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October 6, 2015

Ted Lange

Psych: Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 16th 2008 11:00AM

Shawn has a psychic reveal on the latest episode of Psych

(S03E05) Methuselah Honeysuckle and Old Scratch Johnson -- The names Henry Spencer gave Gus and himself while Shawn was introducing them at the DA's office.

Ready for this? We are nearly three-quarters of way through the first half of the third season of Psych. After this week's episode there are only two more left until the season takes a break. Other than the annual holiday special that will air in December the next time we will see Shawn and Gus after the first week of September will be the middle of January. So, enjoy while you can.

Well, I kept wishing for an episode where Henry and Shawn would truly work together on a case. And, I got my wish this week. Not only did they work on a case together, but it was Henry's biggest case while he was still on the police force. So, there was really pressure on both the younger and older Spencer men to solve the case. Of course, this led to some tension between the two.

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Six greatest Love Boat mysteries

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 23rd 2008 11:00AM
The Love Boat logoSince we had so much fun examining the greatest mysteries of Cheers, I've decided to make this a quasi-regular feature. The next classic show to come under scrutiny is The Love Boat, the 1977 - 1986 Aaron Spelling series that involved water, Mexican paradises, and everyone from David Hasselhoff to George Burns getting busy on the Lido deck.

I used to watch the show just about every Saturday night, especially during its early years (it was a big event when Julie went from her bowl cut to the feathered look... I think it coincided with my very first months of pre-puberty). At the time, I just took the show at face value, but as the years have gone on, aspects of life on the Pacific Princess made me scratch my head, starting with a fact of life that just about everyone took for granted:

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