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October 10, 2015


Mother and Daughter Reunited on 'Oprah' After 42 Years (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 18th 2010 11:05PM
Oprah, 42-year reunion, birth motherOn 'Oprah' (weekdays, syndicated), a woman was reunited with her daughter after 42 years – 42 years! These reunion shows can be sweet, because sometimes all it takes is that one moment they meet to bring people back together again.

We're not sure we'd want the whole thing captured on national television, because it's such a private thing. But maybe it'll give others hope of finding their lost relatives, too.

Or ... in the case of kids given up for adoption, is it better to not delve into the past? After all, it's their adoptive parents who raised them. Sound off with your thoughts.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Review: Survivor Samoa - The Game Ain't Over (season finale)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 21st 2009 2:02AM
The final five go for the million on Survivor
(S19E14) I suppose it's only fitting and par for Sunday evening programming that the big three-hour Survivor season finale and live reunion show was delayed by football here in the NYC viewing area. No, I won't dwell on it. But, really. CBS, can't you get this scheduling thing down?

What I should dwell on are these skinny legs in the image above. It's a wonder the three guys were able to walk out of there at all. Tonight we went down from five to four to three and then onto the sole survivor in the live voting reveal. Am I pleased about it all? Read on.

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Big Brother 11: Finale HOH, season finale

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 16th 2009 12:33AM
Natalie and Kevin made it to the final three on BB11
(S11E30) Natalie and Kevin made it scheming all the way into the final three on Big Brother 11. But, did they make it to the final two? Did one of them win the half-million dollars? Or did Jordan blow them both out of the water? It was an unlikely final three and the first two-hour live season finale. Despite the rather lame "high school cliques" theme to the season, it definitely had its moments of BB history.

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Bravo scrounges up a bonus Real Housewives of NYC episode

by Allison Waldman, posted May 14th 2008 10:03AM
The Real Housewives of NYCSo, if you're like me -- and I know you are -- you watched The Real Housewives of New York City reunion show -- the one where Ramona walked off the set because she was shocked (SHOCKED!) that Alex had posed for nude photos that had recently been published. Well, that reunion show wasn't the end. Leave to the good folks at Bravo -- the same people that show episodes of Project Runway, Top Chef, Workout, etc. over and over again so you are bound to see them two or three times each -- to find enough excess footage for yet another episode of the Big Apple socialites.

Calling the show a "watercooler sensation," Bravo has pieced together another hour of The Real Housewives of New York City and it will air Tuesday, May 27 at 9 o'clock (ET/PT). Don't worry, if you miss it then, you'll be able to find it on one of the upteen reruns.


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Survivor China: A Slippery Little Sucker (season finale)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 17th 2007 12:31AM
Courtney from Survivor China(S15E13) Well, this is it. Who's going to win it all on Survivor China -- the schemer, the lunch lady, the beauty queen, or the waitress long shot? Now, if I were a wagering woman, I could have won some money on this one. As with the first season with Richard Hatch, I picked the winner from the first episode. So, I'm two for fifteen. I guess I should ask Jean-Robert how those odds do in the real world, eh?

Ah, but I won't say a word about the winner before the jump. I know how dangerous that can be.

But I was right. 'Nuff said.

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