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October 7, 2015


Burn Notice: End Run

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 19th 2009 9:24AM
It seems as though everyone wants to be Michael's boss. Everyone but the CIA or the NSA or some other international spy agency, including whatever organization burned him in the first place. But characters like Carla last season or the rogue Management group at the start of this season, as well as Brennen, tonight's guest handler, they're all for Michael.

Seth Peterson was back as Nate, Michael's brother with a propensity for great-rich-quick schemes and getting into trouble. This time, though, he was a pawn in Brennen's game to get Michael to do his bidding.

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Chuck: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 31st 2009 8:33AM
chuck team PC(S02E18) It's time for Chuck to assert some authority. It's time to go over General Beckman's head and turn to the Commander in Chief.

"Dear Mr. President: You probably don't know me, but let me start by saying I love America and I've been happy to be of service to the NSA. However, recently, I've had some questions about my place. My rights, actually. Sir, you're a lawyer. Do I have any rights at all, like privacy? Like the ability to keep my family out of my work? Not that I'm complaining, but..."

Yes, I think Chuck is in a tough spot. Things have become too close for comfort, mixing up Chuck's spy biz with his family life.

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The Daily Show: February 2, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 3rd 2006 10:42PM
Jon StewartTom DeLay stepped down as the House Majority Leader so the Republicans had to find a replacemant for the Notorious TOM. But, hey, guess what? When the votes were counted, they found more ballots submitted than actual Republican voters! It's very funny in sad, sad way. Have you lost faith in humanity yet? By the way, the winner ended up being a fellow named Robert Boehner (it's pronounced "banner" but everyone knows it's really "boner").

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