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September 4, 2015


Review: Lie to Me - Honey

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 20th 2009 12:30PM

A man (guest star Garret Dillahunt, L) suspected of killing his wife arrives at the Lightman Group and takes drastic measures to prove his innocence to Lightman (Tim Roth, R) in the LIE TO ME episode 'Honey.'
(S02E04) "If we don't do exactly what this guys says, he will kill Cal." - Foster

Looks like it didn't take long for Cal's decision to buy out Zoe to catch up to The Lightman Group. Cash poor, Cal has been relegated to handling simple, pedestrian cases that do nothing more than bring in a paycheck. As the episode opened, there was obviously the possibility that Cal was actually at that singles mixer for himself, but it became clear pretty quickly what he was up to once he started grilling that blonde about marital fidelity.

Lightman looked embarrassed that he had to be doing it, but it did lead to a very heated discussion between him and Gillian. It would have been nice to see them argue a bit more about where their income will come from, but then a case that guaranteed to not pay anything wandered in the front door. Good thing, too, because it turned out to be arguably Lie to Me's strongest episode to date.

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Dirt: Ties That (Don't) Bind

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 24th 2008 9:22AM

Courteney Cox as Lucy Spiller on 'Dirt.'(S02E04) "What? We got two great stories and Holt's Dad is a Nazi. What could be better?" - Lucy

Alright, it's official. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Let's be honest -- this episode was not good. I was first in line to defend the creative changes that Dirt went through in-between seasons, but it's reached a point where issues that absolutely need to be addressed are being pushed aside for irrelevant new characters and pointless scenes. I can accept the fact that the serial format of the show has been ditched. As someone who watches a boatload of TV, I actually appreciate the fact that Dirt is now a show which no longer requires absolute attention for fear of missing something important. Self-contained episodes aren't necessarily a bad thing. But you can't just forget about the past.


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Sleeper Cell: Faith

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 13th 2006 10:08PM

Kevin Alejandro as Benny in 'Sleeper Cell.'(S02E04) This is turning out to be quite the mini-series. Plenty of twists and turns that I did not see coming, especially after the way last night's episode turned out. Sleeper Cell has been edgy since the beginning, but it would appear that nothing is off limits now.

The biggest development was Salim's story. I honestly did not expect him to turn out gay. I really thought his story was headed in a direction with Farrah and that their romance would lead to issues later on. I like the twist -- the scene in the gym completely caught be off guard. What I didn't like was how the revelation manifested itself. The entire story of Salim's disgust with the Muslim televangelist was a bit over the top. Not to mention the fact that it felt exactly like the story from last season when Christian killed that visiting scholar. It was the exact same progression. The only difference was that Darwyn was able to stop it this time around. From here on out it would appear that Salim won't be a problem anymore because Darwyn can hold that knowledge of Salim's preferences over his head. Unless Salim tries to revolt and take out Darwyn for good?

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Criminal Minds: Psychodrama

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 12th 2006 10:54AM

Criminal Minds -- The B.A.U.

(S02E04) I think I figured out the one thing I want this show to have. Some kind of ongoing storyline. I know there's plenty of serialized stuff on TV right now but I really think something that ties this show together, episode by episode, would help a lot. The reason I say all this is that we got a little taste of it tonight... needs more though. For viewers of the show, it's no surprise that Hotch and his wife have been having problems. The guy works too much, he's never home, and he's missing his son grow up. Instead of getting some lengthy scenes with Hotch and his wife (there was a short one), we instead got a case that seems have Hotch evaluating what he does for a living. Job might finally be getting to him.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare/Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jul 7th 2006 9:37AM

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare

(S02E03/S02E04) If I had to guess, this show probably offends a lot of people. I think it offends me a little which is probably why I like it so much. So let's dive right in. I will say that I like this two episodes in a row thing but I'm pretty sure it slips back to just one episode next week. Anyway, the first episode was a little misleading. Dennis and Dee didn't actually go on welfare. They tried and ended up becoming crack-heads. Hence they're sunken eyes and saddened faces in the above picture. I believe the saying goes, "crack is whack." Ahh, if only they had known.

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