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October 7, 2015

Rob Thomas

Will There Be a 'Party Down' Movie? Co-Creator is 'Hopeful'

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 28th 2011 4:30PM
Party Down CastA 'Party Down' movie has been talked about for months, but now series co-creator Rob Thomas is saying there are talks going on to reunite the cast on the big screen.

"People are talking to us about doing a Party Down movie, and we are pretty far down the deal-making process with that," Thomas said during the 'Party Down' marathon event at the Alamo Drafthouse.

"We're hopeful that there will be a 'Party Down' movie. Ideally, if it works out, we could be shooting in television hiatus time next spring," he said. "So hopefully that deal will close, and we'll all tweet about it when it does."

'Party Down' isn't the only Thomas creation with a long-rumored flick in the works. You all remember the saga known as the 'Veronica Mars' movie?

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EXCLUSIVE: NBC Passing on Rob Thomas Comedy 'Temp'?

by Chris Harnick, posted Feb 4th 2011 4:20PM
Rob ThomasThose looking forward to enjoying the wry sense of humor the men behind 'Party Down' became famous for in NBC's 'Temp,' don't hold your breath.

The project from John Enbom, Dan Etheridge and Rob Thomas received a put-pilot order from NBC in August, but a source tells me it "looks like 'Temp' is not getting a pick-up."

In August, Thomas, who also created 'Veronica Mars,' told me the trio started work on 'Temp' when they learned Starz was passing on a season 3 of the beloved and criminally under-watched 'Party Down.'

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Fox Orders Pilots From 'Heroes' and 'Veronica Mars' Creators, 'Alex Mack' Star Joins 'Hawaii Five-0' and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 19th 2011 11:30AM
Fox'Veronica Mars' and 'Party Down' creator Rob Thomas could be back on TV with his new pilot order from Fox for a single-camera comedy called 'Little in Common.' Suddenly, everything feels right in the world.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the show follows three families who are united thanks to little league sports. Thomas also sold 'Temp,' a workplace comedy, to NBC.

Now the question we're all thinking: Which 'Veronica Mars' and 'Party Down' stars will get cast in these pilots?

Also at Fox, the network has ordered 'Touch' from Tim Kring, creator of 'Heroes.' The drama pilot follows a father and his autistic and mute son. The son can predict events before they happen.

In other TV news ...

Larisa Oleynik has joined the cast of 'Hawaii Five-0.' Oleynik, fondly remembered from her days on Nickelodeon's 'The Secret World of Alex Mack,' will play ex-CIA analyst Jessica Kaye. The character, a Harvard graduate, will be recurring for the rest of the season with an option to become a series regular in season 2. [TVLine]

Tricia Helfer will guest on 'No Ordinary Family.' The 'Battlestar Galactica' vixen will appear in at least one episode. No word on what powers -- if any -- she'll have. [TVLine]

There will be no Guns N' Roses episode of 'Glee.' Slash said the band has been approached by the show, but turned the producers down. [Entertainment Weekly]

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EXCLUSIVE: Rob Thomas Calls WB's 'Veronica Mars' Movie Email Address a 'Glimmer of Hope'

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 10th 2010 1:00PM
Kristen BellBreaking news: Fans want a 'Veronica Mars' movie.

Wait, that's not breaking news -- that's been the case since the series went off the air in 2007. However, it is news that Warner Bros., seemingly out of nowhere, has set up a new email address, VeronicaMarsMovie@warnerbros.com, for fans to bombard them with emails about turning the cult-hit series into a film.

"I was surprised as anyone that Warner Bros. set up a 'Veronica Mars' email address," the show's creator Rob Thomas told TV Squad via email. "No one has talked to me about it."

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Party Down' Creator Rob Thomas Reveals Details on New Projects

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 25th 2010 11:36AM
Rob ThomasFans of cult hits everywhere, pay attention: Rob Thomas, John Enbom and Dan Etheridge, the guys behind 'Party Down' and 'Veronica Mars,' have scored a put pilot order from NBC.

Thomas told TV Squad that the new series, 'Temp,' has been in the works since the trio learned that 'Party Down' would not be getting a third season. It'll feature a group of main characters doing different jobs every week.

