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August 30, 2015


NCIS: Angel Of Death (season finale)

by Brett Love, posted May 23rd 2007 9:19AM
Lauren Holly(S04E24) CBS has been teasing this episode for a couple weeks now, with promises of secrets being revealed. They did get to the big one, though that was more of a confirmation of what we already expected. Overall though, I think they oversold it. Another case of the promotions department writing checks that the writers aren't cashing.

That feeling of something being incomplete carried over into the rest of the episode as well. It just didn't have the feel of the big season finale. The show set a very high bar with "Twilight" in season two and can't afford to just phone it in like this. Half of this episode could have just been dropped right in the middle of any other episode and it wouldn't have made a difference. That's fine, for episodes 2 through 23, but the big guns have to come out for the first and the last.

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NCIS: In The Dark

by Brett Love, posted May 2nd 2007 9:40AM
John Billingsley(S04E22) We started season four with a look at Tony taking over for the retired Gibbs. So it's fitting that as we move toward the end of the season we get to see the two of them in parallel stories. They both are facing big decisions where the women in their lives are concerned. And both of them are struggling with what to do, though for different reasons.

Over the last 90 episodes we have learned plenty about Gibbs' past. The issues he has with making a more official commitment to his relationship with Hollis (Susana Thompson) didn't come as a surprise. Gibbs has baggage, and a lot of it. It's a complicated situation and I really like the way they handled it.

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NCIS: Brothers in Arms

by Brett Love, posted Apr 25th 2007 11:59AM
Michael Weatherly and Scottie Thompson(S04E21) This week the NCIS team managed to put the viewer in the same position as Jenny. Unfortunately, that's not a good thing. When she opened up that cargo container and realized that she had been taken for a ride, I was right there with her, because the viewers had been on a ride of their own.

Now, I get how the formula works. NCIS is a mostly stand alone show, with serial elements. And I'm perfectly fine with that. I've been waiting anxiously for the last half of the season to get some answers about Tony/Jeanne and Le Grenouille, and that's fine. I enjoy the stand alone episodes while we wait. This week though, I would describe as a stand alone serial episode. What I mean is that while they were playing with the ongoing storylines, in the end it amounted to nothing. With the possible exception of knowing that Tony had dinner with Jeanne's mother, this episode could be left off the DVD and the story wouldn't miss a beat.

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NCIS: Grace Period

by Brett Love, posted Apr 4th 2007 9:00AM
Jessica Steen(S04E19) Those pesky writers at NCIS just continue to tease us with the Tony/Jeanne story. I saw that Scottie Thompson was going to be in this episode, and after the way the last one ended I was hopeful that we would get tipped off to just what is going on there. No such luck, but I'm ok with that. There were a lot of other things to like about this installment.

Things like the case. The conflicting results from Abby and Ducky had me all confused. Having the plan hinge on the voice modeling software was an interesting way to go with it. The magic door was also a fun twist, and made even more so thanks to Tony's scene both discovering it, and trying to defeat it.

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NCIS: Friends and Lovers

by Brett Love, posted Feb 14th 2007 7:27AM
Ziva and McGee - NCIS(S04E15) After the big revelations last week regarding the ongoing case, I fully expected a stand-alone episode that mostly ignored it this week. And that is pretty much what was delivered. It's ok though, because while it was open and shut, this was an interesting case.

What really sold the mystery for me was the way it was presented. The Club One angle worked on a couple different levels. I would have said it was worth it just for the scene with McGee, Abby, Ziva, and Lee making their entrance, but there was much more.

The exclusivity of the club put the team at a disadvantage because they couldn't investigate as they normally would. It had the bonus of putting us in the same situation, because we couldn't get a feel for the suspects.

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NCIS: Suspicion

by Brett Love, posted Jan 17th 2007 10:45AM
Michael Weatherly(S04E12) After what was an all too long winter break, our pals at NCIS are finally back with a new episode. It's an important episode for the show. This season has seen the shows audience grow to be a top ten contender, but now things have changed. The gorilla is back in the building and it will be interesting to see how NCIS holds up against Idolmania.

There was a lot going on here. Aside from the case of the week there was some foreshadowing of coming stories and a crazy cliffhanger ending. I'll get to that in a minute, but first a look at the little town of Edenvale. It was obvious where they were going with the town when Tony and McGee started in with the dueling banjos. Boondocks. I can't believe that their little concert didn't warrant dual headslaps from Gibbs though.

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NCIS: Driven

by Brett Love, posted Dec 13th 2006 7:30AM
Pauley Perrette(S04E11) There are a few ways that a show gets put on the list to be covered here. Having a truckload of "buzz" never hurts. A ratings juggernaut is hard to ignore. Being a favorite of one of the writers helps. And, as is the case here, the readers asking for it is always good. Over the past few weeks I've noticed the question of why we don't cover NCIS keeps coming up, so I talked to the powers that be, and moving forward I'll be following the show here every week. That said, on with the show.

I'll go ahead and start out with my one complaint with the episode. The robotic Hummer was a little too good. There is a lot of exciting research going on with unmanned vehicles, but I thought this one was a little over the top. We didn't really need to see that amazing demo to kick things off to get it. One small nitpick in an otherwise terrific episode though.

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