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October 9, 2015

The Real Housewives of D.C.

Bravo Cancels 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Apr 8th 2011 7:15AM
'The Real Housewives of D.C.'It's been a bad year so far for Michaele Salahi. First she got thrown out of 'Celebrity Rehab' for not being addicted to anything, and now comes news that her version of 'The Real Housewives' has become the first one to be canceled.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the series was in jeopardy, and now 'The Washington Post' reports that Bravo officially pulled the plug on the 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Thursday.

According to the 'Post,' the production company behind the series contacted the cast to let them know Washington's contribution to Bravo's reality TV franchise would not be picked up for a second season.

The cancelation makes 'D.C.' the first 'Housewives' series not to receive a second season. Andy Cohen, Bravo's executive vice president of original programming and development, said, "We had an amazing season and we told stories that were unique to any other in the franchise. I wish all our DC Wives the best and hope to work with them again in another capacity."

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Michaele Salahi Kicked Out of 'Celebrity Rehab'

by Jean Bentley, posted Mar 9th 2011 10:30AM
Michaele Salahi'Real Housewives of D.C.' star and White House party crasher Michaele Salahi forgot one very important thing when she signed up for the newest season of VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew': an addiction.

That's why she was booted from the show yesterday, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"The treatment program that 'Celebrity Rehab' documents is intended for individuals with serious substance abuse and addiction issues," VH1 announced in a statement. "Prior to the taping of the current season, producers were advised that Michaele Salahi met the criteria to be treated in this setting. However, professional assessments spanning from that time to the present found that she did not meet such criteria. As a result, she is no longer participating in the program."

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TVR Awards -- The Most Ridiculously Excessive 'Real Housewives' Throwdowns of the Year (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 27th 2010 4:35PM

Oh, the ladies of the 'Real Housewives' franchise. They're equal parts obnoxious and engrossing, riveting and ridiculous. Though we're somewhat embarrassed to admit it, their spats and melodrama have turned into one of our guiltiest reality TV pleasures. So while it was tough to narrow down, we've culled together seven of the biggest meltdowns, blame-games and smack-downs of the year from across the various 'Housewives' incarnations. They're all excessive and outrageous, but which was the most eggregious and out-of-line? Watch the videos and vote below in our poll.

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Tareq Uses Michaele's MS to Excuse Aggressive Behavior on DC 'Housewives' Reunion (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 22nd 2010 7:15AM
Lynda, Cat Argue with Tareq on 'Housewives' ReunionOn 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Reunion (Part 2, Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO), Michaele Salahi insists husband Tareq apologize for a particular incident. But it doesn't do him any favors. A shouting match erupts that intimates the other cast members still hate the Salahis.

At an event, Lynda Erkiletian spied Tareq "basically being very verbally abusive at two women." She asked him to quiet down, and apparently he told her to "shut the F up." She returned the sentiment and "he threw a glass of red wine at me." Lynda, in turn, threw water, as "I would never waste scotch on you, ever."

Cat Ommanney, who witnessed the exchange, wholeheartedly agrees with Lynda. "And you shoved your wife before you threw the wine in my face," Lynda adds. Cat confirms: "Michaele tried to stop you, and you pushed her." Tareq somehow correlates his actions with being "protective" of Michaele because "she has MS." This defense, unsurprisingly, does not go over well.

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Michaele to Cat on D.C. 'Housewives' Reunion: At Least I'm Married (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 15th 2010 5:00AM
Michael Salahi Offends Cat on D.C. 'Real Housewives'Part 1 of 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Reunion (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO) was definitely more composed than the 'Jersey' edition, when Teresa Guidice forcefully shoved host Andy Cohen during an altercation with Danielle Staub. Still, there were revelations to be made and tears to be shed.

Michaele Salahi told Cat Ommanney that she "made a lot of people cry," but the only person she could come up with was herself. She started tearing up again, saying, "I can't believe somebody could have that much hate within them." Cat said she didn't hate Michaele, but she didn't believe the tears either. "She fakes everything," she told Cohen.

Michaele then turned nasty.

