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August 30, 2015

Sydney Tamiia Poitier

Tons of changes coming to Knight Rider

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 10th 2008 9:58AM
Knight RiderEverything about the new Knight Rider is about to change.

Well, OK, almost everything. It's not like they're going to get rid of the car and change the show to a musical/variety hour featuring dancers and puppets. But they are getting rid of three of the stars of the show and changing the plot around to be more like the old version of the show.

Stars Bruce Davison, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, and Yancey Arias will no longer be on the show after the first 13 episodes. Also, the producers are getting rid of the stories where our hero fights professional bad guys and instead goes around and helps everyday Joes (plumbers and otherwise). Supposedly this will bring the show more in line with the other dramas on the NBC Wednesday lineup, Life and Law and Order. Though I don't think either of those shows feature a talking car.

The cringe-inducing piece of news is that they plan to do more "stunt-casting." Big name guest stars can be OK, but it's odd to announce "yes, now we are going to do more stunt-casting."

If they really want to make the show more like the old one they should bring back William Daniels.

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New KITT car for Knight Rider movie unveiled

by Kristin Sample, posted Dec 12th 2007 4:31PM
Today I went to NBC studios for the unveiling of the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) for the upcoming two-hour television movie Knight Rider set to air on February 17 at 9 p.m. ET. This modern-day sequel to the iconic 1980's show stars Justin Bruening (Cold Case), Deanna Russo (The Young and the Restless), Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Veronica Mars), and Bruce Davison (Breach). Will Arnett (Arrested Development) will play the voice of KITT. And don't worry, the Hoff will make a guest appearance as Michael Knight.

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