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October 13, 2015

Nina Myers

24's Nadia: A red herring?

by Meredith O'Brien, posted Mar 20th 2007 12:53PM

Nadia Yassir on 24*Spoilers from new episode ahead*

There's a long history of 24's CTU agents being accused of traitorous behavior, of being taken into custody and tortured because the panicked higher-ups think they've been up to no good. So before we muse on whether this season's selected CTU analyst -- Nadia Yassir -- is being unfairly detained, let's review what's been done in past seasons:

During Jack Bauer's first very bad day, CTU analyst Jamey Farrell was accused of collaborating with terrorists. After being brusquely questioned, she was found dead in a CTU interrogation room. Jamey did admit taking money from a bad guy in exchange for intel, but the single mom said it was purely about getting money to help raise her son. CTU agent Nina Myers was the true CTU turncoat, and framed Jamey by killing her and making it look like a suicide.

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