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October 7, 2015


Rachel Bilson Breaks the News to Regis That 'Hart of Dixie' Town Doesn't Exist (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 6th 2011 3:40PM
The new CW show 'Hart of Dixie' stars Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart, a New York doctor who moves to Blue Bell, Alabama to work at a general practice. On 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC), Bilson talked about the "fish-out-of-water" story, which is executive-produced by former 'The O.C.' creator Josh Schwartz, and broke the news to Regis that Blue Bell isn't actually a real town.

Regis and Kelly both seemed to liked the idea of the show actually shooting in Blue Bell. "I want to live there!" Kelly exclaimed. When Regis excitedly asked if Bilson had met any southern gentlemen while filming, she had to gently break the news that Blue Bell is just a fictional town, and that the show shoots on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California. "Maybe if it actually existed, and if we actually shot there ..." she lamented.

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Zoe Finds Out Why Dr. Wilkes Was So Interested in Her on 'Hart of Dixie' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 27th 2011 3:00AM
'Hart of Dixie' series premiereIt's been four years since we said goodbye to Summer Roberts on the series finale of 'The OC,' and with her Rachel Bilson. She's made a few appearances in film and on television since then, but she hasn't been with us on a regular basis, until 'Hart of Dixie' (Mon., 9PM ET on The CW).

In this new series, Bilson plays Dr. Zoe Hart, who wants to be a big-time surgeon, but is advised she needs to work on her bedside manner. Throughout her career, she's been plagued by postcards from a doctor in Alabama, offering to let her work by his side.

Finally, on her last hope, she heads down to take him up on his offer for a year so she can get her desired career back on track. But that's when everything goes sideways.


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Rachel Bilson Tells 'Chelsea Lately' How Great it is to Turn 30 (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 23rd 2011 5:00AM
Rachel Bilson, 'Chelsea Lately'Rachel Bilson recently turned 30 years old, though she and Chelsea Handler agreed that she still looks about eight on 'Chelsea Lately' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on E!). But whereas many women struggle with this age milestone, Bilson absolutely embraces it.

"Now I'm 30 and I feel like it's okay to go to bed at 9:30," she marveled. She even decided that it was okay to watch 'The Golden Girls' now that she's 30. It's like stepping into that stage of your life opens up so many doors.

Being cool and trendy suddenly doesn't matter anymore. You have an unprecedented freedom to be who you want to be. That said, we're not sure we buy that Rachel Bilson's 20s "kind of suck," as she said. She seemed to do doing pretty good the past ten years.

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Review: How I Met Your Mother - Girls vs. Suits

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 11th 2010 8:42PM
Girls vs. Suits musical number in HIMYM's 100th episode
After I wrote my gushing preview of this episode, I went back and re-watched it, hoping my first impression was correct. It turned out that it was, but for a very different reason than I thought. The 100th episode of HIMYM didn't have everything that makes the show such fun for its fans: there was no time-shifting, and not a lot of misdirection. It just told two straight-ahead stories that were really funny and gave us confidence in how things are going to play out going forward.

Oh, and it had a song-and-dance number that was fun as hell.

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'How I Met Your Mother' Mom Watch: Rachel Bilson?

by Kelly Woo, posted Oct 5th 2009 5:00PM
Rachel BilsonCould 'How I Met Your Mother' soon be known as 'How I Met Rachel Bilson'?

EW.com's Michael Ausiello reports that the actress, formerly of 'The O.C.,' will guest star in the show's 100th episode in January.

'HIMYM' executive producer Craig Thomas revealed that the pivotal episode would contain "some serious Mother action." He went on to say, "It'll be the closest Ted's ever come to [discovering who she is]. He's getting a step closer every episode this season, and episode 100 [we] kind of go bananas with it."

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Gossip Girl casting news: Is this The O.C. East?

by Kona Gallagher, posted Sep 3rd 2008 2:24PM
Gossip GirlI was really bitter towards CW for canceling Veronica Mars, so I was planning on not watching Gossip Girl out of spite. However, as a fan of (at least the first few seasons) of The O.C., the idea of another Josh Schwartz show intrigued me. Okay, that, and the fact that I loved Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (shut up), and the realization that my one-woman boycott wasn't going to bring VM back, all led me to the show.

When I tuned in, I really thought it would be The O.C. East, but Schwartz and the rest of the writers did a good job of making it its own show, I'm sure in no small part due to the fact that they had a series of books to work with. In fact, last night's 90210 premiere reminded me more of The O.C. than Gossip Girl ever has. So when I read that an O.C. alum was making her way to the Upper East Side, I wasn't exactly thrilled.

Casting spoilers ahead.

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Chuck: Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami

by Varun Lella, posted Nov 20th 2007 10:21AM
Chuck Episode 9
(S01E09) "Relax, It's dating in L.A. ... everyone lies" - Casey

So, if you saw this episode last night, you must be freaking out right now. If you happen to be passing by this review on the TVSquad front page, I won't ruin it for you, but you need to be watching Chuck. It is really one of the few shows I truly look forward to and it will be the one I miss the most if this strike continues for much longer. That may be a little extreme of me to say, but it is pretty much the truth.

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Rachel Bilson to appear on Chuck

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Sep 13th 2007 7:02PM
Rachel BilsonOne of my favorite characters on The O.C. was Summer Roberts. I liked her humor, naivety, and her spark. When FOX announced the cancellation of the show, I was sad to depart with characters like her, the Cohens and Taylor. So when NBC announced today that she would guest star on a few episodes of Chuck, I was delighted to see the actress return to the small screen!

Bilson will appear in a multi-episode arc on NBC's new action-comedy airing Mondays before Heroes. She is set to play a love interest for the lead character of Chuck, played by Zachary Levi. Her character will be Chuck's first romantic interest since his girlfriend broke up with him a few years ago while in college.

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When co-stars hook up (then break up)

by Kelly Woo, posted Jan 24th 2007 4:23PM

Men in Trees on ABCAnne Heche sure loves 'em and leaves 'em. ET is reporting the Men in Trees star has left husband Coley Laffoon (with whom she has a son) for co-star James Tupper. Heche and Tupper's characters are romantically involved on the show.

But here's the problem with co-stars hooking up: they often eventually break up. And when they do, it sure causes havoc with TV storylines.

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