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October 9, 2015


Tina Fey's Sarah Palin earns a big 'You betcha' from the Emmy people

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 17th 2009 2:03PM
Tina Fey as Sarah PalinTina Fey's surprise return to Saturday Night Live as Sarah Palin was one of the ten greatest TV moments of 2008 (and quite possibly the decade, the century, the millennium and the eon).

So it's no surprise that Fey's name and show 30 Rock came up so many times in the recent list of Emmy nods. I'm no longer convinced that she's a woman. I'm convinced she's an experimental humanoid prototype designed by studio executives solely to win awards like Tom Hanks (aka "Project Red Shoe").

It's also no surprise that one of the two acting nods she scored included her Palin performance on SNL.

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Wanda Sykes heading to Fox

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 1st 2009 10:01AM
Wanda on ChristineAside from being a very funny performer, nobody would ever accuse Wanda Sykes of being a shrinking violet. She's a strong, determined and no-nonsense woman and if I was in a foxhole, I'd want her with me.

Therefore, it's my belief that Sykes' deal with Fox for a Saturday night late night show will succeed. It won't be easy, going up against the giant of Saturday night comedy Saturday Night Live, but Wanda's a good bet to give them a good challenge.

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More schedule wranglings for NBC involving Crusoe and Lipstick Jungle

by Richard Keller, posted Nov 24th 2008 4:21PM

I'd have that angry look as well if I knew my show was moving to SaturdaysHoo boy! You fans of the NBC historical drama Crusoe are not going to like this news. Not at all. It will be so distressful that you're going to get up, board a ship, purposefully get shipwrecked, and live your life on a deserted island. That, or you'll just toss out your TVs in disgust and begin, dare I say it, reading or talking to your loved ones.

Ready? Here it is...NBC is moving Crusoe to Saturdays. You read right; the show is moving to the Dead Zone of primetime television. Why, do you tearfully ask, are they moving this show to a night that hasn't featured original programming in years? Well, it's to move Lipstick Jungle up one hour on Friday night in order to shore the program up. And, man, does it need shoring up. Last Friday, the show managed to eek out a 2.2 rating in its current 10 PM slot.

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ABC pays tribute to the wonderful world of Disney

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 11th 2008 8:57AM
Hannah MontanaABC will be airing Disney favorites this summer every Saturday evening. John Goodman, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Jamie Lee Curtis are just a few of the special guest hosts who will be hosting these "movie nights."

From the looks of the schedule, ABC is showing mostly newer Disney films. While I love films like Monsters Inc., I wish ABC would pay tribute to the older Disney movies like Robin Hood, The Sword in the Stone, and Cinderella.

I have the full schedule after the jump. The Disney extravaganza starts this coming Saturday, June 14th.

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CBS has no love for big-star TV movies

by Allison Waldman, posted May 22nd 2008 4:23PM
WeedsYou think winning two Oscars would earn you some respect, right? What about a Tony and Emmy winner? No, apparently not -- in either case. Two high-profile TV movies which feature Jessica Lange and Mary-Louise Parker are being broadcast -- unceremoniously -- over the next three Saturday nights on CBS. Yes, they are essentially being dumped. The Nielsen numbers for programs on Saturday nights is next to nothing. By running Sybil and Vinegar Hill, these stars' respective films on that night of the week, CBS is showing no faith in them, let alone TV movies in general. I guess Hallmark Hall of Fame movies are the exception to the rule.

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