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August 27, 2015

Primetime Emmys

Could Jimmy Fallon and Tom Selleck Be Related? They Compare Mustaches (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 6th 2010 5:20AM
Tom Selleck, Fallon Compare Mustaches on 'Late Night'When Jimmy Fallon hosted the Primetime Emmys last August, he introduced Tom Selleck as "my real father" and hugged him -- much to the surprise of Selleck. Not that the 'Blue Bloods' actor thought it was some nationally televised family revelation. Just that he was backstage and didn't hear Fallon say that.

So the hug was rather confusing. "I see this figure in white, coming out from my peripheral vision -- dashing at me -- and I go, 'It's an ax murderer,'" joked Selleck. "And then suddenly I was in your arms."

Fallon was eager to apologize for the confusion when Selleck visited 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC). Then the host donned a mustache to see if they really could pass as father and son. What do you think?

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Bryan Cranston Compares Winning 3 Emmys to Having Kids (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 1st 2010 8:00AM
Bryan Cranston Talks Emmys on 'Late Night'When Bryan Cranston visited 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), Jimmy Fallon -- host of the Primetime Emmy Awards last August -- was sure to congratulate him on winning his third consecutive acting Emmy. The host noted only Bill Cosby had also achieved the three-peat.

Cranston spontaneously launched into a Cosby impression, and Fallon followed suit. The 'Breaking Bad' actor then compared the statues to kids. "These Emmys are just like having children because you love them, you're proud of them ... You're very grateful. And then when the newness wears off, you stick 'em in a back room and forget about it," he joked.

Cranston also explained why he's most grateful for his third Emmy, which has its own name.

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Neil Patrick Harris Gets Belated Emmy Nomination

by Anna Dimond, posted Aug 11th 2010 1:20PM
Neil Patrick Harris can add one more Emmy nomination to his list this year: The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has acknowledged that it neglected to mention Harris in the special-class program category for his hosting gig at the Tonys.

While award show hosts once had their own category (Hugh Jackman, for example, won for his performance as the Tonys host in 2005), the hosts are now wrapped up in a composite award for the show overall. The 63rd Annual Tony Awards' executive producers Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss were listed as contenders when nominations were announced last month, but Harris was left out in the Emmy cold for his role in the show. The Academy amended its previous announcement Tuesday after 'L.A. Times'' awards blog Gold Derby pointed out the oversight.

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Emmys: We're Doing It Live! Well, Maybe

by Adam Keleman, posted Feb 5th 2010 4:45PM
EmmysNBC is all about live awards show coverage these days. Coming off the much-improved ratings from its first-ever live telecast of the Golden Globes, the network is now considering airing the 62nd Primetime Emmys ceremony live or West Coast viewers in August as well, according to Variety.

Due to the ever-increasing use of Twitter and Facebook, it's becoming easier to spoil the winners and speeches by the time the telecast hits the West Coast (where the ceremony is held).

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Brilliant! Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globes

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 26th 2009 6:36PM
ricky_gervais_headshotDuring the recent broadcast of the Primetime Emmys, one of the funniest presenters was Ricky Gervais. It's not surprising that Ricky was funny that night. He's a brilliant comic actor, writer and director. I say this even after suffering through The Invention of Lying, a film that had a wonderful premise but was a crappy movie. Nevertheless, I still think he's fantastic. And I will watch the 67th Annual Golden Globes with Ricky Gervais as host.

The NBC censor's finger will surely be on the button January 17, the night of the broadcast, because you could imagine Ricky getting a wee bit close to the line of what you can and cannot say on TV. Although he's probably clever enough to say or do something that the censors wouldn't get till after it airs.

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Some random thoughts on the Emmy nominations

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 16th 2009 2:44PM
Emmy_statue_ATASNow that the excitement has died down, I've been scouring the complete list of nominations. Here's a few observations... Then, let me know what you think.

-- Why bother with the Outstanding Mini-Series category? There were only two nominees worthy of a nomination. Exactly how many mini-series are even produced anymore? This is an outmoded TV format. Kill the category.

-- What's going on with the writers? 30 Rock dominates the comedy category and Mad Men dominates the drama category. What are the chances that the lone nomination in each category wins? I'd say slim and none. I call for limitations; only two episodes per series. Writing is such a subjective thing anyway. If you like 30 Rock's scattershot humor, you're more likely to vote for it compared to a traditional sitcom like Big Bang Theory. The latter should have snagged a nom for The Lizard-Spock Expansion episode.

