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October 6, 2015

Stevie Wonder

'America's Got Talent' Backstage Report: Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Wins!

by Michael Maloney, posted Sep 15th 2011 7:00AM
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.Cliché as it sounds, there were only winners on last night's 'America's Got Talent' Season 6 finale.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., as judge Howie Mandel accurately predicted on Tuesday's performance show, won the competition and the show's $1 million prize. "I am the great predictor," Mandel quips.

Dance group Silhouettes came in second. Dance group Team iLuminate was third. Rock band POPLYFE came in fourth, but you'd never know it by the jubilation they were feeling after the show. The band members were still ecstatic over getting to perform with the legendary Stevie Wonder, an experience they'll take with them forever.

"I'll take it with me as well," Wonder told AOL TV on the post show press line. "They are a group that is committed to staying together and not letting anyone break them apart. I feel that's how we should be as a nation. I'm excited that they allowed me to be a part of their group."

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'The Cosby Show' Cast Reunites to Accept the TV Land Impact Award (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 18th 2011 12:48AM
Bill Cosby and the cast of 'The Cosby Show' at '2011 TV Land Awards'It was appropriate, considering 'The Cosby Show' was the brain child of Bill Cosby, that the comedian was the only one who spoke when the cast was on stage to accept their Impact Award at the '2011 TV Land Awards' (Sun., 9PM ET on TV Land). Cosby was charming and funny, lamenting that he had just watched all of his "children" drinking. Still, it would have been nice to hear from some of the other cast members.

The award was presented by Stevie Wonder, and Cosby spent a good chunk of his time riffing with the legendary musician, when we suspect fans of 'The Cosby Show' would have preferred him talk more about his inspiration for the show, how he feels the show influenced television, or even some classic Cosby grumbling about the world today.

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Stevie Wonder Names the Grammy Nominees for Best Album of the Year (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 2nd 2010 8:10AM
Stevie Wonder Names the Grammy Nominees for Best Album of the YearThe 53rd annual Grammy Awards are just around the corner! Last night's 'Grammy Nomination Concert' (Wed., 10PM ET on CBS) revealed who would compete for the top musical award in the nation. The biggest prize: Best Album of the Year. Legendary performer Stevie Wonder read off the list of nominees -- and he gave us a little history lesson, which included himself.

Stevie said that in the past, the Best Album award has gone to the greatest performers. The award went to some true geniuses, "from Frank Sinatra, to the Beatles, to Michael Jackson, to U2, to Stevie Wond ... " Whoops. There was a brief surprised pause, and then he added: " ... Stevie Wonder?"

Okay, we know that Stevie wasn't reading from cue cards -- so he had his remarks memorized, and wasn't actually surprised. But if anyone's won the right to plug himself a little, it's Stevie. The singer-songwriter has won 22 Grammys in his lifetime, tying him with U2, and placing him 5th on the all-time list of winners.

And now, your list of Grammy Best Album nominees are ...

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Tracy Morgan Gets Punched by Stevie Wonder (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 18th 2010 7:00AM
Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tracy MorganYou usually don't think of Stevie Wonder as a good puncher, but apparently, he is. On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12:05AM ET on ABC), Tracy Morgan talked about doing the Super Bowl commercial with Wonder.

"My arm was swollen the next day," said Morgan. "Man, he hit hard! Now I love Stevie, but I threatened him!"

And, oh yeah, there's also the little matter of Wonder trying to get Morgan's lady pregnant. And the fact that he's not really blind.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder Play Punch Dub

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 14th 2010 9:44AM
VW_logo_blue_silverThere was a commercial for Volkswagen that aired during Super Bowl Sunday last week, but it didn't make Kona's best of the best. Still, having seen it a couple of time since, perhaps it should have been. Do you remember it? It's based on a game called punch dub, and every time a person sees a Volkswagen before the other person, they get to punch their partner and call out the color of the car.

I had some friends who played a car game like this, punching each other each time one saw a vehicle with one light not working. They called it pediddle. Ridiculous name, but then punch dub is just as silly. But it's real. And that's a big part of why this commercial is so good. You can relate to it. Everyone can play. There's the kid with his grandfather. The two Amish folk. The drunk guys in the limo.

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TV Casting: William Baldwin Heading to 'Gossip Girl'; More Join 'Hope for Haiti' Telethon

by Andrew Scott, posted Jan 20th 2010 11:15AM
William BaldwinAfter months of searching, it looks like Serena has finally found her father. Sources say that actor William Baldwin has joined the cast of 'Gossip Girl' as William van der Woodsen, Serena's elusive dad who has been M.I.A. for the show's entire duration. Baldwin's gig will reportedly last for three episodes and will kick off sometime in April. Now that's something to gossip about. [Ausiello Files]

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Meryl Streep, Michael Douglas Join History Documentary

by Leonard Jacobs, posted Dec 10th 2009 12:50PM
Though the U.S. is a young nation -- just 233 years old if you trace it back to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 -- the settling of the continent goes back four centuries or more.

