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October 8, 2015


Star Trek's Journey to Babel: Standout Episode for Mother's Day

by Allison Waldman, posted May 10th 2009 9:03AM
Spock and his momToday is Mother's Day, and while J.J. Abrams' new big screen version of Star Trek re-imagines the mythology of the Enterprise crew and vanquishes Spock's mother Amanda in an alternate time line, I prefer to remember Spock's mother the way she was on television. On the original Star Trek episode that aired on November 17, 1967, "Journey to Babel," introduced Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan and his lovely human wife Amanda, when they boarded the Enterprise on a diplomatic mission. It was a shock to Captain Kirk to discover that the elegant older couple were not merely envoys, they were in fact, Spock's parents.

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Stump the King - Star Trek

by Paul Goebel, posted May 14th 2007 1:26PM

Mark Lenard as SarekOkay, gang, this week I need a little help. I got a letter from a guy named Rick and here it is:

"I have been trying to remember a TV show from back in the '70s. From what I can remember, a scientist was working on a device to let people walk again. He was attacked and his back was broken. He then worked on making it work on him, witch (sic) in turn he built a suit which incorporated his invention. he then put it all in a delivery truck and used it to drive all over and fight crime. he would lay down in the bottom part of the suit and the top would come down and seal him in. it was all self supported and air tight."

Now before I get a hundred wrong answers, the show was not MANTIS. I have a vague memory of this show and it was similar to MANTIS but the star was white and it premiered in the late '70s. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Now on to this weeks question.

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