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October 9, 2015


Nancy Pelosi Talks Effective Government, Burns Republicans on 'Daily Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 10th 2011 4:30AM
Nancy Pelosi, 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'When you hear the expression "bless his heart," or some variation thereof, it usually means the person speaking things the person they're talking about is incredibly misguided or confused. But they're still a really nice person. That's how Nancy Pelosi described Republicans on 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central).

The Democratic leader in Congress talked about the struggles Congress is having in figuring out how to govern effectively, while spending perhaps a bit too much time touting the higher popularity it enjoyed when it was controlled by the Democrats. 40% is more than 9%, but it's still a failing grade.

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The Daily Show: July 28, 2008 - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Jul 29th 2008 1:25PM
Oliver and Riggle"Easy, Pal... for the US Army": Sometimes I forget that there are still people that are scared of homosexuals, especially in the military. Thanks, Daily Show, for reminding of the existence of Elaine "Passive-Agressive Behavior" Donnelly and company. Congress recently had a hearing about gays in the military and the ever-popular "don't ask, don't tell" policy. This was almost as hilarious as whenever I see groups of straight guy-friends go to the movies together and sit with empty seats between each other so they won't be tempted to hold hands or something. Yeah, super-gay hand-holding is definitely worse than alcoholics and convicted felons. Icky.

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The Daily Show: April 24, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 25th 2007 11:22AM
Jon Stewart"Mess O' Potamac": Ahh, yes. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that felt extremely uncomfortable watching Nancy Pelosi pretend she didn't mind having Harry Reid's hand on her shoulder. The Bush vs. Bush debate was well-done. The Daily Show has totally mastered the art of collecting video clips. That is the beauty of doing a faux news show, is it not? CNN wishes they had a time machine to do a debate between past- and present-Bush.

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HBO's Friends of God - TCA Report

by Kevin Kelly, posted Jan 12th 2007 9:57PM
Friends of God - HBO FilmsDocumentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, who also directed the doc about the Presidential campaign of George W. Bush Journeys with George, tackles evangelicals in Friends of God, an original film for HBO. It's a startling look deep inside the conventions, beliefs, and personalities that make up this larger than you would think demographic in the United States, which contains an estimated 50 to 80 million Americans.

Some of the subjects in the film are some wrestlers who describe what they do as "Taking TV wrestling, cleanning it up, and putting Jesus in it," and a minister who brags about the amount of sex he has with his wife. He also dubiously claims that evangelicals have "The most satisfying sex lives out of any group." He also asks two of his constituents how often they have sex with their wives, and they both claim every day. Two times a day, sometimes ... and they climax every time. Wow. Not exactly what you'd expect to see in a documentary about evangelicals, and that's what makes this look appealing.

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