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Emmy Wish List: Supporting Categories - Comedy

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 15th 2009 4:29PM
emmy_statue_rightWhen it comes to the Primetime Emmy nominations, there are scads of terrific supporting performances to choose from in the comedy field. The difficulty is narrowing it down to just six actors and six actresses (which is better than last year's five each). Maybe the Emmys should take a page from the Academy Awards and double the number of nominations -- this year's Best Picture will include ten noms. That's not going to happen, but that doesn't mean my wish list discussion can't mention all those worthy comedy performers.

Last year's comedy winners, Jean Smart for Samantha Who? and Jeremy Piven for Entourage, were both multiple winners. In Jean's case, it wasn't all for the same role, but Jeremy has been pulling a John Larroquette/Don Knotts in this category. (Larroquette and Knotts dominated this category; the former winning for Night Court from 1985-88, while Knotts won five times for The Andy Griffith Show from 1961-67). My wish list would start by shaking things up.

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Emmy Wish List: Supporting Categories - Drama

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 15th 2009 3:26PM
Emmy_statueTalk about a wealth of choices! When it comes to the Primetime Emmys in the supporting actor and actress categories for drama, there are a plethora of worthy candidates. Some shows, like Mad Men or Lost, for instance, have multiple choices in the supporting ranks, especially since these ensembles seem to have a hard time determining who's really the lead.

Earlier, I shared my wish list for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama nominations, and I mentioned that Chloe Sevigny from Big Love would be a deserving selection. A TV Squad reader let me know that Chloe has actually been submitted in the supporting category. Good to know, and with that in mind, I'll start my wish list by talking about that category. (Remember, there are six nominees per category.)

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Emmy Wish List: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 14th 2009 2:01PM
Emmys_ABC_awardsThe actresses who have been competing for the Primetime Emmy award in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category these past few years are some of the top names in the business. Two-time Oscar winner Sally Field for Brothers & Sisters, multiple Emmy winner -- including last year's award -- Glenn Close for Damages. Previous winner Mariska Hargitay for Law & Order: SVU. Oh, yes, there's also Saving Grace's Holly Hunter, another former Oscar winner, and Golden Globe winner Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer.

All these ladies are worthy of winning nominations again, and it wouldn't be surprising to see one or all of them nominated. But if I were to have a say, there are some other women I hope to see recognized when the Primetime Emmy nominations are announced this Thursday.

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That was fast! Showtime gives Nurse Jackie second season pickup

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 10th 2009 11:09AM
jackie showtimeMere hours after the series premiered on the cable net, Showtime has renewed Nurse Jackie for a second season. Why so fast, you might wonder? Well, Showtime could point to the biggest premiere since 2004, but because it was on pay cable the total number of viewers is less than two million. Those are the kind of numbers that would get it canceled on USA or TNT, not to mention ABC or CBS, but for Showtime it's excellent.

Excellent is also what a majority of TV critics and bloggers -- including Jane -- had to say about the Edie Falco dark comedy. Some were more effusive than others, but for all intents and purposes, the press was pro-Jackie from the get-go. But not everyone loved the show. Nurses complained loudly about the depiction of their profession.

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Emmys to feature Josh Groban's TV theme medley

by Allison Waldman, posted Sep 10th 2008 2:01PM
Groban One of the highlights of this year's primetime Emmys is going to be musical. That's right, I'm psychic. I've looked into the future and can tell you without equivocation that Josh Groban singing a medley of TV themes from 60 years of programs will stop the show.

On September 21, the night ABC broadcasts the big anniversary of the Primetime Emmys, producer Ken Ehrlich has tapped balladeer Groban for a four-minute medley of TV themes. The mind reels with the possibilities of how many memorable melodies he can fit into 240 seconds.

Some choices seem obvious: Cheers (where everybody knows your name), The Jeffersons (movin' on up to the big time), The Beverly Hillbillies (black gold, Texas T), The Flintstones (they're a modern stone-aged family).

Like I said, the possibilities are vast, and the promise of a something hilarious is sure fire.

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Big plans for 60th Emmy broadcast ... as long as there's no strike

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 18th 2008 2:05PM
Ken EhrlichFor Ken Erhlich, executive producer of the Emmy broadcast, the goal is clear. "The war cry is always, 'What are we going to do and how are we going to make it better?' We did some inventive things, we changed it up, we understand that this is the industry's big night. This means something and we can't trivialize it, but we certainly can have some fun with it." He told me that last year, prior to the Emmy-in-the-round broadcast, a memorable -- and successful show.

In 2008, the decisions about the 60th anniversary Emmys are still in the works for the September LA broadcast, but one decision has already been made. It won't be in the round. While it looked good on air, the industry didn't like it. "People loved it at home. It had a great look, but you know, you try things, you want to bring something fresh to the show."

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