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August 31, 2015


Rashida Jones Talks Fake Sex With Rob Lowe, Political Passion as a Child (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 25th 2011 3:19AM
Rashida Jones, 'Chelsea Lately'Rashida Jones wound up working in government on 'Parks & Recreation' because of her character's passion for the issues. It's a passion the actress shared to a serious degree when she was younger. She talked on 'Chelsea Lately' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on E!) about sending letters to government officials all the time.

"Why do you think things have changed?" she joked. "Because of me."

Chelsea Handler noted the comparison between Jones and her character, except for one glaring difference. "I mean obviously you weren't f****** Rob Lowe when you were growing up," she quipped.

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'Wilfred' Convinces Guest Rashida Jones He Knows Who's Going to Die (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 22nd 2011 6:27AM
Rashida Jones, 'Wilfred'Remember that cat that people thought could predict who was going to die? Well, apparently that ability exists in dogs, too. Either that or 'Wilfred' (Thu., 10PM ET on FX) went on a killing spree this week.

Rashida Jones guest-starred as a worker at the hospice clinic Ryan volunteered at so he could impress his neighbor and seem like he was doing something good with his life. And, because he seems to take him everywhere, Wilfred tagged along.

Rashida treated Ryan terribly at first, jaded by volunteers who showed up just to look good ("People do that?") before quickly leaving. But when Wilfred lay down next to a patient who then died, she saw in him a miracle and in Ryan a hero.

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'Parks and Recreation' - 'The Possum' Recap

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 12th 2010 1:02AM
parks and recreation (S02E18) I miss the pit. It's been a while since we've heard anything about it, so it was nice to have it mentioned again. Even though Leslie may not have her favor with the mayor's office (I guess she'll just have to live with an un-laminated bus pass), I'd like to see something happen with the now-filled-in giant hole in the ground.

Leslie clearly has more important things on her plate, like possum-wrangling. The whole task force thing could have been just ridiculous, and don't get me wrong-- it was, but there was one thing that saved it: the fact that there was an actual possum running around on Andy's neck. How he didn't just vomit to death, I'll never know. Chris Pratt deserves a raise though.

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Review: Parks and Recreation - Hunting Trip

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 19th 2009 10:56PM
parks and recreation(S02E10) This episode is nice, because Leslie finally gets what she's wanted since the very beginning of the series: to be one of the guys. I know I talk about this a lot, but it's just because the writers have done such an exceptional job: I love how Leslie is actually competent in some areas, instead of being the bumbling fool they wrote her as at the beginning of the first season.

When she says she's an excellent hunter, it's not just self-delusion: she's actually an excellent hunter. Well, we really don't see enough to determine whether or not she's "excellent," but she totally bagged a quail on her first try and she didn't shoot Ron in the head, so she's at least pretty good compared to the rest of her hunting party.

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Justin Theroux Lands Major Recurring Role on 'Parks and Recreation'

by Leonard Jacobs, posted Nov 17th 2009 11:26AM
Multihyphenate actor-writer-director Justin Theroux is all set to park himself on TV next year -- and TV, if Theroux's track record is any indication, will be so much the better for it. Writer Michael Ausiello reports on his Entertainment Weekly blog that the 38-year-old big-and-small screen star is joining the cast of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation.'

While he'll be playing things all platonic opposite Rashida Jones' Ann (who is playing things all more-than-platonic with Paul Schneider's Mark), Theroux is a very possible love interest for Amy Poehler's Leslie.

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Rashida Jones on 'Parks and Recreation' and Returning to 'The Office'

by Andrew Scott, posted Nov 12th 2009 11:00AM
Rashida Jones Parks and RecreationAfter getting caught in between Jim and Pam on 'The Office,' actress Rashida Jones has moved on to another Thursday night NBC comedy: 'Parks and Recreation,' co-starring Amy Poehler.

Rashida plays Ann Perkins, a nurse who is now dating Leslie's (Poehler) co-worker, Mark (Paul Schneider) -- a big improvement, considering that her last relationship quite literally ended in the pits.

'Parks' -- which was just renewed for a full second season -- has seen a big improvement from season 1, says many critics and fans. But according to Jones, that's not entirely the case.

AOL TV recently chatted with the star about the quality of season 2, the pickup news and whether Karen will ever return to 'The Office.'

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Review: Parks and Recreation - Kaboom

by Kona Gallagher, posted Oct 23rd 2009 3:02AM
parks and recreation
No more pit! I figured that the giant hole would eventually be filled in, but I had a feeling that it would take much longer than this. But after only 12 episodes of the entire series, Ann now sees a dirt lot when she looks out of the window of her home. Oh, progress.

Speaking of progress, I haven't been the biggest fan of Andy, but I enjoyed him in this episode. Before, when he turned up, it was mostly just to show how pathetic he is, but this week, in addition to that, he actually helped move the plot along in a big way. He gave up $100,000 for Ann, which honestly, seems like a terrible idea to me. I understand that he's in love with her and all, but there's no guarantee that she's going to get back with him, and a hundred grand is a hundred grand, you know?

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Parks and Recreation: Pawnee Zoo (season premiere)

by Kona Gallagher, posted Sep 18th 2009 1:10AM
parks and recreation pawnee zoo
(S02E01) Parks and Recreation started out kind of slowly for me in its first season, but by the time we got to the finale, I was totally hooked. Going into the season two premiere, I had a good feeling they would keep up the momentum. This good feeling was confirmed in the cold open, when Leslie (Amy Poehler) started rapping the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince classic, "Parents Just Don't Understand," nearly unprompted, accompanied by Tom (Aziz Ansari) on beatbox. All of a sudden, I loved this show.

