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September 1, 2015


The Danger of Jousting Sends One to the Hospital on 'Knights of Mayhem' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 16th 2011 2:30AM
'Knights of Mayhem' premiere'Knights of Mayhem' (Tue., 9PM ET on National Geographic) is a new reality series shining a spotlight torchlight on a group of people who want to see full-contact professional jousting recognized as a professional sport. It used to be one of the biggest shows in town, and these guys think it still could be.

Certainly it's still one of the most dangerous, as evidenced by this incredibly hard hit taken by Brian Stephenson. At 6'2" and 250 pounds, Stephenson is no light weight, but when you combine a charging horse and a lance, it's enough to knock someone silly.

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NGC Will Be 'Sizing Up Sperm' in New Documentary ... WTF?!

by Chris Jordan, posted Feb 8th 2010 5:30PM
Is the National Geographic Channel's upcoming documentary on sperm the end of the world as we know it, or is it a chance to learn about for a subject that's little talked about? We lean toward the latter.

NGC, where one might assume a documentary on sperm whales is in order, announced that it will delve into the subject of sperm during 'Sizing Up Sperm,' which premieres Sun., March 14 at 9PM ET.

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What's Hot on SlashControl: NGC's The Girl with Eight Limbs

by Jane Boursaw, posted Oct 20th 2009 2:02PM
National Geographic Channel: The Girl with Eight Limbs
You see some amazing stuff on the National Geographic Channel, and one of the most watched videos on SlashControl right now is "The Girl With Eight Limbs."

It tells the story of Lakshmi Tatma, a girl born with four arms and four legs, who also carries a rare parasitic conjoined twin that could kill her. The episode delves into the fact that the people in Lakshmi's village actually revere her, because they see her as the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Fortune in human form.

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Fox hopes Dog Whisperer will make audiences sit up and beg

by Danny Gallagher, posted Oct 19th 2009 10:02PM
Cesar Milan, the Dog WhispererFox is looking to turn National Geographic's Cesar Millan, aka the Dog Whisperer, into a funny idea for a sitcom. And no, that's not the part they hope is funny.

The network is looking to cast That 70's Show's Wilmer Valderrama in the potential sitcom's title role, assuming it's called "The Dog Whisperer." Hung's co-executive producer Emily Kapnek will write the show's pilot.

If this gets to the air and becomes a wild success, just imagine the bar this could set for other reality show stars to get their own half-hour sitcom. Then again, try not to or your skull will cave in.

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Lisa Ling joins ABC's Nightline

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 11th 2008 8:23AM
Lisa Ling ABCIf you're a regular watcher of The Oprah Winfrey Show, you -- like me -- will recall the powerful reports created by Lisa Ling. The journalist attacks interesting stories and is intrepid and dogged in her reporting. She's found a new place to do her work. Lisa Ling is joining Nightline.

"I have wanted to work with Lisa for a long time," said James Goldston, ABC News and Nightlines' executive producer. "She is a terrific journalist with a very distinctive style that fits really well with the Nightline sensibility."

Lisa will continue with her Oprah appearances. She will also host National Geographic Ultimate Explorer.

Lisa's initial report for Nightline debuts tonight. It's a look at the growth of luxury retirement communities. If you're thinking Del Boca Vista, the Seinfeld show condominium where Jerry's parents lived, so did I.

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Michael Vick's ex-dogs get their own show

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 29th 2008 11:31AM
Michael VickSeriously?! Is this what it's come to. Not only does every C- and D-List celebrity get their own reality series, but now we're giving shows to animals from the news? Sure it's great that the National Geographic Channel show Dogtown is going to try and rehabilitate the dogs that Michael Vick used in his dogfighting gambit, but is this really TV-worthy? Does the channel really need to stoop this low?

Apparently they could use the buzz, and look it worked because here we are: Nat Geo is going to chronicle the rehabilitation efforts of the 22 animals rescued in the Vick scandal, focusing on four of the toughest cases. I certainly hope they're successful, because I think if an animal proves unable to rehabilitate, they have no choice but to put it down. That'd make for a hell of a downer to end the series. "In the end, the dogs were too far gone, hopelessly driven by fear and violence. Let us now say goodbye as they take their final slumber into eternity ... Damn you, Michael Vick! Damn you straight to hell!" Then PETA stages a protest.

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Eight new shows lined up for National Geographic

by Adam Finley, posted May 9th 2007 12:01PM

naked scienceNational Geographic has eight new series (and some returning series) on tap, set to roll out over the next several months.

Inside the Green Berets airs June 3 at 9:00 p.m.

Inside the Taliban airs June 4 at 9:00 p.m.

Critical Situation, a new series that explores how people responded when faced with some of the most dramatic moments in history kicks off June 12 at 9:00 p.m. I'll be posting a preview of this new series soon.

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New season of The Final Report starts March 13

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 6th 2007 11:03AM

the final reportAs much as some of us would like to rise above the media saturation that inevitably follows certain events (the recent death of Anna Nicole Smith being one example), it's not always an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, by the time the media coverage has receded and we can begin looking at the situation with better clarity, the focus has already shifted to the next Big Story.

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Learn about cans for some reason

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 24th 2007 8:03AM

canIn all of human history, no object is as revered as the mighty can: holder of both liquid and solids, aluminum liner of truck floors in most Southern states, and able to double as a phone or a bong whenever the situation calls for it. Where would we be without the can? I'll tell you where: at the store trying to mop loose soup into our grocery bags with a sponge, crying out to whomever will listen: "why isn't there some kind of receptacle that will hold this soup?"

On March 8 at 10:00 p.m., Man-Made: The Can premieres on the National Geographic Channel. The episode promises to delve into the history and making of the cylindrical items, and also promises not to be boring, even though it's a show about how cans are made. In all of recorded history, the phrase "hey, wanna know all there is to know about cans?" has never been met with an affirmative response. At least not that I know of.

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Incredible pictures from National Geographic documentary

by Brett Love, posted Nov 24th 2006 11:02AM
Elephant in the wombIf you, like me, are a sucker for interesting Animal Planet, Discovery, or National Geographic specials, you'll want to keep an eye out for this one. Using a combination of 4-D ultrasound, CGI, and tiny cameras, a team has been taking pictures of various animals as they develop in the womb. The results are pretty amazing, and will be the focus of a two hour documentary on the National Geographic channel called In The Womb: Animals.

Adam, wrote about the special a couple weeks ago, and linked to the videos. Now, The Daily Mail has more on the special, including a gallery that shows some new pictures with an elephant, dolphin, and dog. The special is scheduled to air Dec. 10. on National Geographic, and sometime in 2007 on Channel 4 in the UK.

[ via boingboing ]

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National Geographic goes In the Womb

by Adam Finley, posted Nov 10th 2006 2:01PM

elephant fetusOn Sunday December 10, the National Geographic Channel will premiere In the Womb: Animals, a two-hour special that uses ultrasound imagery along with computer imagery and visual effects to show how different species such as elephants, dogs and dolphins develop while in utero. Call me a sucker for nature programs, because damn it, I live for these kind of specials. You'll see how a dolphin learns to swim while still in the womb, and get a glimpse of the wonders of evolution when the elephant fetus develops ducts like a fish, and the dolphin fetus develops "legs" of sorts.

Okay, now I'm starting to sound like a commercial for the program, but what can I say, this science stuff fascinates me. Just look at that picture on the right of an elephant developing in the womb and tell me it doesn't blow your mind*. Okay, I'll stop with the awe now, but if you're as into this stuff as I am, you should check out some video previews here.

*It's actually a CGI, but it's still pretty damn cool.

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