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October 10, 2015

Patrick McGoohan

Top TV Stories of 2009: People we lost

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 13th 2009 4:03PM
So we come to that time of year when we list all of the TV celebrities that have died over the past year. We hear about these people passing away at various points of the year (sometimes a few the same week), but it's really odd to see them all listed together at once like you'll see after the jump.

It's like 40% of pop culture dies every year.

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Review: The Prisoner - Part Six: Checkmate

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 18th 2009 1:30AM
The Prisoner: Checkmate
Well, that's that. All wrapped up nice and neat with a bow. Glad it's all cleared up and everything makes perfect sense... Did you read the sarcasm in that statement?

At this point, I can't tell if fans of the original The Prisoner will embrace this new iteration of the concept, or feel betrayed by it. Don't get me wrong, once all the secrets lie revealed, they've developed a pretty neat concept, and on that could quite possibly have sustained more than six episodes even. But was it The Prisoner?

I will give credit to all of the actors for their conviction in these roles. Ruth Wilson and Jamie Campbell Bower were particularly impressive as 313 and 1112. The layers of emotion that 313 displayed in her closing scenes with Two, and later with Six were just tragically beautiful. And 1112... well, tragedy appears to be the name of the game in the new Prisoner.

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Review: The Prisoner - Part Four: Darling

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 17th 2009 1:32AM
The Prisoner: Darling
(E04) If you cannot break a man with family, or mistrust, then you must try love. For love is the greatest of things after all, is it not?

it seems we've fallen into a familiar pattern with The Prisoner. Two tries various schemes and techniques to break Six and Six resists them all, either through his own ingenuity or through the help of other Villagers who are sympathetic to his situation. But we still don't know why Two is trying to break Six. This week's tactic was love, but love was explored in many ways throughout the episode.

Six's love of the woman from New York is so strong that it cross boundaries from that world into the Village world. But in neither case is it clear if the love is real, or something manufactured.

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Review: The Prisoner - Part Three: Anvil

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 17th 2009 12:29AM
The Prisoner: Anvil
(E03) I'm no closer to figuring out everything that's going on, but I am more appreciative of the fact that the entire story will be done by tomorrow night. Things are so confusing at times, I'm not sure I can keep it all in my brain if I had to wait a full week between each of these episodes.

Tonight's installment focused on espionage and spying. The target of all this spying appears to be everyone, but the primary focus is on the "Dreamers," those people who have dreams and vision of a life outside the Village. You see, they're a dangerous element, particularly if they were to organize.

The leading suspicion is that they have already done so, but where and to what end? Two wants to find them so he can send them all down for "Treatment," while Six wants to find them so he can rally them to his own cause of finding a way out of the Village.

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Review: The Prisoner - Part Two: Harmony

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 15th 2009 11:02PM
The Prisoner: Harmony
(E02) The whole strategy behind the Village has been turned on its head and it's certainly interesting to watch. Two is bound and determined to have everyone who lives there believe that the Village is all there is, there is no world outside of the Village and the Village is all they've ever known. He's even got tangible proof to back that up.

It's an interesting change from the original, and again makes you wonder just who would be willing to invest this kind of money into a bizarre prison like this. Is the citizenry drugged, or just brainwashed? Why is Six so adamant that he is not a number, he is a free man, if no one else in the village is so sure? Or are they just being more quiet about it?

We've even reached the point in the series where as a viewer I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is real, much less what Six is seeing and experiencing. But it was nice to meet his brother and see that he has a family in the Village. "Uncle Six" indeed.

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Review: The Prisoner - Part One: Arrival

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 15th 2009 10:00PM
The Prisoner
(E01) I can't help but feel tempted to compare this to the Patrick McGoohan classic from the '60s, but that wouldn't be fair. Attitudes, technologies and even our expectations of TV programming have changed so much in the intervening time. And yet, as an homage to the original, there are many elements to this new AMC mini-series that nod back to the classic paranoia suspense saga.

While The Village has been updated to be a much larger and more vibrant desert oasis (think kitschy Las Vegas) than the original's sleepy seaside villas, it's still as much an enigma, even in this first hour. And while Jim Caviezel doesn't command the role of Number 6 as powerfully as McGoohan, really who could? So I give him a pass, and enjoy him for what he brings, and try not to hear McGoohan's booming defiance when Caviezel shouts: "I am not a number! I am a free man!"

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The Prisoner -- An early look

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 14th 2009 7:05PM
Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellan, The PrisonerThe first thing I noticed about AMC's reboot of the classic Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner was its style. The original is a very stylized piece of work, but as someone who didn't see it back in 1967-1968 when it first aired -- I'm not that old! -- I'm not sure if its visual presentation was wholly unique in itself, or more a reflection of the '60s style in general. Certainly the '60s have become infamous for some weird fashion and design choices.

Some of that '60s nostalgia creeped into the architecture and dress of the Villagers this time around without overwhelming the tone, and I think it's a wonderful homage to the original. But I'm more impressed that this re-imagining manages to capture the same sense of paranoia and confusion that the first did, without simply retelling the same story in the same way. And it's those differences that are truly modernizing the story in a great way.

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Nolan chooses another Batman over The Prisoner

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 19th 2009 3:02PM

While we're anxiously -- and optimistically -- awaiting the AMC remake of the classic Patrick McGoohan spy series The Prisoner, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has abandoned a big screen version of The Prisoner. Nolan reportedly will concentrate instead on a third Batman movie.

