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October 4, 2015


A Naked Moment on 'How I Met Your Mother' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 9th 2010 1:00AM
How I Met Your Mother: Rabbit or DuckA heart-shaped box of chocolates can be used for many things: To tell someone you love them. To cheer someone up who's down in the dumps. Or to cover up your private parts when you're sitting naked in a room expecting one person but then another person shows up!

Yes, friends, just look at this clip as a public service announcement from the folks at 'How I Met Your Mother' (Mon., 8PM on CBS). Or would that be pubic service announcement? At any rate, it never hurts to have a box of chocolates around for just such occasions.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Coming soon on How I Met Your Mother: More Robin Sparkles! - VIDEO

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 10th 2008 10:24AM
Let's Go to the MallHave you been missing those references to Scherbatsky's Canadian life? If you know what I'm talking about then you'll be overjoyed to know that on April 21, How I Met Your Mother will be all about Robin Sparkles, Robin Scherbatsky's alter-ego teen singing star. The entire episode is planned as a flashback to the 1980s 1990's when Robin became a one-hit wonder with the song "Let's Go to the Mall." Well, it turns out that wasn't her only song. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, How I Met Your Mother's co-creators, composed a ballad. "Sandcastles in the Sand" was the flip-side of "Let's Go to the Mall." It's supposedly in the style of a power break-up ballad, like "Foolish Beat" and "Toy Soldiers."

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Get your very own Sparkles Mall Tour t-shirt -- VIDEO

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 16th 2007 11:02AM

Sparkles Mall Tour t-shirts. Just perfect for Christmas in July.So, Christmas in July is only a few short days away, and you don't know what to buy your friends (who will probably be wondering why the hell you're celebrating Christmas in July anyway). Fret not, holiday shopper, because I have the solution for you: Robin Sparkles Mall Tour t-shirts!

Yes, now you can relive those memories of your favorite Canadian pop star, who is now known as Robin Scherbatsky in the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, courtesy of Glarkware. The front of the shirt features a splashy maple leaf design while the back displays a list of Canadian malls (not slouches by any means, according to the website) that Sparkles toured during 1993. The shirt costs $20 (US), and comes in either girlie or unisex style. Make those purchases quickly because pre-ordering ends on July 31st.

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