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August 30, 2015

My Super Sweet 16

'Love in the Wild': 2x the Reality, 2x the Fun

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jul 4th 2011 2:30PM
I've never really followed an entire season of reality dating show, except for Meredith's turn on 'The Bachelorette', mainly because I was pretty sure she was doing it as a joke.

So color me surprised to find I actually enjoyed the debut of 'Love in the Wild' last week and have mentally penciled episode two into my calendar this Wednesday (9PM ET/PT, CTV/NBC). The show definitely hearkens back to the era of 'Paradise Hotel' or 'Temptation Island' but manages to feel like a fresher take on the pretty-people-in-a-hot-tub genre. Basically, it's a blatant attempt to mix 'Survivor' with 'The Bachelor'. The result includes some of the best and worst elements of both of those shows.

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VH1's Fab Wedding is a big, fat disappointment

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 11th 2007 2:08PM
my big fat fabulous weddingEarlier this summer, I have to admit that I was a little giddy about a new reality series on VH1 called My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. To me, it sounded like an adult version of MTV's My Super Sweet 16, which is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. I've concluded that the spoiled brat teen-agers on MTV are much more creative than the riches on VH1.

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VH1 plans My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 11th 2007 3:23PM
vh1On July 26th, VH1 is launching what is sure to be another one of my guilty pleasures, My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. It's like My Super Sweet 16, but starring adults.

The "reality" show will document the nation's most over-the-top weddings as couples attempt to spend some serious cash on their big day. One example? $450,000... on decorations. Another bride demands hand-picked flowers from Ecuador. And we thought those 16-year olds on MTV were high maintenance. There will no doubt be tears and terror over uninvited guests... all the things that make us laugh at rich people. At least, I hope they're rich people. It's one thing if they have the money to blow, but it's something else if they're going deep into debt for a grand wedding.

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 9th 2007 6:30PM

HustleHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • Beauty and the Beast - Season 2
  • Bewitched - Season 5 (Color)
  • Extras - Season 2
  • The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett)
  • Home Run Derby - Vol. 1
  • Hustle - Season 3
  • My Super Sweet 16 - Seasons 1 and 2
  • Punky Brewster - Vols. 1-6

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TV Squad Daily with Brigitte - VIDEO

by Brigitte Dale, posted Jun 7th 2007 5:22PM
Hey, Brigitte here with TV Squad Daily. I'll be covering the TV stories I find interesting each day, Monday through Friday, in this video blog.

Today on TV Squad Daily:
The video's embedded below, or you can subscribe to this podcast via our feed. Plus, you can also download the file directly.

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Outlaw dad surfaces on MTV's Sweet 16

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 7th 2007 1:09PM
my super sweet 16Some oil investors were pretty pissed off when they saw Gary Milby doting upon his spoiled daughter on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 earlier this season. There are four federal lawsuits pending against Milby for allegedly taking $20 million from investors in his Kentucky oil fields and then never giving them any return on their money. It's a long, complicated story about securities fraud and blah, blah... the interesting part comes when investors saw Milby on MTV, spending what they can only assume is their money on his daughter's birthday party. You see, they haven't been able to find the guy to serve him with the lawsuits.

Milby's Sweet 16 party for his daughter, Ariel, was pretty outlandish, even by MTV standards. He helicoptered her in to the princess-themed party and then she rode in a Cinderella-style carriage the rest of the way. There were the usual ice sculptures and fireworks, as well as a BMW as a birthday gift. I'm sure seeing this on television just rubbed salt on the wound of these poor investors.

I always wondered what the parents of these rich kids did for a living.

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