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October 4, 2015


Report Cards Are In: 'Glee' and 'Battle of the Blades'

by Stephanie Earp, posted Oct 28th 2009 11:37PM

I recently completed a project where my main goal was to provide viewing pleasure to others. By itself, I realize that sentence sounds rather scandalous, so I will clarify - it is a yarn calendar. Completing this project and making it public brought forth many helpful suggestions and ideas.

In some corners, these remarks would be considered criticism, but it is all phrased in a similar tone to my grade-school report cards - encouraging, reassuring and with only the mildest suggestion that improvement is necessary.

It struck me that there is not enough of this sort of advice in the world, and as I'm getting so much, I should pay it forward. And I knew exactly who needed my advice the most - two of the most promising new shows of the 2010 season. Like me, they have so much potential. Living up to it is another story.

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Breaking Bad: Walter White's Report Card

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 25th 2009 11:03AM

Now that the second season of Breaking Bad is in the books, it's time to evaluate high school science teacher Walter White's performance. He's been giving out the grades to students for years, but who's been monitoring this high school teacher?

It's time for this Breaking Bad character to be graded. Here's a report card for Mr. White, and whether he's using the name Heisenberg or White, we're turning the tables on "teach" and giving him some grades across the board.

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