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D.C. 'Housewives' Finale: Salahis Are 'Delusional' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 8th 2010 8:20AM
Salahis Refuse to Talk on D.C. 'Housewives'Once Michaele and Tareq Salahi's White House party-crashing incident is all over the news, the Salahis' friends confront them about it. At a party on the finale of 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO), Stacie and Jason Turner gingerly bring it up.

"We're not allowed to talk about that," says Michaele flatly. Jason says, "Whether you realize it or not, you all are wearing a scarlet letter right now." Tareq disagrees: "There's no shame."

Stacie puts it another way. "Public opinion -- whether it's warranted or not -- it exists ... There's like a blatant non-acknowledgment of it that makes it weird ... If you could turn back time, though, would you just have not even gone to the event?"

Tareq doesn't answer. Instead the Salahis storm out the back door, and Stacie and Jason are left concluding that the couple is "delusional."

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White House Gate Crashers Feel Vindicated By D.C. 'Housewives' Finale (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 8th 2010 7:45AM
Salahis Talk 'Housewives' Finale on 'Watch What Happens: Live'On 'Watch What Happens: Live' (Thu., 10:15PM ET on BRAVO), host Andy Cohen discussed the finale of 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' with stars Michaele and Tareq Salahi. They were pleased with the episode's portrayal of their now-infamous appearance at a White House State Dinner, saying it proved they weren't gate crashers.

"You think tonight's episode cleared you?" Cohen asked skeptically. Tareq answered, "The world's been waiting for this: You saw that we didn't lie, we didn't scale a fence ... We showed our real IDs; we said our real names."

Cohen admitted that though they were never charged of any wrongdoing, "I didn't see from tonight's episode the smoking gun that you're talking about." Tareq's further proof of their innocence was that the Secret Service was shown helping the 'Real Housewives' film crew.

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Michaele Salahi: Is Her 'Real Housewives of D.C.' Future Uncertain?

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 21st 2010 6:30PM
Michaele SalahiCould Michaele Salahi, the White House party crasher and star of 'Real Housewives of D.C.' be too much of a drama queen for the Bravo reality series? Maybe.

According to the New York Post, if the cable network picks up the reality series for a second season, Salahi will not be a part of it.

The newspaper is reporting that Half Yard Productions, a Bravo subcontractor, is searching for a new woman to join the program. However, the network released a statement to PopEater negating the story.

"We've had no discussions about a season two -- including any casting -- and won't until the freshman season concludes," a Bravo spokesman told PopEater. "Any speculation to the contrary would be absolutely premature. And let's face it, it wouldn't be a proper 'Real Housewives' franchise without the drama of casting rumors."

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Drama at Salahi Family Winery on 'Real Housewives of D.C.' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 17th 2010 4:30AM
Michaele Salahi Cries on 'Real Housewives of D.C'On 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO), we get a glimpse of Tareq and Michaele Salahi's life away from gatecrashing political dinners.

At their Oasis winery, Tareq's mother calls the sheriff's department to have him removed from the property. "She doesn't want her son there," explains Michaele. "She wants to have sole control of that winery."

Michaele goes on to say this aspect of her marriage to Tareq "is like the one thing that I can't fix." Tareq says, "My mother's behavior wasn't unusual for her to react that way ... This is just another day -- this is her M.O."

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Salahis Accuse Daughter of Fellow D.C. 'Housewife' of Stealing Their Car, Polo Gear (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 10th 2010 11:40AM
Salahis Make Hurtful Accusations on D.C. 'Housewives'Tareq and Michaele Salahi are hosting a dinner at their winery. They really know how to make their friends feel welcome. On 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO), Tareq claims Mary Amons' daughter stole his car and $25,000 worth of polo gear. He saw some pictures on Facebook. "You are directly implicating my daughter?" asks a shocked Amons. Oh yes, and Tareq says the FBI is even investigating.

Fellow Housewife Stacie Scott Turner tries to explain to Tareq and Michaele how hurtful their accusations are to Amons. Michaele counters that the theft is "devastating to us." Tareq concludes by saying, "There's a federal investigation going on, and everybody's going to jail." At this, Amons bursts into tears. Who's ready for dessert?

