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October 7, 2015

Stacy Haiduk

'The Young and the Restless' Dumps Stacy Haiduk

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 22nd 2010 3:00PM
stacy_haiduk_the_young_and_the_restless_cwYou have to wonder what's going on with 'The Young and the Restless' when new stars are added to the cast -- like Eric Roberts and Jeff Branson -- while shoulda-been Emmy nominee Stacy Haiduk is getting axed? Is that how you reward an actress whose performance as both mentally-deranged Patty Williams and her therapist, Dr. Emily Petersen, was award-worthy?

According to the actress's website, CBS has chosen not to renew Haiduk's contract (the network never confirms these types of exits). In the case of Haiduk, it's likely that she has been caught in a writing snafu.

Since one of her characters, Patty, is committed to a mental institution, she is essentially off the canvas. As for Dr. Emily Petersen, it would seem that her settling down and reuniting with Jack (Peter Bergman) didn't excite the fans.

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Soaps' Most Famous Dual Roles: Heche, Moore, Canary and More

by Michael Maloney, posted Mar 18th 2010 5:00PM
Julianne Moore's return to her role as Frannie Hughes on 'As The World Turns' and the upcoming retirement of David Canary from his part as Adam Chandler on 'All My Children' got us thinking: some of the best performances on daytime television have come from actors who've played dual roles!

Here's a look back at ten stars that have done double-duty (and sometimes more) in TV's most demanding genre.

Anne Heche, 'Another World'
Marley Love. The sheltered sister of Donna and Peter Love, Marley had traditional teen woes before discovering her family tree had a case of root rot -- Marley was, in reality, Donna's daughter.

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