What's beginning to make this show great (other than late 80s rap, of course) is that Leslie is finally becoming more than a one-dimensional figure. For whatever reason, she fell into the same trap that Michael Scott was in when The Office premiered. When a character is nothing more than a bumbling fool, he or she quickly becomes boring.

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Parks & Recreation: Rock Show (season finale)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 15th 2009 12:18PM
Parks and Recreation
Ah, so that's how they're going to do it. While the pit was still the underlying thrust of the episode, the stories were more about the characters and relationships. And realizing even more what a big dumb sap Mark is. It's really more a testament of Leslie's own insecurities and issues that she's so hung up on him because he is even more lame than Tom. At least Tom is charismatic and charming, in his own creepy way. Mark is just creepy, a lot older than he seems to think and kind of a doofus.

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Parks & Recreation: The Banquet

by Jason Hughes, posted May 8th 2009 1:28AM
Aziz Ansari of Parks and Recreation(S01E05) Man, Leslie Knope is a dope. But Tom is the bomb! Okay, I'm sorry. There's no excuse for that kind of crap. Still, though, Tom was hilarious in his speech to Leslie's mother, who will always be Jericho's Gail Green to me, at the banquet. Certainly it was smoother than Leslie's. But then Ron's speech of facts was better than Leslie's painful attempt at name-dropping.

It's amazing that Leslie and her mother are related, considering how vastly different they are. Her mother is shrewd and calculating, and clearly willing to muck around in the dirt to further her own agenda (i.e. a politician), while Leslie is an optimistic do-gooder who's more heart than smart ... oh crap, I did it again, didn't I?

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Parks and Recreation: Canvassing

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 17th 2009 12:25AM
Amy Poehler in (S01E02) Tonight, we move forward on the next step in Leslie Knope getting that pit replaced with a beautiful park. Look at that, Parks and Recreation doubles as a primer for how local government gets things done. It almost makes me want to get involved and make a difference in my community. Almost. It also makes me wonder about the quality of people in my local community. Somehow I can imagine people like Tom and Leslie working there.

It looks like things are going to move pretty slowly on this show, despite only a six episode run. I guess with the pit project being the only major plot, there's not much else to do. I hope they have a Plan B if they get picked up. All we got was the team canvassing the neighborhood to gauge reactions to the project and then an impromptu town hall meeting where everyone could voice their opinion. And that went about as well as you might expect; remember the last meeting Leslie ran.

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Parks and Recreation -- An early look

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 8th 2009 5:12PM
Parks & Recreation
First there was talk of a spin-off of The Office. Word was that Amy Poehler was attached. Then we got the notion that Rashida Jones may just reprise her role of Karen in that spin-off. And then it became Parks and Recreation. The show follows the exploits of the Parks Department in a small city in Indiana. So our spin-off went from more office politics to ... well, politics. But Amy Poehler is here. And while Rashida Jones is on board, it's not as Karen.

Still, the comparisons are going to be inevitable. Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, who are both key parts of The Office team, created this show, it airs right before The Office, and both are shot in that mock documentary style. Then you have Poehler's lead role as Deputy Director Leslie Knope. She appears to be as oblivious to the world that truly exists around her as Michael Scott is on The Office, but more in a naively optimistic way than a narcissistic asshat way. As Jones' character Ann Perkins describes her: "She's a little doofy, but she's sweet."

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Details of Poehler's Office "spin-off" finally revealed

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 15th 2009 11:33AM
Amy PoehlerFor a variety of reasons, I decided to not go to the Winter edition of the TCA press tour. So far, my choice to stay in frigid Jersey has been justified; not much in the way of big news has come out of the tour, and it seems like the networks are very happy about that.

However, if I was there, I would have apparently received the pilot script to the new Amy Poehler-led sitcom that's being written and produced by the folks from The Office, as Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did yesterday. He revealed some details about what the show's going to be about, and they're... interesting.

The show will be shot documentary-style like The Office. In it, Poehler plays Leslie Knope, who is, according to Owen, a "mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana." She works with a local nurse (Rashida Jones) to turn a construction site into a park, and has to battle the usual local-government nemeses at every turn, including those "traffic and noise" complainers and a town official (Aziz Ansari). All the while, she's followed by an intern (Aubrey Plaza) that she hopes to inspire.

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Aziz Ansari cast on Office spin-off; is he still on Scrubs?

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 13th 2008 12:02PM
Aziz AnsariAziz Ansari seems to be the hottest name around Hollywood casting circles. According to Variety, the stand-up comedian, who's also one-third of the MTV's acclaimed sketch team Human Giant, has been cast in the upcoming Office spin-off. He's also signed a one-year talent hold deal with Universal Media Studios.

What's interesting about this news is that Ansari was also tapped to play one of the new interns on the eighth season of Scrubs, which is produced by and will now air on ABC. What I'm guessing is that, since Scrubs will finish shooting in August, this deal will start after his deal with the veteran medical comedy ends. If there happens to be a ninth season of the show, as Bill Lawrence told me might happen, I'd imagine he'd come back after his Universal deal ends or they'll just replace him with someone else.

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Elisha Cuthbert cast on CBS romantic comedy

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 27th 2008 5:25PM
Elisha CuthbertJack Bauer's daughter is trading in angst for romance. Actress Elisha Cuthbert has been cast on the CBS pilot Ny-Lon. That's the one-hour romantic-drama-with-comedy based on the British series of the same name that aired on the Channel 4 TV in 2004 (only there it was called NY-LON; apparently the American version is initial cap only).

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