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October 10, 2015


Obama's chief of staff is Ari Gold's brother!

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 7th 2008 5:02PM
Rahm/AriHere's an appointment to the President-elect Barack Obama's new administration that should really make Hardball's Chris Matthews happy. He's hired Ari Gold's brother -- sort of. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, has accepted the job as White House Chief of Staff, and the Congressman's brother Ari Emanuel is the inspiration for Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold on Entourage.

Just like Ari on HBO, Ari Emanuel is Hollywood's toughest agent and Endeavor Talent Agency is the tops in the business. Ari's brother Rahm has a reputation for being just as ambitious, aggressive and forceful. He likes to play hardball and has been known to twist arms and bust heads, metaphorically, to get things done.

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Vincent Margera ordered to drop Don Vito character for 10 years

by Jay Black, posted Dec 25th 2007 12:00PM
His other eye is looking at another camera.I know I'm a little late to the party with this information, but if you haven't heard, Viva La Bam's Vincent "Don Vito" Margera was sentenced on Saturday for 10 years to life on probation after he was convicted of two counts of sexual assault on a child. Further, Margera was ordered not to perform as his "Don Vito" alter-ego for 10 years. This is TV related news because, apparently, Don Vito is a television personality. Since I'm over 30 and a high school graduate, I wasn't readily aware of this fact.

The bit that intrigues me about this story is the strategy the defense used: that the judge should go easy on Margera because he only groped the teenage girls while "in character." I think that this sets the precedent for a lot of really interesting future court cases...

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