"The show is similar to 'Party Down' in the sense that there's a new job each week, but unlike 'Party Down,' we actually see the home life of our main characters," Thomas said. "It has more of a 'Mary Tyler Moore' home life/work life dynamic, except the job changes from week to week."

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Co-Creator Rob Thomas, Famous Fans React to 'Party Down' Cancellation

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 1st 2010 11:00AM
Party DownThe party may have just ended, but that hasn't stopped fans from speaking out and lamenting the loss of 'Party Down.'

While it may not have had huge ratings, those that did tune in for 'Party Down' were loyal and the series creators and stars knew that.

"We wish we were making more episodes," series co-creator Rob Thomas wrote in an e-mail to TV Squad. "We had a great time doing the show, and we were very proud of it. I've never seen a cast as eager to work on something as I did with 'Party Down.' You hear the phrase, 'labor of love' thrown around all the time in this business, but if you knew how far everyone involved was working below their rates, you'd understand that 'Party Down' is one place 'labor of love' was truly applicable."

Thomas is no stranger to cult-hits though, he also created 'Veronica Mars.' Check out what other famous fans had to say via Twitter about the loss of this comedy gem.

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Tardy to the 'Party'? Get Acquainted With 'Party Down'

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 19th 2010 4:30PM
Party Down

Chances are, you've never seen 'Party Down' (Fri., April 23 at 10PM ET on Starz), the little show that has gotten a lot of buzz. You've probably heard of the comedy show about struggling Hollywood-types getting by as caterers. Maybe you've seen the bus shelter poster of it.

You probably also don't know that the Starz comedy is one of the most witty shows on television. It's topped many "best of" lists -- it was named one of the 10 best shows of 2009 by The American Film Institute -- and attracted tons of Hollywood talent from Megan Mullally to Steve Guttenberg. So, what makes 'Party Down' so special and how does it keep attracting movie and TV stars? Let's break it down.

It's a show about a group of people chasing their Hollywood dream -- they also happen to be working as caterers to get by. It's a workplace comedy where the workplace changes every week. One day the gang from Party Down Catering will be working a funeral and the next day it could be a child's birthday party. Each week it's a different party and different guest stars.

More after the jump.

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'Veronica Mars' Creator: All Hope for a Movie is Not Lost

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 6th 2010 4:30PM
Veronica Mars Kristen BellAttention 'Veronica Mars' fans: you'd better take a deep breath. Rob Thomas, the man behind 'Mars,' said all hope is not lost for a big screen version of the cult series -- but don't start celebrating yet.

The 'Mars' mastermind doesn't want fans to continue on the roller coaster that has been the 'Veronica Mars' movie saga, but he is exploring alternate routes -- like indie financing -- to reunite with Kristen Bell and the residents of Neptune on the big screen.

While promoting the second season of 'Party Down' (that part of the interview coming soon), Thomas divulged some new details about his ongoing quest to give 'Mars' fans a taste of the snarky private eye on the big screen.

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Megan Mullally gets ready to Party Down

by Kona Gallagher, posted Sep 2nd 2009 7:01PM
megan mullallyNow this is some casting news I can get behind. After the disastrous In the Motherhood, Megan Mullally is returning to television-- on a show that's actually funny! Mullally is set to join the cast of the amazing Party Down, a Starz original from Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas.

Mullally is replacing Jane Lynch, whose role as Sue Sylvester on Glee has been bumped up from recurring character to series regular. She plays "Lydia Dunfree, who leaves her small town and her failed marriage to help her 13-year-old daughter Escapade achieve her dream of becoming an actress. In addition to working as a cater-waiter for Party Down, Lydia is looking for Mr. Right."

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ABC to burn off remaining Samantha Who?, Cupid eps this summer

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 1st 2009 2:27PM
samantha who? fianl episodes air date abcABC has given an air date to Samantha Who?'s swan song. The network will begin burning off the seven remaining episodes of the show Thursdays at 8 p.m. starting June 25.

As we mentioned last week, even a petition set up by star Christina Applegate couldn't save Samantha Who? from the axe. It's a shame. Applegate has turned into such a magnetic and charming comedic actor. Here's hoping she gets another shot at her own show or, like Jason already suggested, a long-running guest stint on HIMYM or maybe The Big Bang Theory.

