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October 7, 2015


'Grey's Anatomy' Hits Ratings Low: Fans Share Why

by Maggie Furlong, posted Oct 7th 2011 1:15PM
MerDer: Are they over? Do you care?Now in its eighth season, 'Grey's Anatomy' seems like the Shonda Rhimes engine that could, but have fans had enough of the drama at Seattle Grace?

Last night's ratings were the series' lowest ever, with 8.5 million viewers and a 3.0 rating, down 17 percent, leaving the show in third place for the hour behind 'Person of Interest' on CBS and Fox's 'The X Factor.'

So what gives? Is it just general fatigue, or are there certain storylines that fans aren't on board with? Was this a fluke, or a sign of the end? And can we just keep blaming it all on that musical episode?

With speculation about cast departures still in the air (Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo have both waffled about whether or not they'll return after this season), it's possible that fans are giving up on the show before their favorite stars do. But it's also just as likely the the MerDer relationship has just gone back and forth one too many times.

So I took to Twitter to hear the reasons straight from 'Grey's' fans ...

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Big Shot TV Producers Aren't Straying From Familiar Territory, And Why Not?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 8th 2010 7:00PM
If you're one of the fortunate few who make it big in the television biz, shouldn't you take the opportunity to use that cushy cushion you have built for yourself and take a big risk on something exciting and new? Not if you're one of these big television producers.

Big shots like Shawn Ryan, David E. Kelley, and Shonda Rhimes all have pilots in the can that don't seem to stray much farther from the shows that made them the big shots that they are today.

For instance, Ryan, creator of the groundbreaking FX cop drama 'The Shield,' has another cop drama premiering with Fox called 'Ridealong.' Kelley, the writer/producer behind 'The Practice' and 'Boston Legal,' has created a reality drama for NBC called 'Kindred.' Even Rhimes, the woman behind ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy,' has another medical drama show for ABC called 'Off the Map.' Is ABC looking to create an all-medical soap opera cable channel in the coming year?

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Major Networks Pick Up New Pilots

by Gary Susman, posted Jan 20th 2010 12:00PM
Hey, TV fans: Do you like medical dramas, ensemble comedies, and shows about Las Vegas? The major networks hope you do, since they bought six series pilots yesterday that could make those elements staples of this fall's primetime schedule.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC bought three pilots, including a new medical drama from 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Private Practice' creator Shonda Rhimes, as well as a medical/crime procedural and a comedy about a group of young adult friends. Fox picked up another group comedy, centering on an Indian-American family. Set in Vegas are a new NBC pilot from the makers of 'Reno 911!' and a CBS buddy cop drama.

Here's our breakdown of the six new pilots and their chances for success.

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Breaking TCA News: Chandra Wilson Checks Into 'Private Practice'

by Maggie Furlong, posted Aug 4th 2009 11:15PM
Chandra WilsonI wasn't expecting to get much serious breaking news from today's set visit to ABC's 'Private Practice' -- boss Shonda Rhimes tends to keep show secrets just that.

Maybe something was in the air. Maybe the sight of a bus full of (already exhausted) TCA members trekking across town to come play warmed her heart. Whatever it was, Rhimes decided to dish a little 'Private Practice' season 3 scoop: Chandra Wilson (a.k.a. 'Grey's Anatomy''s own Miranda Bailey) will be visiting Oceanside Wellness in the season's third episode.

Click in for more details ...

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Grey's Anatomy update: past guest stars return, funeral in the works, etc.

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 3rd 2009 1:00PM
Grey's Anatomy
Shooting of Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy has already begun which means only one thing: spoilers are leaking to the web!

Are Izzie and George dead of alive? Will Meredith be pregnant since actress Ellen Pompeo is? Who is returning to the show? Are they introducing new characters? These questions and more are answered in this Grey's Anatomy update!

Warning! Spoilers coming up.

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Would you watch Lexie Grey's Anatomy?

by Michael Pascua, posted Jul 30th 2009 6:01PM
Chyler Leigh as Lexie GreySeason six of Grey's Anatomy is going to be odd. Getting past the fact that T.R. Knight isn't coming back, Ellen Pompeo is pregnant. Shonda Rhimes has mentioned that Meredith will not get pregnant to coincide with Ellen so we'll either get How I Met Your Mother-esque bump hiding, or Meredith will disappear for a while.

The only Grey left is Lexie Grey, Meredith's half-sister. Although her relationship with Mark is interesting to watch, could she carry the show's title albeit temporarily?

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Spoilers Anonymous

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jun 27th 2009 9:03AM

This is Spoilers Anonymous, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air. We'll never put spoilers up here on the main page in order to help the reformed stay unspoiled. If you have anything to add to the group, feel free to step up and let yourself be heard, either with our tips form or by emailing us at tvsquad at gmail dot com, or call and leave a message at (775) 640-8479. Your anonymity is guaranteed, if you wish to remain as such.

Note that over the summer, Spoilers Anonymous will be published every two weeks due to production hiatus for most TV series. Weekly columns will resume in August.

This week we have spoilers for: 90210, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, House, NCIS: Los Angeles, One Tree Hill, Scrubs, Smallville, The Office and Ugly Betty. (SPOILERS FOLLOW!)

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Do we have an answer to the Grey's Anatomy cliffhanger?

by Kona Gallagher, posted May 28th 2009 11:03AM
george and izzie grey's anatomy

This season's Grey's Anatomy ended on quite a tense note, with both George and Izzie's lives hanging in the balance. Izzie, of course, had been battling cancer for most of the season, while George was hit and then dragged down the street by a bus after pushing a young woman out of the way. The episode ended with both characters flat-lining, leaving fans to agonize for months over who survives. Now, however, it looks as though we may have an answer.