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The Prisoner looks to escape the odds - Comic-Con Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jul 25th 2009 5:22AM
Prisoner panel @ comic-conIt's always daunting to remake a classic. In TV circles, it doesn't get much more "classic" than The Prisoner.

In a press conference at Comic-Con International Friday, the cast and creative team from AMC's six-episode remake discussed the rigors of re-envisioning Patrick McGoohan's landmark show.

Series stars Jim Caviezel and Jamie Campbell-Bower joined writer Bill Gallagher to greet the press after presenting a nine-minute trailer for the show to a packed Comic-Con panel.

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The Prisoner will be free to appear at Comic-Con

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jul 7th 2009 10:03AM
Patrick McGoogan starred in the original The Prisoner -- soon to be remade on AMC.He is not a number. He is a free man -- and he's coming to Comic-Con.

The stars of AMC's mini-series remake of The Prisoner are headed to San Diego's mega-convention. The new Number Six, Jim Caviezel, will join Jamie Campbell-Bower (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) and Lennie James (Jericho) for a panel and preview of the six-part series.

The Prisoner tells the story of a retired spy who finds himself abducted and spirited away to a mysterious Village where nameless authority figures struggle to break his mind and spirit while he battles to escape. The show is known for its moral and existential themes as much as its sharp writing and distinctive art design.

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Patrick McGoohan dead at 80 - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 14th 2009 1:11PM
McGoohanJust the other night I was watching the Simpsons episode "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes." It featured a spoof of The Prisoner, and Patrick McGoohan even reprised his role as Number 6 in the episode. McGoohan didn't do a ton of television, so it was really cool that he decided to lend his voice to the episode. I wonder how many fans of the Simpsons had no idea what the references in the show even meant and were just confused by it all.

McGoohan died in Los Angeles yesterday at age 80.

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Watch The Prisoner free online!

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 7th 2009 7:04PM
The PrisonerAs a promotion for its upcoming broadcast of the remake of The Prisoner starring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellan, AMC is allowing people to view the entire original series on its website for free. Patrick McGoohan stars in the series he co-created.

I cannot recommend watching this series enough, especially if you haven't already. I picked up the 40th anniversary DVD set with no regrets. It was quite revolutionary for its time and used a lot of story devices that were unheard of on television back then (such as having an entire episode be a story told by Number Six to a bunch of children). And let us not forget the signature attack-balloon, Rover.

I doubt the remake mini-series will hold up to the original as it was really a product of its time, but Ian McKellan is an excellent actor and his involvement is enough to pique my interest. I suspect that, much like many of the remakes nowadays, this will bear only a superficial resemblence to the original.

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McKellan and Caviezel captured for AMC's remake of The Prisoner

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 30th 2008 9:20PM
Jim Caviezel in I don't know how they keep doing it; AMC that is. Not only have they brought us stellar series (Mad Men) after stellar series (Breaking Bad), but now they've managed to snag two big-time Hollywood names to join the cast of their remake of one of the smartest shows in television history. What started as rumor, that even we at TV Squad had a hard time believing, is now fact. Both Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellan have been cast in AMC's remake of The Prisoner. Caviezel is set to fill Patrick McGoohan's shoes as the titular "Number Six," while McKellan will step into the role of "Number Two."

AMC's The Prisoner is scheduled to be a six-part mini-series. It hasn't been made clear if those six parts are one hour, two or a combination of both, but either way the original wrapped up in 17 so there's no reason to think we can't get a satisfying tale in six installments. With casting of the two principals announced, it's actually safe to say now that this thing might really get made. AMC is cruising right along with their original programming, and after forty years, I think we're due a re-imagining of this classic series. And unlike the disastrous The Andromeda Strain at A&E, I have faith that AMC won't let me down ... don't let me down, AMC!

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Details on the new remake of The Prisoner? - UPDATED

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 10th 2008 12:01PM
The PrisonerSome details have been released regarding the new mini-series series remake of The Prisoner, the cult 1960s series starring Patrick McGoohan. For now, these should be treated as rumors.

Supposedly, Jim Caviezel will play the Prisoner known only as Number Six, and Sir Ian McKellan is set to play the jailer known as Number Two. Six episodes will be produced and John Jones will direct.

This report sounds too good to be true. It's doubtful that either Caviezel or McKellan would slum it to a television mini-series from the movies they've been making. On the other hand, McKellan has put in television appearances before (such as Extras).

While I'm a fan of McKellan's work, wouldn't it be more loyal to the source material if multiple actors played Number Two? I'm just saying.

Shooting begins at the end of August (and scheduled to air next year). At that point, we'll see if the report is accurate.

UPDATE 6/30/2008: AMC Television has officially announced this series.

[via AICN]

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The Five: Reasons I won't be watching The Prisoner TV remake

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 20th 2006 2:27PM
The Prisoner Patrick McGoohanI'm not the kind of person who gets her panties in a twist over a favorite book being brought to the screen, a movie being turned into a television series or Shakespeare getting a modern revamp. Different mediums. Different stories. Different times. In the hands of the right artist, you get an equally exciting cultural product to hug, love, squeeze and call "George." Even crappy re-tellings don't have to denigrate the original. They're not necessary - High Fidelity didn't need to be a Broadway musical; Gus Van Sant didn't need to remake Psycho shot-for-shot; and no one needs to see The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But, for the most part, these things come and go. They haven't bothered me any... until now.

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