ABC is also making room on its summer schedule for the final eps of Cupid and In the Motherhood. The sole remaining ep of Cupid, which shared the same fate as the 1998 show it was based on, will air June 16 -- if the NBA Finals don't make it to Game 6! (That's another slap in the face from the network to Cupid creator Rob Thomas). In the Motherhood's final three eps will begin airing June 25 at 8:30 p.m.

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Cupid: The Great Right Hope

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 15th 2009 10:29AM
Cupid ABC Bobby Cannavle(S01E03) This episode really lacked the charm and spirit of the first two. We did get to see the kooky Julie Hagerty as Claire's kooky mom. That was a plus. But you know a show isn't winning you over when the star's designer T-shirts are more interesting than the plot.

Only three episodes in and the Cupid cancellation rumors are swirling. According to some sites, the show is already dead. I might have been upset about Cupid going bye bye two weeks ago. Today, not so much.

I won't weep for a show that delivers warmed over fluff instead of compelling stories and interesting characters week after week. The first two episodes weren't amazing, but the charming cast, some great guest stars and the show's optimistic spirit managed to make them watchable. Tonight's ep dragged, the story and the couple of the week were straight outta dullsville, and Trevor and Claire's banter is getting old fast.

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Cupid: Live And Let Spy

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 8th 2009 1:07PM
Cupid ABC 2009
(S01E02) Like I wrote last week, the success of Cupid 2.0 will hinge heavily on the guest stars. Luckily, this week's guest stars were great.

Erik Palladino and Julie Ann Emery (as Mick and Riley) gave me the warm fuzzies as Cupid's latest couple of the week. I enjoyed their chemistry so much that I was able to forgive the stock "surprise twist" that reared its witless head in the third act.

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Cupid: Pilot (series premiere)

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 1st 2009 1:00PM
Bobby Cannavale Cupid ABC(S01E01) Call me a hopeless romantic, but I was charmed by the series premiere of Cupid 2.0.

ABC's original Cupid from 10 years ago, also headed up by executive producer Rob Thomas, was a smart, playful and quirky hour of television that looked and felt like nothing else on the air at the time. ABC's promos for Thomas' remake made this new show look silly and the quirkiness look forced. Thankfully, that's not the case – for the most part.

Bobby Cannavale plays Trevor (played by Jeremy Piven in the original), a New York City bartender who claims he's Cupid, the god of romantic love. Expelled from Olympus, he's given the task of bringing one hundred couples together here on Earth. Trevor goes about his plan under the watchful eye of Sarah Paulson's Dr. Claire McCrae (Claire Allen in the original), a psychiatrist and best-selling self-help book author assigned to monitor Trevor's release from a psychiatric hospital.

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Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson talk about the return of Cupid - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 30th 2009 1:11PM
Sarah Paulson and Bobby Cannavale of CupidTen years after ABC prematurely cancelled Rob Thomas' dramedy Cupid, the alphabet net has decided to give it another go. The new version of the show, which premieres Tuesday at 10 PM ET, now stars Sarah Paulson and Bobby Cannavale in the roles originated by Paula Marshall and Jeremy Piven, respectively.

The premise is the same: Trevor Pierce claims to be Cupid, exiled from Mt. Olympus, and he needs to find true love for 100 couples before he is allowed back home. After Trevor is arrested for one of his stunts and sent to a psychological hospital, singles self-help guru Dr. Claire McCrae is assigned to keep track of him as he makes his way in the outside world. This time around, the show is set in the fast paced and cynical world of New York, complete with all the modern touches of dating in the late '00s (Maybe Cupid will have a Twitter account).

I spoke to the stars of the new Cupid last week. While I was on the phone, I asked Paulson about what happened on her previous series, Studio 60. I got a pretty interesting response...

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It's official: Kristen Bell will appear on Party Down

by Mike Moody, posted Feb 19th 2009 2:01PM
kristen bell party down veronica marsI've seen the new show from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, and it is good. No, not the Cupid redo; I'm talking about Party Down.

The comedy about a group of struggling actors working as caterers premieres March 20 on STARZ. The show reunites Thomas with Mars stars Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen and Adam Scott. Now, Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, is slated to guest star on the season finale, airing May 22.

Bell will play a rival caterer who makes trouble for the regular characters. Thomas said he wrote the part with Bell in mind.

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