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September 5, 2015


The Big Bang Theory: The Maternal Capacitance

by Kona Gallagher, posted Feb 10th 2009 2:03AM

(S02E15) Well, it was a big episode that we almost missed due to the Presidential address tonight. This was a great episode for one simple reason: we finally find out that Leonard and Sheldon are friends because Leonard is trying to have sex with his mother. Wait -- that's not quite right. But seriously. How great is it that Leonard's mother and Sheldon are basically the exact same person?

I like the direction they took with it: They didn't go the predictable route of Leonard feeling as though Sheldon is replacing him; they hinted at a Mrs. Robinson relationship, but didn't quite go there. Instead, the writers made their reactions believable. Sheldon and Mrs. Hofstadter spent a great deal of time talking about brain scans and played Rock Band, which as we all know, is the great equalizer.

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Lifetime greenlights a new sitcom

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 11th 2008 7:00PM
Nicole SullivanWhen I interviewed Susanne Daniels, the President for Entertainment at the Lifetime Network, she was high on the success of Army Wives, and anxious to bring more comedy to the network.

"Viewers tell us that they love our comedies, our movies, Army Wives. I would argue that more people identify Reba and Will and Grace with our network now than the networks that launched them. And I was at the WB when Reba launched!" she said in TV Week. Well, now she's launching a new comedy, this time for Lifetime.

Lifetime has ordered 13 episodes of a new sitcom called Rita Rocks for this fall and cast Nicole Sullivan as Rita. The show will be part of a one-hour comedy block with Reba. "We've assembled a fantastic team in front of and behind the camera," said Ms. Daniels in a statement today.

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MTV may be eyeing a Rock Band TV show

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 28th 2007 5:24PM

MTVHarmonix brought us Guitar Hero and it was good. MTV bought Harmonix and promised more musical delights in the near future and now there is Rock Band. Where GH allowed you to rock the axe, RB expands to allow the entire "band." Peripherals are available to allow a guitarist, bassist, drummer and vocalist to all perform together. And major record labels are promising unprecedented cooperation, including making new music available weekly for the game.

Now, Rocky Mountain News is reporting that a Rock Band TV show may be under consideration at MTV. While nothing official can be reported, MTV senior VP of home entertainment Paul DeGooyer says of it, "we need the right concept, one that looks at how gamers engage with the game." Implications may be, though, that they are trying to find a way to do it without diluting or damaging the Rock Band name.

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