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September 4, 2015


Heroes: Kindred

by JJ Hawkins, posted Oct 9th 2007 2:04AM
Sylar is back.

(S02E03) Back by popular demand, we're sticking with the format that Varun put to such good use in his most recent reviewcap of Heroes.

I'm actually thrilled he came up with it as my fingers were on the verge of falling off after pecking out the gargantuan review of the first episode. Since we happen to lack Claire's immaculate regenerative qualities, Varun and I would have been fingerless by season end had we kept up with the old format.

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Heroes: Lizards

by Varun Lella, posted Oct 2nd 2007 1:30AM
Heroes episode 2
(S02E02) "Have you seen a scary white man?" - Hiro Nakamura, time traveler.

Last week at TV Squad we had a big discussion on how to handle our "reviewcaps," the episodes of the big shows that we both provide a plot summary and review of. It seemed that we were getting a lot of very detailed plot descriptions, but not enough review. These special posts seem to go on and ramble on forever and there clearly needed to be some change. It was decided that we would treat reviewcaps not as entire episode treatments, but rather a review where all the major plot points are touched upon.

So I present to you, my lovely audience, my first ever (intentional) reviewcap!

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Heroes comic online at NBC

by Brett Love, posted Sep 26th 2006 7:08PM
Suresh - HeroesThe internet just keeps playing an increasingly important role for the networks and their television shows. Heroes is no exception. NBC now has "Graphic Novel One: Monsters" up on their Heroes site. It's a short Suresh story that gives a little more background on his character, and his father. Nothing ground breaking or too spoilery, but interesting nonetheless.

The comic is available as a downloadable PDF, or an interactive Flash version. While the story is short, and the Nissan ad a little tedious, it is a beautiful high resolution comic. And an interesting bit of TV related trivia for you... One of the people behind the comic is Michael Turner, the co-creator of Witchblade, which you may remember from its short live-action run on TNT. It also features Crossing Jordan writer Aron Coleite.

Along with the comic, the Heroes site also has a nice collection of interviews with the cast and crew. Sections for games and downloads are reportedly coming soon.

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