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October 4, 2015


Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey Have 'Live' Halloween Costume Extravaganza (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 31st 2011 2:00PM
'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) has a tradition of having multiple-costume Halloween extravaganzas. They continued it today, with 'The Sing-Off' host Nick Lachey filling in for Regis. Heidi Klum was there to represent for Reeg, though, donning an excellent Philbin-esque get-up. Kelly and Nick cycled through a bevy of topical costumes, did skits that included cameos from Betty White and the 'Jersey Shore' cast, and also hosted a flash-mob.

Perhaps none of the costumes were as relevant to the moment than their Kardashian wedding costume, with Lachey on stilts. Other costumes included Kelly as Justin Bieber, Deena from 'Jersey Shore,' and Nancy Grace. The pair also re-created Royal Wedding. In other fun goodness, Lachey was superimposed as Ashton Kutcher on 'Two and a Half Men,' and Betty White herself popped up in the 'Jersey Shore' sketch.

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Vanessa Minnillo Calls Jessica Simpson 'The Elephant in the Room' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 1st 2011 5:53AM
Vanessa Minnillo, 'Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding'Nick Lachey is back on reality television with his wife. Only it's not Jessica Simpson, though her presence is still felt in 'Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding' (Sat., 9PM ET on TLC).

While he was marrying Vanessa Minnillo in this special, it's his past with Simpson that made this event a paparazzi picture parade.

"It's funny to me that they care, because I'd like to think that Nick and I are somewhat boring," Minnillo said. "But they care."

Her other concern was what she dubbed "the elephant in the room." As she and Lachey were planning their dream wedding, Jessica Simpson was also engaged to NFL tight end Eric Johnson.

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Ben Folds' indie cred disappears on The Sing-Off

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 15th 2009 11:26AM
Ben Folds judges NBC's The Sing-OffIt's always disheartening when you see musical heroes of your teens and twenties face the reality of the current state of the music biz, because the results are never pretty. Sting songs become credit card commercials. Prince goes on American Idol. Billy Corgan dates Jessica Simpson. Before you know it, you find yourself rocking out to "No New Tale to Tell" by Love and Rockets as it plays in the produce section of the ShopRite, wondering what happened to your youth.

This is how I felt when I saw Ben Folds at the judges' table in NBC's The Sing-Off last night. Ben Folds Five's first two albums were among my favorites of the mid-'90s; they combined piano power pop with a snarky edge to make very funny, singable music. I played those CDs over and over again. So what was he doing judging these a cappella show choirs, looking like a shorter version of Rainn Wilson?

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Nick Lachey to Host NBC's 'The Sing-Off'

by Sharon Knolle, posted Nov 23rd 2009 3:53PM
Remember the short-lived series 'Don't Forget the Lyrics'? How about 'The Singing Bee,' hosted by 'N Sync alum Joey Fatone?

Well, here comes one even shorter: According to PEOPLE, Nick Lachey will host the NBC series 'The Sing Off,' a four-night event in which eight groups of people will compete using only their voices.

"It's just them naked on stage," Nick Lachey said of his new gig.

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Note to The Next Mrs. Bonaduce: Don't do it!

by Jane Boursaw, posted Nov 6th 2008 1:14PM
Danny Bonaduce in The Jerk TheoryYou'd think that celebrity couples would start getting the picture after a while. Don't do a reality show! It's just the death knell of any marriage, and I think you can probably name a few obituaries in that category: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Hulk and Linda Hogan, and Danny and Gretchen Bonaduce, to name a few.

PopEater is reporting that the Bonaduce's divorce is a done deal, and he has to shell out $16K a month in spousal and child support. Guess how he's going to earn the cash -- a dating reality show called The Next Mrs. Bonaduce!

Now, what girl in her right mind would participate in such a fiasco? I mean, I have to admit that I watched his show, Breaking Bonaduce, a few times, and was weirdly transfixed to his train wreck of a life.

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High School Musical is hitting the beach

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 30th 2008 9:01PM
Nick Lachey scores big with High School Musical So, if you're a High School Musical fan and if you live in New York, New Jersey, or California, you're in luck. To promote the new reality series, High School Musical: Get in the Picture, ABC is hitting beaches on both coasts with free ice cream, games and prizes. The promotional tour will begin this weekend and continue all month leading up to the premiere of the series. The show, hosted by Nick Lachey, will feature talented teens from all over the U.S. as they compete for a chance to be in the next High School Musical.

As if anything to do with High School Musical needed any more promotion...

The schedule for the tour is after the jump. High School Musical: Get in the Picture premieres on Sunday, July 20th from 8-9 p.m. on ABC.

