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October 9, 2015


Rescue Me: Jump

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 25th 2009 11:00PM

Maura Tierney and Denis Leary
(S05E21) "That was some real father son type shit there, Tommy." - Black Shawn

The penultimate episode. Only one hour left to go in Rescue Me's massive 22 episode fifth season. There's been a lot to love, a lot to hate, orange (and teal!) penises, and plenty of drinking. Before I go on, I should point out that FX did end up sending out the final two episodes to critics (which is the only reason you're reading this right after the show has aired), and in an effort to make sure my reaction and speculation is as pure as possible, I watched and wrote up my review of "Jump" without having laid an eye on the season finale yet. So rest assured that anything that follows isn't a spoiler, and if it is? Well, good for me then.

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Nip/Tuck: Allegra Caldarello

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Feb 25th 2009 8:03AM

Nip/Tuck: S05E21
(S05E21) "It's not easy knowing that your whole life is gonna go on without you." - Christian

It's hard to imagine what this show would be like if Christian were to die now. I'd like to think that Ryan Murphy and Co. will actually follow through on what's been an emotional rollercoaster for fans, watching Christian's cancer's ups and downs. If he somehow survives, I'll honestly be disappointed. Dr. Troy needs to die for this story to pay off. So the question is, when's he gonna kick it?

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CSI: Miami: Just Murdered

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 24th 2007 11:03AM

Calleigh and Delko

(S05E21) I really enjoyed this episode a lot, but I have to ask. Why did the preview from last week's episode make it seem like some real serious fireworks were going to go off between Calleigh and Delko? I recall something along the lines of, "the moment we've all waited for." What moment? She gave him a peck on the cheek to say thanks! That was it! Realistically, this will lead to something further in the coming final episodes (Delko seemed a bit smitten), but why blow the exciting preview on this instance? It wasn't a big deal at all. The rest of the episode was quite good though. Solid case as well as some shady stuff happening in the crime lab.

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