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How Salahis Crashed Black Caucus Dinner on DC 'Housewives' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Aug 27th 2010 7:20AM
Jason Backe Explains Salahis on D.C. 'Housewives'Several weeks before crashing a White House state dinner, Michaele and Tareq Salahi sneaked into the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Awards Dinner. Jason Backe, who was also involved, had the details on 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO).

The Salahis invited him, but Backe noticed their ticket said "Admits One." No matter. The group somehow got through security. From there, the Salahis advised a strategy for scoping out the empty seats. "All of a sudden, five or six secret-service guys come over and tap them on the shoulder," said Backe. They were escorted out.

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Salahis Host a Friend's Birthday Bash, But Don't Pay, on DC 'Housewives' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Aug 20th 2010 6:50AM
Paul Wharton Discovers Salahi Deviance on DC 'Housewives'Oh, those Salahis sure are a conniving pair. This is the couple who crashed a White House state dinner. Now on 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO), they're only pretending to pay for a good friend's birthday party.

After the Four Seasons b-day bash of honorary "sixth housewife" Paul Wharton, his publicist Charlotte breaks the news. On the big day, she received a call from their attorney saying, "'I need to you to put in writing that my clients, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, are not going to have to pay for this party,'" Charlotte explains. "They were threatening not to come unless I could put in writing that they weren't going to be held liable."

"They just wanted to give the appearance that they were hosting," she says to a shocked Paul. He thinks that explains why Michaele was a no-show, and why Tareq only brought one bottle of wine. "That's not what a good friend would do," he says. Ya think?

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On 'Real Housewives of D.C.,' Michaele and Lynda Fight About Being Too Skinny (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 13th 2010 12:35AM
On 'Real Jousewives of D.C.,' Michaele and Lynda Fight About Being Too SkinnyNo one really saw this coming. When the 'Real Housewives' series started a couple of years ago, we didn't necessarily know that it would go on forever. But apparently, it will always continue, just moving to slightly different cities. ... What's next? 'The Real Housewives of Trenton'? 'The Real Housewives of Iowa'?

Anyway, the latest installment of the show is set in Washington, D.C., and it gives us yet another chance to see wealthy women being rude to each other. On the new 'Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on Bravo), Michaele and Lynda get mad, and start a fight during celebrity stylist Paul Wharton's birthday party. Cool; fun. But maybe the two women should be mad about the fact that both their names are completely misspelled. ... We're just saying.

But that's not what Michaele and her castmate get in a fight about. Instead, Lynda gets upset with Michaele for being too skinny. She says that she's "concerned" about Michaele, but it more seems like she's just trying to be mean to her. Ah, passive-aggressiveness. Good times.

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Is Cat Racist? 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (VIDEO)

by Allyssa Lee, posted Aug 6th 2010 2:30AM
It's only been the inaugural episode of 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM on BRAVO) and things have already gotten a little snippy.

Like these small seeds of discontent that British Cat has started to sow in Stacie. In this episode, Stacie proudly introduced the gang to Cheo, Janet Jackson's personal chef, who has also catered to Tyra Banks.

"Poor you," Cat responded upon hearing the name of the model-turned-actress-turned talk show host and media mogul.

"Did you say 'poor you?'" pounced Stacie. "You don't like Tyra?"

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Other 'D.C. Housewives' Are "So Over" Michaele Salahi (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 5th 2010 3:30PM
TodayEarlier we showed you a clip with 'The View' host Whoopi Goldberg defending herself against accusations that she hit 'Real Housewives of D.C.' star Michaele Salahi. Now comes yet another appearance on daytime TV by Salahi and the rest of the 'D.C. Housewives' cast, 'Today' (weekdays at 7AM ET on NBC). They talked about Whoopi and more.

It looks like none of the other cast members even like Salahi. In fact, they tell Kathie Lee and Hoda that they were never friends.

'The Real Housewives of D.C.' premieres tonight at 10PM ET on Bravo. You think all of this is publicity for the show? Don't be so cynical.

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