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October 9, 2015


Sylar Emerges From Body of Nathan on 'Heroes' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Nov 24th 2009 12:06PM
Here's a reason to be thankful -- your Thanksgiving dinner most likely won't include a shape-shifting murderous psychopath like the Petrelli sit-down did on last night's episode of 'Heroes.'

The truth behind the death of the real Nathan, and Sylar's possession of the current body that appears to be Nathan, is revealed as the Petrellis celebrate Thanksgiving. Afterwards, Sylar emerges, attacks Angela, then escapes after transforming back into Nathan. Got all that?

Watch the video after the jump.

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'Heroes' Spoiler: Nathan Petrelli Will "Die" -- What Does This Mean for the Show?

by Bryan Enk, posted Nov 3rd 2009 3:05PM
E! Online and other sources are reporting that Adrian Pasdar, who plays Nathan Petrelli, the lawyer-turned-senator who can leap tall buildings in a single bound on 'Heroes,' is being kicked off the show.

Of course, this is rather strange news, as it isn't the character of Nathan Petrelli that's being killed off -- Nathan is already dead, murdered by Sylar in season 3. But Adrian Pasdar must've had one sweet contract, as he's since been playing Sylar disguised as Nathan, and now is more or less back to playing Nathan himself -- except that it's Sylar with Nathan's appearance and memories, with Sylar himself not having any memory of who he actually is. (Got that?)

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Heroes: An Invisible Thread (season finale)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 28th 2009 12:20AM
Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli on (S03E25) In my early look at this finale, I laid a pretty broad hint as to the major twist at the end of this volume, and I was impressed with some of the deductive abilities of our readers. And the fact that one of you got it exactly right. Now that we've all seen the final cut of the closing chapter of the "Fugitives" volume of Heroes, we can really look back at it and see how we think things have gone.

What was needed was to wipe the slate clean, resolve as many of the dangling plot threads as possible, and establish a tabula rasa for "Volume Five." Or as much of one as we can this far into a series. After all, these last two volumes have left some pretty sour tastes in many mouths. The set up for interesting things to come next year was definitely well done. I'm more interested in what's going to happen in "Redemption" than I was excited about what happened in this finale.

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Heroes: Building 26

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 17th 2009 2:21PM
Heroes: Building 26(S03E16) Spoiler Warning! The scene to the right happens in this episode. But don't worry, it doesn't really accomplish much ... for Tracy. It looks like the Justice League is forming under the tutelage of "Rebel." But who is he? We've got another Heroes mystery on our hand. You know, like the mystery of whether or not HRG is a good guy or a bad guy (that one will be addressed next week) and the mystery of who Sylar's father is. And if Claire will whine and bitch this week. Okay that last one isn't much of a mystery.

We went in three major directions tonight with the plot, skipping one group of "heroes" altogether, and surprisingly not missing them. First we had more drama in the Bennett household, complete with Claire rebelling against her father. It's nice to see that fifty episodes into the series, Claire's character has really grown and evolved into a mature young woman. The same goes for Hiro, who's gone from being an immature man-child with delusions of grandeur to an immature man-child with delusions of grandeur. Hmmm, doesn't sound as impressive when you put it like that.

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Heroes: Season 2 - DVD review

by Kona Gallagher, posted Sep 1st 2008 11:03AM
heroes season 2 dvds
Poor Heroes. After a phenomenal first year, it was one of the most highly-anticipated returning shows last season. However, not only was it claimed by the dreaded sophomore slump, but its season got cut short by the writers' strike, leaving us with eleven kind of awkward episodes.

While season one was about ordinary people discovering that they have extraordinary abilities, much of season two was about these people trying to return to their ordinary lives with the knowledge of what they, and others, can do. The problem that Heroes ran into in the second season was its split focus. You have the original heroes dealing with the aftermath of the first season, highlighted by Nathan Petrelli dealing with the gopher attached to his face, while at the same time you're delving into the story of the previous generation that is being quickly killed off, not to mention the addition of new characters.

When I received the season two DVDs, I was curious to see if producers went the extra mile to make up for a lackluster season, or if the DVD set is as disjointed as the season itself.

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Robert Forster takes on paternal duties on Heroes

by Brad Trechak, posted Aug 2nd 2008 12:05PM
HeroesIn the Heroes universe (as with the Buffy universe before it), death has never stopped anyone from being a guest star. According to EW's Michael Ausiello, Robert Forster will be joining the cast as Arthur Petrelli, the father of Nathan and Peter Petrelli. The character has been well-established as being dead on the series. Forster is best known for his Academy Award-nominated performance in the movie Jackie Brown.

As the original article states, there isn't a definitive way to know how we'll meet Papa Petrelli. Hiro's time-travel abilities could be involved or it could simply be a flashback.

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Heroes: Powerless

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 4th 2007 12:31AM


(S02E11) When Kristin offered up the chance to review the Fall (Season?) Finale of Heroes, I couldn't resist stepping in to help. While this episode lived up to a lot of the promises of the season, much like last season's finale, it may have been a little lighter on the action than you'd want. There are a lot of big changes for a lot of the characters and yes, the promised "hero" death. We get resolutions on the virus plot, the Sylar/Mya journey, Hiro's quest to stop Adam, the Bennet situation, and in the end, there's enough to entice us to come back for more. It's all here and let me tell you, if Kristin was yawning and checking her watch through the last episode, there wasn't time this week. This episode is absolutely jam-packed from start to finish. "Volume Two" wraps, and as with last year we get a teaser of Volume Three. But we'll get to all of that after the jump.

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