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ABC betting on Nick Lachey and High School Musical

by Brett Love, posted Apr 25th 2008 10:23AM

High School MusicalAre you still trying to figure out what to do when all of your favorite programs leave the air for the summer? I was thinking about maybe going outside. I'm told it's nice. ABC has other plans for our eyeballs though. They've signed up Nick Lachey to host a new reality show (I know... boo reality) based on the hit Disney franchise, High School Musical.

At the moment the show is called High School Musical: Summer Session, but apparently that isn't official. Casting calls kick off this weekend, with a premiere set for June 20th. The network is obviously hoping to cash in on some of the success their sibling Disney has seen with the movies. I wouldn't be surprised to see Disney sweetheart Miley Cyrus guesting on the show to bring in her throngs of fans.

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Nick and Jessica are legally single again

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 3rd 2006 9:04AM

Nick and Jessica in happier timesNick Lachey and Jessica Simpson finally made it legal . . . their divorce, that is. Papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last Friday make the singer/actors legally single once again. Officially, they now retain the status of "single, unmarried persons," according to the documents.

Nick and Jessica's fifteen minutes of fame began when they starred in the MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. That newlywed feeling ended around Thanksgiving 2005, when the couple announced their separation. One month later Simpson filed for divorce after three years of marriage with Lachey and thousands of pages of tabloid speculation.

Since then, Simpson has appeared with Miss Piggy in a series of Pizza Hut commercials and jumped on the infomercial bandwagon to promote Proactiv skin cream. Meanwhile, Lachey released a CD back in May entitled What's Left of Me, in which he sings about the couple's painful breakup.

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Run, children, run! Jessica Simpson wants to adopt

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 31st 2006 11:19AM

Jessica Simpson -- Child AdopterIn hindsight, I guess we should have seen something like this coming after her fantastic Pizza Hut promotion with Miss Piggy. Sigh.

After trying out singing, acting and marriage, 25-year-old Jessica Simpson is trying something else out . . .adoption. According to her publicist Ms. Simpson, who recently filed for divorce from actor/singer Nick Lachey, is considering adopting a child. Nothing has been finalized yet, but Jessica would like to adopt children before she has some on her own.

What? Isn't it usually the reverse unless there's some medical condition?

What seems to be the impetus for this decision is Simpson's choice of role models -- Angelina Jolie. Jessica says Jolie has done remarkable things to promote and increase international adoption. Then again, Jolie married Billy Bob Thorton and wore a vial of his blood around his next to signify their love.


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Nick Lachey lands lead in CW pilot

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 17th 2006 9:32PM
nick lachey the cw pilotI look forward to the day when news articles about Nick Lachey stop linking him to Jessica Simpson. I bet he feels the same. In the meantime, Nick Lachey has been cast as the lead in new sitcom pilot for The CW called, SheSaid/HeSaid. Lachey will play a bachelor named Colin who lives in New York (where else?). The rest of the cast is still being lined up for the pilot shoot, which begins in April.

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Nick Lachey seeking spousal support

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 19th 2006 9:22AM
lachey simpson divorceNick Lachey filed papers on friday in response to Jessica's Dec. 16th divorce filing, reserving the right to request spousal support. Jessica's divorce filing requested that she not be required to provide support but she's going to need a lawyer who can do some fancy footwork because they didn't sign a prenuptial agreement. Her success is obviously based very much on the success of their show, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica on MTV. Jessica made more than $30 million last year.

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Simpson-Lachey house up for sale

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 7th 2006 6:26PM
Nick and JessicaHey, want to take a piece of the Nick and Jessica break-up with you? Well, now you can! The Newlyweds house (the one that they used for their MTV reality series) is now up for sale for a cool $3.5 million. It's got five bedrooms, 6,500 sq. feet, a pool, music studio, a screening room, and the lingering smell of Jessica Simpson's gas. So if you've got a couple million in pocket-change to fork over, have at it...

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Nick & Jessica: it's getting ugly

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 20th 2005 11:53AM
nick and jessicaWhat is it about these two that makes everybody (myself included) go nuts? For months before their official announcement that they are getting a divorce, the tabloids were constantly declaring their marriage to be over. And now, a month later, it's still front page fodder. Maybe it's the fact that Nick and Jessica's publicists seem to be holding divorce proceedings in the court of public opinion. A recent poll by People magazine has Jess's approval rating (she has an approval rating?) way down. 71% of People readers think the break-up is Jessica's fault and 76% of Star readers agree. In response to that news, Jessica's publicist has reportedly been calling newspapers and spreading nasty rumors about Nick's cheating and his hiring of a new manager to help him get some of Jessica's assets.

Here's a quick rundown of all the other Nick and Jessica stories out there since the big announcement:

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