Both of the actors in question, Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight, have made no secret of their displeasure with the show and their respective storylines as of late. Heigl pulled her name out of Emmy consideration last year, while Knight reportedly asked to be let out of his contract this past December. The behind-the-scenes grumbling has led to a great deal of speculation about who may live and who may die, but now E! Online's Marc Malkin is reporting that he knows the fate of at least one of those two characters.

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Spoilers Anonymous

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 16th 2009 2:00PM

This is Spoilers Anonymous, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air. We'll never put spoilers up here on the main page in order to help the reformed stay unspoiled. If you have anything to add to the group, feel free to step up and let yourself be heard, either with our tips form or by emailing us at tvsquad at gmail dot com, or call and leave a message at (775) 640-8479. Your anonymity is guaranteed, if you wish to remain as such.

This week we have: Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, and Brothers & Sisters (SPOILERS FOLLOW!)

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The curious case of George O'Malley

by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 14th 2009 3:02PM
T.R Knight portrays George O'Malley on Grey's AnatomyFor months there has been speculation of Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight leaving Grey's Anatomy. The rumors of Izzie's possible death are being dealt with in the current storyline, but George's outcome has been dormant. Having several weeks without a new episode has stirred up some more rumors and speculation.

Entertainment Weekly
has been suggesting that George will play a pivotal part of the end of the season. Without giving much plotline away, the rumors are that George may die. In interviews T.R. Knight has stated that he doesn't even know if George lives or dies. Shonda Rhimes is also tight-lipped about the situation. I've compiled the two arguments for discussion: for and against George's death.

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Grey's news: Is Meredith getting another half-sibling?

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 25th 2009 9:02AM

Grey's AnatomyCould Meredith be getting another half-sibling on Grey's Anatomy? According to Entertainment Weekly's Mike Ausiello, it's very likely.

In his latest installment of Ausiello TV, he notes that late last year, executive producer Shonda Rhimes began quietly looking for a male actor to play a mysterious new recurring role. The person had to be both bi-racial and in his late 20's.

Although we won't know for sure until next season, it seems likely that the character might be the product of the affair between Meredith's mother and the Chief, as their affair was 20-some years ago.

A few other things spring to mind:

Do doctors really sleep around this much? I mean, we know that Sloan, Callie, Izzie, and all the rest of the staff currently employed at Seattle Grace have bedded down pretty much everyone on the show. But apparently, that was happening 20 years ago, as well.

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Grey's Anatomy: An Honest Mistake

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Feb 20th 2009 12:04PM
Grey's: An Honest Mistake
(S05E16) "In Human please Doctor Yang." - Doctor Campbell

When I learned a few weeks back that Faye Dunaway was going to guest star this week, I was a tiny bit worried at what her role would be since Grey's Anatomy has not been very good lately at introducing new characters and Dunaway deserves better. Luckily for her, the role of Doctor Margaret Campbell was introduced with some humor and her presence helped Cristina become a better doctor while touching the topic of when doctors should retire.

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Grey's Heigl and Knight are staying -- seriously?

by Debra McDuffee, posted Feb 13th 2009 3:02PM
Heigl and Oh of Grey's AnatomyAs a TV blogger, I've got to say this whole drama is exasperating. I'm a little tired of writing about Heigl, Knight and Shonda. I was even on the fence about choosing the "Reality-Free" category for this post, since the backstage hijinks of Grey's Anatomy could give any reality show a run for their money.

On Wednesday, I reported that James Pickens let slip that Heigl and Knight were leaving Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, that's not true, according to Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes says that rumors spread as fact and that Pickens' words were taken out of context. Heigl and Knight are not leaving Grey's Anatomy, and that's a fact, again, according to Rhimes. Do I smell a cover (your ass) up, Shonda?

The original rumor stated that it wasn't a done deal because they were trying to negotiate story arcs for the characters for next season. That's a pretty detailed fact to be "just a rumor," if you ask me.

It will be very interesting to see what actually does take place when all is said and done. I'm exhausted, and I'm really starting to wonder if I'll ever care as much about Izzie and George in proportion to the amount of will-they-won't-they that has gone on.

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Dear Oprah: Power doesn't equal popularity

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 6th 2008 11:03AM
Oprah Winfrey most powerful womanI guess I'm not surprised to hear that Oprah Winfrey has been named the most powerful woman in entertainment. You can read the full list here, in The Hollywood Reporter's 17th annual "Women in Entertainment: Power 100" special issue.

OK, here's the thing about this. I really do get why Oprah is powerful. She's in charge of her own show (remember years ago when she fought to gain control and fired a bunch of people?); she's launched a bunch of other shows, including Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, and maybe Dr. Oz coming up; she opened that school for girls in Africa; people read the books she recommends; they buy the stuff she likes; and she even had a hand in getting Obama into the White House.

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More schedule shuffling at ABC

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Nov 11th 2008 12:24PM
ABC logoA few days ago, ABC announced that Lost would premiere on January 21 from 8 to 11 p.m. and that it would take the Wednesday at 9 p.m. timeslot starting the following week. That news left the Private Practice fans wondering what would happen to their show come January 28 because the Wednesday at 9 p.m. timeslot has been PP's for over a year.

Answers have arrived and they'll affect not only the Private Practice fans but also Life on Mars's viewers.

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