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August 28, 2015


Dexter: Turning Biminese

by Debra McDuffee, posted Oct 27th 2008 12:00AM
Dexter and Miguel talking at the marina
(S03E05) The predictability of Dexter really comes into play in tonight's episode. All season, they've been setting us up for things that took place tonight. I've always said that although Dexter can be predictable, for some reason, it never ruins the suspense of the show.

And that stands true tonight. We knew nearly everything that was going to happen, yet still I sat breathless, watching with my mouth hanging open, as the episode unfolded. Predictable? Yep. Boring? Never.

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Dexter -- An early look

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 22nd 2006 10:06AM

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

The Premise: Michael C. Hall (of Six Feet Under fame) plays Dexter Morgan, a forensic investigator and blood-spatter analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department. But that's only his day job. Beneath his chipper attitude is a dark secret, one that harbors his disgust for those who do wrong. When he isn't investigating a murder for the boys in blue, Dexter takes matters into his own hands. An efficient killer, he hunts down and brutally murders the horrible people (child molesters, rapists, other serial killers) that actually deserve to die. When he isn't chopping up his latest victim, Dex deals with the rest of his mundane life: mentoring a sister who's also a cop, fending off sexual advances from his boss, and trying to figure out a girlfriend who he doesn't really want to sleep with.

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Idol lies

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 2nd 2006 2:00PM

aiDid you enjoy the American Idol auditions last night, from Austin, Texas? Here's some odd news for you:

They weren't filmed in Austin, Texas!

That's right. Seacrest did his intros, etc from Austin, but actual audtions took place in San Francisco, because Hurricane Katrina/Rita evacuees were in Austin at the time. So they flew the contestants to San Francisco and had them audition for the judges there.

Now, this isn't a big deal, but why not say it during the telecast?


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