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October 7, 2015


Review: Sons of Anarchy - Service

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 18th 2009 8:13AM
Mark Boone Junior and Ron Perlman
(S02E11) "If Gemma had gotten raped on John's watch, he'd have written a whole different book." - Jax

Forgiveness can be a funny thing. Assuming you're on the receiving end of something awful, It's not always easy to determine if you'd even be willing to forgive. That's the beauty of forgiveness though -- the act that led you to it might have been sincere, but that doesn't mean your capacity to forgive has to be. Unlike quietly accepting a situation, forgiving a situation has the power to pacify the parties at fault.

As we learned with Opie last night on Sons of Anarchy, his capacity to forgive is huge, but that doesn't mean he ain't lying through his teeth when it comes to his true intentions.

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Criminal Minds: Sex, Birth, Death

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 29th 2006 11:41PM

Anton Yelchin(S02E11) I don't want to call this the best Criminal Minds episode ever. There's only been 33 episodes thus far, so who knows what's in store. I'd like to say it was the best. But how about this instead:

This was far and away my personal favorite Criminal Minds episode yet. I can't say a bad thing about it.

It prominently featured Reid, had a great and well thought out case, and it marked the reunion of Anton Yelchin and Paget Brewster. Yelchin... man, this kid can act. Checking out his IMDb page, and I'm ticked that I missed an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent that he guested in a few months ago. If he turned in half the performance he had here then it would have certainly been worth watching.

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Huff: Tapping the Squid

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jun 12th 2006 9:17AM

Huff; Showtime; Tapping the Squid; S02E11; Hank Azaria; Oliver Platt

(S02E11) I'm speechless. Every week I just watch this show and I'm so impressed. Shows like this are the reason I hardly read books. This is better than a book. Way better.

Taking a cue from Six Feet Under, the episode began with Huff dreaming that he was back home with Beth and Byrd. Until Byrd pulled a gun on his father. Dream sequence over. It's starting to seem that Huff is regretting his decision to leave Beth and these dreams are how he's dealing with it. It happened to him again during a session with a patient later that day. He just keeps spacing out. I'd like the think that the rest of this season will be about Huff finding himself and making amends with Beth. But after this episode, I seriously doubt we'll see that happen in the final two episodes.

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