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October 9, 2015


Review: Lie to Me - Tractor Man

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 15th 2009 12:45PM
Lightman (Tim Roth, L) and Agent Reynolds (Mekhi Phifer, R) take charge when a disgruntled farmer tries to attack Washington, D.C. in the LIE TO ME episode 'Tractor Man.'
(S02E10) "...everybody does it because it feels all right, and it's more polite, but a lie's still a lie even when it's white..." - Loker

With the fall TV season slowly winding down, it was a pleasant surprise when Fox announced that Lie To Me's fall finale would air practically halfway into December. Now that the episode has come and gone and the TV schedules are becoming more and more barren over the coming weeks, I'm already wishing that Fox would just make up their minds and figure out when the final twelve episodes of the season will start airing. While "Tractor Man" wasn't Cal and the gang's strongest outing, it was still a solid reminder why Lie To Me has become so much more than just another crime procedural.

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Criminal Minds: Lessons Learned

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 23rd 2006 11:21AM

Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, and Mandy Patinkin star in Criminal Minds.(S02E10) Great episode. It felt a little bit generic (most crime dramas have already had the "terrorist" episode by now), but Criminal Minds still managed to put it's own twist on the story.

This was the first episode where we got to see what Agent Prentiss is all about. She's good. Very good. She seems to have an almost Dr. Reid level of knowledge. Not to mention literacy and fluency in most forms of Arabic. I love Paget Brewster, but it still feels like she's acting in the role of Beth Huffstodt, you know? I'm sure she'll adjust her acting style for this part. But right now I'm agreeing with what a few commenters said about her last week. She needs to tone it down a little. She's still a bit too enthused.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad (season finale)

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 18th 2006 9:29AM
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad(S02E10) Since Jonathan's pesky day job is keeping him busy, I've gladly volunteered to review the season finale of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show that's perfect for summer. Why? Because, while it's not perfect, and it's not exactly highbrow, it's always good for a few good belly laughs per episode. The finale followed suit for the most part: There were uncomfortable moments, lots of arguing, behaviors that would make the Seinfeld four cringe, and a surprise ending. Oh, and there's a good demonstration how to smuggle heroin in your colon. But that's just there for laughs.

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Huff: Bethless

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jun 4th 2006 11:38AM

Huff; Showtime; Bethless; Oliver Platt; Hank Azaria

(S02E10) I was starting to wonder what the story arc for the rest of this season would be and it's finally starting to take shape: the similarities and comparisons between Craig and his father, Ben. It comes at a poignant time too. Now that Ben is gone for good (I honestly don't think he'll be back), it's left Craig to inherit all his father's flaws and mistakes. As much as Craig wants to not become his father, he has and it'll probably take him the rest of the season to realize that. Also, you might notice that I'm referring to Huff as "Craig" and not as "Huff." I have a point to make there, I swear. But I'll get to that later.

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