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October 8, 2015


An Early Target of Rupert Murdoch, Roseanne Barr is Enjoying His Downfall (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 20th 2011 4:55AM
Roseanne Barr, 'Chelsea Lately'Roseanne Barr is doing much better now, thank you very much. She told Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on E!) that when she first got famous, "I kind of lost my mind. You know, like Charlie Sheen."

One of the things that helped push her mental state toward unhealthy was constant media interference. It may not have been as intense or immediate as what we see celebrities put up with today, but it was pretty intrusive nonetheless.

"I'm so happy to see Rupert Murdoch's stuff crumbling," Barr said. "When he came to our country, I was one of his first targets. He tapped my phones and people went through my garbage, and all that kind of stuff does kind of drive you crazy."

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Stephen Colbert Talks Rupert Murdoch Scandal With NY Times' David Carr (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 20th 2011 4:40AM
David Carr, 'The Colbert Report'Stephen Colbert sat down with 'New York Times' columnist David Carr to get his take on the Rupert Murdoch scandal on 'The Colbert Report' (Weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central). Considering that the 'Times' is not owned by News Corp. or Murdoch, Colbert couldn't wait to hear Carr's opinion.

But first, a potential conflict of interest: "Shouldn't you non-Murdoch papers have to recuse yourselves from this story, because you can't be objective?" Colbert asked.

Carr agreed it's a juicy story. Ironically, it's the very kind of story many of the News Corp. media outlets would have salivated to get their paws on, if only it hadn't been about them.

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Watch Live Stream of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch Facing Questions from British Parliament Here (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 19th 2011 7:33AM
The phone-hacking scandal that took down British tabloid newspaper 'The News of the World' and could now threaten the parent company behind Fox TV, has reached all the way up to the top of the corporate power structure.

Today, News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, his son James and former senior executive Rebekah Brooks will be quizzed by British MPs on what they knew about the phone hacking allegations engulfing News International, the British arm of Murdoch's global empire, and whether there was a cover-up.

They are not the only ones facing questions today. Two former high-ranking police officers will also be appearing. Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sunday night, and John Yates quit his post as an Assistant Commissioner Monday.

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Fox and Conan Getting Closer to a Deal

by Brad Trechak, posted Mar 17th 2010 12:31PM
Conan O'Brien and Jay LenoThe late night wars have just gotten more interesting. Fox and recent short-term host of 'The Tonight Show' Conan O'Brien are closer to hammering out a deal that will bring a brand-new late night talk show starring Coco to Rupert Murdoch's network.

Haven't we seen this situation before sometime in the early '90s? Hopefully we'll read more about this situation in the upcoming sequel book.

It would certainly change the whole late night landscape, but it depends on several factors that haven't yet been determined. For example, what would be Conan's start time? 11 P.M.? 11:30 P.M.? Also, it appears his Fox show would start with smaller budget from his 'Tonight Show' run, but that would likely increase in the future if the show gets good ratings.

So, assuming this deal goes through, when you watch late night you will have a choice of Letterman, Leno, O'Brien, Kimmel, Fallon, Stewart, Colbert, or Ferguson. If you're a total insomniac, you also can watch Carson Daly. Who will you be watching? Who should bow out at this stage?

[via TVWeek]

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Rupert Murdoch on Conan's Future at Fox

by Andrew Scott, posted Feb 3rd 2010 10:30AM
Conan O'BrienFans hoping to see Conan O'Brien resurface on FOX this fall may be in for a reality check.

During a conference call with reporters yesterday, News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch said that there are "differing opinions within the network" on whether he will come aboard and that no "real negotiations" have been made. (After it was revealed that O'Brien would leave 'The Tonight Show' last month, many had predicted that he would move to FOX.)

Still, Murdoch said that there have been "some conversations" on the matter, though to what degree we do not know.

For more on this latest chapter of late-night drama, visit PopEater

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Olbermann, O'Reilly told to end personal feud, which just creates another feud

by Danny Gallagher, posted Aug 11th 2009 9:03AM
Keith Olbermann hiding behind Bill O'Reilly's giant puppet headIt seems the never-ending feud between Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly has become a kangaroo boxing match. The worst thing you can do is get in the middle of it.

That's exactly what the parent owners of Fox News and MSNBC tried to do when they arranged a "cease-fire" between them and their top-tier shows' "lieutenants."

The cease-fire, however, didn't last long. It's another case of the ol' Rufus T. Firefly conundrum for peace. Either side might be willing to do whatever it takes to end this war, but they've already paid two months' rent on the battlefield.

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Would you pay to watch Bill O'Reilly online?

by Brad Trechak, posted Aug 6th 2009 9:25AM
FoxRupert Murdoch thinks so. In fact, he's betting that folks will pay to watch all of his television properties on their respective websites.

A friend of mine once suggested something like this. Basically, news would be free, but premium content online would come at a cost. Sort of like how stock quotes are delayed 20 minutes unless you pay a premium to see the prices instantly. And those with extreme political opinions, like sports fans, would pay any price to see their favorite commentators/players do their thing.

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Will 24's greener measures affect the show?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 18th 2009 11:11AM
Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, on Fox's 24Fox's charge to make 24 a completely green show is admirable.

It's not only expensive and harder to do than one might think, but it also flies in the face of 24's core audience. Of course, that's not its boldest effect. These days, pissing off the right wing is more "in" than Twittering about your Snuggie.

The boldest move is the effect these new measures could have on the body of the show in ways you may not expect. You might even see Jack Bauer tie a guy to a chair and hook up his nipples to a car battery to get him to admit he doesn't put his plastics and newspapers in separate recycling bins.

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StrikeTV.com coming in 2008

by Jay Black, posted Dec 21st 2007 9:02AM
Man, if the writer's were enormous rats, I bet this strike would be over much more quickly!As the last few hours of our scripted entertainment disappear like canned foods in a fallout shelter, any new entertainment on the horizon is good news (unless, of course, you're talking about ABC's Duel or the prospect of a Tonight Show that rises and falls on Jay Leno's wit alone).

Today's offer of putrefied pond water to us thirsty masses is StrikeTV.com. Wired.com is reporting that after the holidays, the striking writers will use the site to post "videos and other media supporting the strike." It's not much and, when you get right down to it, it's less "entertainment" than "snarky rhetoric," but hey, it's something.

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Rupert Murdoch doesn't see the benefit of online video

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 20th 2006 7:13PM
While ABC, NBC, and CBS have been quick to offer up shows on their websites and in iTunes, FOX has been mysteriously silent about the whole online video craze. It's surprising, since FOX tends to take more chances and be more cutting-edge than its competitors. Now we know why. Rupert Murdoch recently told Newsweek he's not convinced that putting television shows online is a good idea (I think NBC would disagree).

Said Murdoch, "We're not knocked out by iPod so far. We've talked to them, to Google and others. But how many people really want to get video on a tiny screen when they already have TiVo or a similar service from their cable company or DirecTV?"

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