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September 2, 2015


V showrunner has already been replaced

by Brad Trechak, posted Nov 4th 2009 10:28AM
VDespite only having one episode broadcast (the official TV Squad review is here) and four episodes in the can, V is already changing showrunners. They are trading one Scott for another. Rather than Scott Peters, the new guy calling the shots will be Scott Rosenbaum of Chuck and The Shield fame.

The switch is not a good sign. On the other hand, I watched the pilot and was underwhelmed. Among other problems, things moved too fast. Also, why do people cheer when aliens land on Earth and give a PSA? Wouldn't they more likely be running for their lives? The pilot would have worked better as a two-hour premiere. However, I enjoy Chuck and hear that The Shield was good. Any talent from either show going could only benefit V. Hopefully I won't be proven wrong.

Will V become more Chuck-like and add humor? Could a concept like that work? An alien invasion comedy?

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Janet Jackson to Pay Tribute to Michael at MTV VMAs & More TV News

by Patricia Chui, posted Sep 9th 2009 3:05PM
Janet JacksonMiss Jackson to honor her late brother, Jerry Bruckheimer and the producer of 'Chuck' score new pilots, Judd Nelson and Gavin Rossdale make guest-starring appearances on the small screen and more of today's top TV headlines.

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Chuck producer hoping to bring back the western, with a sci-fi twist

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 9th 2009 2:01PM
Planet of the ApesI know what you're thinking. Joss Whedon already did that with Firefly. But you see, Firefly was quite different than the western Chuck producer Scott Rosenbaum is developing. See, Firefly was a space-based science fiction with western elements. This project is a western with sci-fi elements.

I know what you're thinking. Michael Garrison already did that with The Wild Wild West. But you see-- I'm not going to do all that again. Actually, the description leaves things a little vague, so I've taken the liberty of filling in the blanks with only my sleep-deprived mind and a healthy dosage of Diet Dr. Pepper to guide me.

Rosenbaum's official descriptions include "a gunslinger caught between worlds" and a nod to Planet of the Apes. Post-apocalyptic? They're adapting Stephen Kings' The Dark Tower?! Hardly. I do suspect a future time when we've reverted back to the trappings of the Old West. Either that, or a parallel world. I don't really care, I've been itching for a good western since Deadwood had to go.

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