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October 10, 2015


Aziz Ansari Will Host 2010 'MTV Movie Awards'

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 22nd 2010 7:04PM
Aziz AnsariOne of TV's rising stars is about to get a little bit higher (not that way, Cheech).

'Parks & Recreation' star and comedian Aziz Ansari will host the next 'MTV Movie Awards' broadcast, which will air live on June 6 from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.

Some say it's the right choice at the right time since his comedy star is hotter than ever thanks to his primetime appearances and the buzz he has earned from his latest comedy special. I like to think it's MTV's way of apologizing for giving 'Human Giant' the run-around.

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Mark Burnett to Take Over 'HGTV Design Star': How Will He Redesign It?

by Chris O'Connell, posted Dec 4th 2009 12:43PM
Mark Burnett'Survivor' producer Mark Burnett will take over the reigns at 'HGTV Design Star' from 495 Prods, the Hollywood Reporter confirms.

The British producer will be expected to "infuse [the show] with fresh perspective and innovative ideas that will serve as a blueprint for a successful fifth season," according to HGTV senior vice president of programming Freddy James.

Burnett introduced competition-based reality programming to American audiences. In addition to his work on 'Survivor,' Burnett has produced everything from 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,' to 'The Apprentice' to MTV's 'Bully Beatdown.'

In 2007, his work on 'Survivor' won him an Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Special Class).

'Design Star,' which just wrapped its fourth season in September, is a bit of a departure from Burnett's resume. Which means he may have to spruce it up a little to compete with the intensity of his other shows.

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Why has this "Bruno" vs. Eminem thing been in the news all week?

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 4th 2009 1:07PM
Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem and the 2009 MTV Movie AwardsI was fine with the initial story that it may have been a hoax, because it was news. After all the stunt Sacha "Bruno" Baron Cohen pulled putting his ass in the notoriously sensitive Eminem's face was the big buzz moment of the MTV Movie Awards. But it didn't stop there. Finally, after speculation and reports all week about it, Eminem admitted it was a stunt. Fine. Great. Does this mean it's over? I can't tell you how many "news" stories I read about this.

Everyone had their own take on it. You'd have thought it was the JFK assassination all over again. "There was one shooter with a camera zoomed in on Eminem's face. That's the only person who knew what was happening." "Impossible. Who worked the rig that lowered Cohen? Clearly there was a conspiracy." "But Eminem had to have been in on that conspiracy. Can you really lower a man on top of someone without them knowing it." "Perhaps, but did Em know Cohen's ass was bare." "Oh I think he most certainly did." Who cares, honestly?!

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Bruno and Eminem's ass face prank was a hoax

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jun 2nd 2009 9:03AM
Sasha Baron Cohen at the MTV Movie AwardsIt looks like Eminem wasn't the real butt of Sacha Baron Cohen's prank at the MTV Movie Awards. (And yes, I do get paid by AOL to write jokes. God bless the writer's strike!)

Entertainment Weekly confirmed from an unidentified source close to the network that Cohen said the prank was staged and that Eminem wasn't really mad that he got a face full of ass.

EW also reported that Scott Aukerman, the show's head writer who comedy geeks will recognize as a Mr. Show actor/writer and one-half of the comedy duo The Fun Bunch, leaked the news on his blog. That entry seemed to have disappeared from his blog as fast as Eminem's ass-smelling face from the awards show.

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Watch the MTV Movie Awards skits online

by Mike Moody, posted May 11th 2009 7:07PM
mtv movie awards andy samberg bill hader will arnettSure, that awful Twilight move is probably gonna sweep the next MTV Movie Awards, but the show will be loaded with Hollywood stars and comedians. People like Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz, Jonah Hill and Ryan Reynolds are slated to present awards on the show, which airs May 31. Andy Samberg will host.

I don't really care about who wins or about MTV's silly categories ("Best WTF Moment?" WTF?), but the Movie Awards are known for delivering pretty funny comedy shorts featuring some pretty funny people.

This year will be no different, and now you can watch some of the shorts online at MTV.com. That means you don't have to sit through twenty "thank you" speeches by the likes of Robert Pattinson to watch some funny skits featuring a few great comedians and famous faces.

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Paris Hilton is in the house! - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 4th 2007 12:34PM

Paris - booking photoThe "big house," that is!

Hilton checked into the beautiful turned herself into authorities last night and began her 23 day stay in jail. TMZ.com has the video of Paris and her teary mom arriving in their car. She actually surrendered miles away from Lynwood, where she will be doing her time. She'll be in a cell and have a shower and phone to use. There will also be a small pod attached to her cell where she can watch TV (a small pod to watch TV? What, is she Michael Jackson?). She says she's ready to face the consequences and learn from her mistakes (*cough*).

By the way, the photo? That's not a publicity photo, it's Paris' mug shot. (Update: the police released the wrong photo.)

In honor of her first day, check out GSN's The Prison Life game. And after the jump, a video of Sarah Silverman joking about Paris at the MTV Movie Awards, with Paris in the audience.

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