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October 6, 2015

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer

David Tennant is not on NBC

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 25th 2010 11:31AM

David TennantIt is with a heavy heart that I must report that NBC has passed on the pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer starring David Tennant. Technically they haven't cancelled. The show has simply been put "on hold". Doctor Who was once put on hiatus too and that lasted 16 or so years (except for some charity specials and a television movie), so Rex is in good company.

Rex was originally going to fill one of the 10 P.M. slots vacated by Jay Leno. It had a strong supporting cast with Jerry O'Connell, Jane Curtin and Jeffrey Tambor. It sounded like a winner, so naturally NBC didn't want it. Still, this isn't the only bad decision NBC has made recently and it probably won't be the last.

This is especially heartbreaking news as people (like myself) will not have the opportunity to introduce David Tennant to their friends that aren't Doctor Who fans. The show might be picked up for the fall, so don't give up hope yet. Feel free to post vitriolic tirades against NBC in the comments.

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Changes coming to Rex Is Not Your Lawyer

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 7th 2009 1:04PM
Jerry O'ConnellJust a week or so ago we told you about Heroes' Sendhil Ramamurthy being cast in the new NBC comedy Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, which stars David Tennant, Jane Curtin and Jeffrey Tambor. Now comes word that maybe Ramamurthy shouldn't give up his gig on Heroes just yet.

Jerry O'Connell has replaced Ramamurthy in the role of a lawyer who is a close friend of Tennant's (the plot of the show has Tennant as a lawyer who suddenly gets nervous and can't appear in court so he trains his clients to represent themselves - can't wait to see how they keep that plot fresh).

Of course, we should have seen this coming. I believe O'Connell has a contract with the universe that he has to appear in a new quirky sitcom every single year. In 2008 he starred in the short-lived Do Not Disturb, and in 2007 he starred in the short-lived Carpoolers.

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Show Killer Alert: Jerry O'Connell Joins 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer'

by Nicholas White, posted Dec 7th 2009 12:57PM
Jerry O'ConnellJerry O'Connell may look harmless enough. But could he be TV's newest grim reaper, aka 2010's answer to Ted "Jump the Shark" McGinley?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, O'Connell has inked his name to the new NBC pilot 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer,' opposite 'Doctor Who' actor David Tennant. O'Connell will replace 'Heroes' star Sendhil Ramamurthy, who is departing due to scheduling issues (hope for 'Heroes' fans, we wonder?)

O'Connell -- who has stacked several shuttered TV projects, including 'Do Not Disturb,' 'Carpoolers' and 'Crossing Jordan' -- will play the ambitious and affable best friend and colleague of Tennant's character Rex Alexander, a Chicago lawyer who encourages his clients to defend themselves after he has panic attacks. O'Connell will also reportedly be hung up on Rex's fiance, played by Abigail Spencer.

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There could be yet another permanent death coming up on Heroes

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 1st 2009 1:29PM
HeroesSo, in last night's episode of Heroes, one of the original cast members was killed off. In slow motion! Fans might think that there's a chance he could come back because characters come back on this show all the time, but producer Tim Kring says that this is final.

And now it looks like it might not be the only permanent death on the show.

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Sendhil Ramamurthy Joins 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer': More Bad News for 'Heroes'?

by Scott Harris, posted Dec 1st 2009 11:12AM
First 'Heroes' lost its creative edge. Then it lost its ratings lead. Now, it looks like it may be losing its voice.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 'Heroes' stalwart Sendhil Ramamurthy has been tapped to co-star in the upcoming NBC pilot 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer'. Ramamurthy, who has played ethically challenged geneticist Mohinder Suresh on 'Heroes' since the show's inception, often provides the voiceover narration at the beginning of each episode and has been a key player in most plot lines over the past four seasons.

With season 4 of 'Heroes' now managing less than a third of its peak numbers (last week's episode drew a paltry 5.17 million viewers, compared to 16.97 for the season 2 premiere), however, the writing may finally be on the wall for the niche hit. Ramamurthy, who will play a friendly rival to David Tennant's title character on 'Rex,' will likely leave 'Heroes' if 'Rex' gets picked up for a full season, similar to the way 'Lost' favorite Elizabeth Mitchell jumped over to 'V' when that series got the greenlight. Whether or not his character would go out with as a big a bang, of course, is hard to predict.

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Don Draper's mistress lands role on new NBC drama

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 17th 2009 3:09PM
Abigail SpencerI know, saying "Don Draper's mistress" doesn't really narrow it down, does it?

Abigail Spencer, who played (plays?) schoolteacher Suzanne Farrell on AMC's Mad Men this past season, has landed a role on the new NBC drama Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. I guarantee that will be one of the odder titles for a new show in 2010 or whenever the show debuts. It's about a lawyer who gets anxiety attacks (that has to be a career killer) so he actually teachers his clients how to represent themselves in court. Spencer will play another lawyer.

What does this mean for Miss Farrell? Who knows. She could appear on both shows though. Alison Brie appears on two different shows too (Mad Men and NBC's Community), so it's possible that Spencer could still appear on Mad Men while on this show. Of course, I hope she's out of the picture and we see Rachel or Midge again.

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Abigail Spencer Joins NBC's 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer'

by Bryan Enk, posted Nov 17th 2009 1:46PM
Casting continues apace for NBC's legal drama pilot, 'Rex is Not Your Lawyer.'

It's already been announced that David Tennant of 'Doctor Who' fame will be making his American television debut as Rex Alexander, a Chicago lawyer who begins suffering from panic attacks and attempts to compensate by coaching his clients to represent themselves. The role was apparently very difficult to cast, with NBC searching for a leading man for several months until Tennant came in and nailed it.

Now The Hollywood Reporter reports that Abigail Spencer has been cast in the key role of Lindsey Steers, a hotshot up-and-coming lawyer at Rex's firm -- and his fiancee. Madcap complications will most assuredly ensue.

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Jeffrey Tambor Joins David Tennant in NBC Pilot

by Scott Harris, posted Nov 13th 2009 3:00PM
The Doctor is about to get a new companion: George Bluth, Sr.

OK, not exactly, but The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jeffrey Tambor has signed on to join David Tennant in 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer', a new pilot being produced for NBC.

Tambor, of course, is best known for his role as incarcerated patriarch George Bluth, Sr. on the late, lamented cult classic 'Arrested Development' ...

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NBC eyes another twist on legal dramas with Rex Is Not Your Lawyer

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 24th 2009 12:03PM
Andrew LeedsI'll give NBC credit for trying. The fourth place network just keeps throwing what they can at the wall hoping they can get something ... anything ... to stick. Everybody knows that legal dramas work, but thankfully, this isn't yet another Law & Order spin-off. Unless it's Law & Order: Do It Yourself.

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer is a dramedy about an anxiety-filled lawyer who pushes his clients to represent themselves in court because he just can't handle it. NBC has given a pilot order to Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, which could just as easily be them wanting to know how the hell the creators are going to make this work.

Rex is a project from the winners of Bravo's 2005 competition series Situation: Comedy: actor Andrew Leeds and novelist David Lampson. The fact that it's an hour-long series means it's probably going to take its legal side at least somewhat seriously, marrying comedy and legality much the same as Boston Legal and Ally McBeal have done.

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