Dec 12th 2008 11:25AM

These three Momma's Boys wil lbe stinking up the screen next week.... Twelve shows a stinkin'

That aroma tickling your nose is not one from an oven full of fresh gingerbread cookies. No, it's from a television full of burned-out ideas and gutted hulks of viewers who can't take the crap that is heaped upon them. That's because, more than ever, there is a lot of stink on the television landscape. Most of it is due to inordinate amounts of reality programming which has flooded the market. The rest is due to the lack of new ideas for an industry that is rapidly changing.

In order to start our annual Festivus countdown we have compiled a scientifically proven list of 12 shows just stinking up the flat screen. And, when I say 'scientifically proven' I mean I just asked a bunch of people off the street about shows they disliked. So, it's as accurate as it possibly can be. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll have opinions, one way or another, on these shows and others not on the list. So, if you have your nose plugs, let's begin.

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Law and Order coming back...and other NBC news

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 25th 2008 2:33PM
NBC logoDoes the return of Law and Order to the weekly NBC lineup strike a "welcome back" chord, or does it mean that the Peacock needs a boost in the ratings from a tried and true player? I think it's the latter, because just weeks into the new season, NBC is floundering in the Nielsens, prompting a change in the schedule.

First, Law and Order is returning this week. On Wednesday, October 29, NBC presents what could be called their crime-time line up -- Knight Rider at 8, Life at 9, and Law and Order at 10.

Clearly, with the pick up earlier this week for Knight Rider, NBC is committed to the show despite the weak ratings. Presenting this solid Wednesday block of cop shows will hopefully translate into better Nielsen numbers.

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Casting call: Ryan Seacrest has a new dating show

by Kristin Sample, posted May 19th 2008 4:25PM
Ryan SeacrestAre you a "momma's boy"? Or are you a mother who is really overprotective about who your son dates? Well, if you are, you might want to try out for Ryan Seacrest's (American Idol) and Andrew Glassman's (Average Joe) new show Momma's Boys. NBC's new reality series will air after the Summer Olympics in Bejing. The show will center around a group of mothers choosing the perfect woman for their sons. According to the press release, "drama ensues when numerous mothers and their eligible bachelor sons are housed together with several single women." So, they have to live together too? This sounds like The Bachelor meets Sister Patterson from I Love New York.

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