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October 7, 2015


Too Drunk to Walk on 'Police Women of Broward County' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 24th 2011 2:47AM
Shelunda Cooper, 'Police Women of Broward County'Officer Shelunda Cooper and her partner had their hands full with a drunk woman on 'Police Women of Broward County' (Thu., 9PM ET on TLC). While she was a complete disaster trying to walk, she wasn't much better when she was sitting still.

When they first encountered here, the woman was "talking to herself and playing with her breasts," Cooper explained. "This woman was a complete disaster."

She attempted to walk off, but after ten feet she took a header into the ground. On a second chance, she made it a little further down the sidewalk before collapsing again. But this time, she decided to take care of some business while she was down there.

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Stolen Cash Leads to a Bloody Mess on 'Police Women of Broward County' (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 17th 2011 2:50AM
police women It was a gruesome sight on 'Police Women of Broward County' (Thu., 9PM ET on TLC) when some stolen cash enraged a man to the point of crashing his bare foot through a glass table.

"I've been on several homicide scenes, and I've never seen this much blood in my career," the officer said as she spied a long trail of blood from the man's self-inflicted wound.

And what inspired such an angry, bloody outburst? $55! According to Captain Cool here, someone stole $55 from his home, and he was so "pissed" that he just had to break something. That something ended up being a glass table. Which he broke with his bare foot ...

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