With that in mind, the History Channel will premiere 'America: The Story of Us' in 2010, an epic 12-part series examining how this nation of average citizens, not royalty, have determined its course from the very beginning.

According to Variety, Meryl Streep and Michael Douglas are among a starry list of narrators confirmed for the series, which draws talent from Hollywood and politics. Other narrators will include former Secretary of StateColin Powell and NBC anchor Brian Williams.

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American Idol's Megan and the name game

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 29th 2009 3:00PM
Megan Joy Corkrey name gameWere you as shocked as I was that when the results of the American Idol Top 10 Motown performances were announced that the blonde with the tattoo on her arm was safe?

Her enthusiastic, but lamentable, version of Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life" was a "train wreck" according to Randy Jackson (and he's rarely that critical), while Simon Cowell labeled her singing "atrocious." So, yes, I was stunned when she wasn't in the bottom three. By the way, I'm not being insulting by not calling her by her name, I'm just not sure what it is.

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American Idol: 1 of 10 goes home

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 27th 2009 12:16AM

American Idol - 1 of 10 goes homeThis being the results show of Motown Night, the Idols sang a montage of Motown hits against a backdrop of classic Motown stars. Very nice. I also liked the Ford commercial, with the contestants putting together giant puzzle pieces while singing "Take Me Away." They look like they're having a blast.

Then the Velvet Teddy Bear Ruben Studdard sang a tune, and Ryan mentions that he was recently married. Congrats to Ruben!

And then the countdown begins with Adam Lambert up first. I can't imagine that he'd be going home, and sure enough, he's safe. With his ability to show such vastly different sides of his artistic talent, Adam has launched himself straight to the top of my favorites list.

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Stevie Wonder does Sesame Street - VIDEOS

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 25th 2007 10:01AM

stevie wonder and groverWhile it has persevered for almost four decades, Sesame Street's heart and soul is very much a product of the 1970s. There was nothing like it when it first hit the public television airwaves in 1969; while other children's programs took place in mystical and magical lands, Sesame Street took place in a regular inner city neighborhood. Okay, it was an inner city neighborhood where monsters and people lived together, but it's that partial realism which set it apart from other programs, and, perhaps subconsiously, gave kids a sense of community and belonging.

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Rickey Minor: In the Limelight

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Apr 26th 2007 3:43PM
Rickey MinorAmerican Idol is a show that takes virtual unknowns and creates stars. Even a couple of judges (Randy and Simon), and a host named Ryan Seacrest became household names thanks to Idol's success.

But there's one guy of vital importance to the show who isn't so well known. Most of the time he stays in the background. But there wouldn't be any Idol music without him. He's Idol's inhouse musical director -- Rickey Minor.

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TV Land brings the Cos and the love

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 27th 2007 2:02PM

cosby showOn February 8, TV Land will air a four-episode mini-marathon of Cosby Show episodes dedicated to love and music. "Huxtable Love Songs: The Greatest Hits" will kick off at 9:00pm with episodes featuring Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Lena Horne, and the Count Basie Orchestra. The Valentine's Day special will also repeat on February 14 starting at 6:00pm, which is, you know, actually Valentine's Day.

Like I tell my kids, Ray Charles was a phenomenal musician, but I don't want to hear any music unless I can watch Bill Cosby doing his herky-jerky dance moves at the same time. I know that sounds odd, but it really doesn't matter because I don't have children. At any rate, curl up with someone you love --or the person you married to spite your parents-- cozy up under a blanket, and let Bill and his musical friends entertain you. Ah yeah, baby.

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Will Paul McCartney or Mariah Carey visit American Idol?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Jan 13th 2007 11:32AM
Paul McCartneyPart of the excitement of American Idol is the anticipation over who will or won't be making an upcoming guest-star appearance. Last year, Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder stopped by, bringing star power and increased legitimacy to the show. Simon Cowell recently told Entertainment Weekly that there is a chance that ex-Beatle Paul McCartney may be making a guest appearance on American Idol this season. And Randy Jackson said he might be able to persuade Mariah Carey to get "in this game."

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American Idol: The Big Show

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 15th 2006 1:03AM

ai logoBeing in the Final 12 means that you get to perform on the big stage, in front of the big crowd, with the big fancy lights. This is the AI equivalent of getting to sit at the adult table at Thanksgiving. No more of that kids' table crap. It's the big show with the bigger band and the souped-up sound system.

But there was no souped-up sound system in my apartment tonight.  

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