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October 10, 2015

The Real World Las Vegas

'Real World' Bad Boy Adam Booted Off 'The Challenge: Rivals' on Day One (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 23rd 2011 10:00AM
Adam R., 'The Challenge: Rivals'We're not sure why Adam or MTV thought his return to the network would work out any differently. Well, actually it was a little different. He got kicked off on the first day of 'The Challenge: Rivals' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). At least he made it a little longer than that on 'The Real World: Las Vegas.'

Still, this guy has some serious anger issues. Not only did he lose his mind going after Ty, but he plowed through Mandi to get to him with no regard for her body. Even afterward, he showed no signs of concern that he might have injured her.

This guy needs a reality check rather than another reality television program before he seriously hurts himself or someone else. Of course, what did MTV expect with this format. The whole conceit is to pair up people who hate each other. That said, Adam didn't target his own partner Leroy.

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Topless Breakfast on 'The Real World: The S#!@ They Should've Shown' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 16th 2011 9:48AM
Topless breakfastThe suits over at MTV decided that 14 episodes of 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) just weren't enough so last night they also brought us 'The S#!@ They Should've Shown,' a.k.a., deleted scenes that were originally judged too risqué or too lame to be included.

One such scene was of the girls serving Mike breakfast whilst topless. As Naomi tells it, this came about because she and Cooke were "trying to scare Mike off ... and we were like, 'let's make breakfast for Mike naked.'"

So the girls tried to act like there was nothing out of the ordinary going on and Mike tried to eat his breakfast sitting next to a topless girl. Although he tried to remain blasé -- this is Vegas, after all -- we couldn't help noticing that his face turned as red as his t-shirt.

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Michael Calls Dustin a Chronic Liar on 'Real World: Las Vegas Reunion' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 9th 2011 6:30AM
'The Real World: Las Vegas Reunion'As long as Dustin Zito is allowing people to ask him questions in front of a camera, his past work on an online gay streaming video site is going to keep coming up, and it looks like he loves being the center of attention. He was front and center yet again at 'The Real World: Las Vegas Reunion' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV).

When asked point blank about photos depicting him having sex with men, he suggested they might be Photoshopped. But when several cast members admitted to having seen the photos, Dustin backed down a little bit, admitting that he'd held other men's parts, so to speak.

"I think that you're a chronic liar," Michael said. "I think that you can't tell the truth." He further went on to say that he hopes to never see Dustin again.

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Mike and Naomi Wrap 'The Real World: Las Vegas' by Getting Married (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 2nd 2011 3:02AM
Nami & Mike, 'The Real World: Las Vegas''The Real World: Las Vegas' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) wrapped with Naomi marrying one of her housemates, while consummating the union with another. It was all in good fun, though Mike made sure she signed a prenuptial agreement toward any future earnings.

So, was it real? The poor guy officiating hung in there, even though the vows took things in some very unexpected directions.

"I promise that I will work hard to make sure that I can somehow afford the lavish lifestyle you want to live," Mike said to Naomi.

"I appreciate how you were able to see beyond me having sex with your roommate all the time and [that] I might be doing it again tonight," she responded in her own vow.

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Good News and Bad News for Nany in the Search for Her Father on 'The Real World' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 26th 2011 3:42AM
Nany, 'The Real World: Las Vegas'Nany has never known her father, but she's never stopped wanting to find him either. According to her official bio, he was jailed before she was born. This week, on 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV), the investigator she'd hired to track him down returned with some news.

Unfortunately, he started by revealing that her father had passed away in his sleep in 2002. Nany was understandably devastated by this turn of events, but the investigator had some good news to try to balance things a bit.

"He had a son in Cuba before they moved here," she was told. "Also, there's an 18-year old daughter he has. I met with her and she's interesting in having a relationship with you."

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'The Real World': Mike Finally Pushes Dustin Too Far and a Fight Breaks Out (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 19th 2011 3:02AM
'The Real World: Las Vegas'What do you like to do in beautiful Cancun, Mexico? The boys of 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) like to finally get out all their pent-up anger and frustration toward one another. More specifically, Dustin let Mike know that "it's all built up. It's built the f*** up!"

That's why he was bringing up things from weeks ago as if they'd happened yesterday. Dustin was so serious about wanting to fight Mike that he even took off his t-shirt. That's guy talk for "get ready to experience a serious beat-down." Only Mike wouldn't rise to the challenge.

Quite literally, Mike simply refused to get out of the chair he was sitting in, even after Dustin knocked it back onto the ground. But his pacifist body language was in stark contrast to his mouth, which kept goading Dustin on, clearly enjoying the slow buildup of rage he'd created.

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Mike Makes a Real Romantic Connection on 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 12th 2011 4:11AM
'The Real World: Las Vegas'Mike must have missed the memo about what this season of 'The Real World' is all about (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). Otherwise, how can you explain him wanting to take things slow with the new girl he meets and gets into?

"This girl is incredible," he said about her, unable to control his smile. "It sounds so sappy but even just when she comes around and beams that awesome smile, I'm happy." That's totally not hooking up with her and then throwing her out the next day. That sounds like a genuine emotional connection.

The lucky lady is latched onto a real sharp cookie, too. As they were playing a game of pool, Mike decided to try and look all macho and cool. "What you don't get is that I'm gonna beat you in like five turns here, right?" he said. How about that, blondie?

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Heather Reacts to Dustin's Secret by Making Out With Nany on 'The Real World' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 5th 2011 1:28AM
Nany and Heather, 'The Real World: Las Vegas'Well, after the bombshell that got dropped about Dustin last week on 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV), we expected Heather to have to deal with it. Finding out your reality-show-boyfriend used to do all sorts of unmentionable things as part of a gay 24/7 webcam series is a lot to process.

So, apparently, Heather decided to deal with it by turning 'The Real World' house into her own gay webcam series. Only she had high production cameras and all the guys in the house trying to control themselves as they watched her and Nany making out hard and heavy.

Alcohol was involved, but is that enough to explain the lengthy petting session that moved around the house and spent a long time under the covers?

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Dustin's Secret Past Comes to Light on 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 28th 2011 3:59AM
Dustin Zito, 'The Real World: Las Vegas'Leroy said it straight up on 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). "How did you think it wasn't gonna come out, bro?" he asked Dustin. Apparently, Dustin was rather hoping it wouldn't.

The "it" is Dustin's first time living in a house with cameras running all the time. Only that time it was a bunch of guys and a bunch of webcams, and no censors meaning no limits.

Now Dustin has been verbally trying to affirm his heterosexuality since the season began and judging everyone. The young man doth protest too much, methinks?

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Cooke Stirs Up a Whole Pot of Jealousy on 'The Real World' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 21st 2011 3:13AM
Cooke, 'The Real World: Las Vegas'After the ouster of Adam last week, 'The Real World: Las Vegas' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) switched it up by adding another female to the cast. And this one came in boy crazy and proud of it.

That didn't sit too well with Naomi and Nany, who decided to defend Heather's honor. Not that she asked them to.

Cookie came into the house flirting pretty hard and heavy with Dustin, who was already in a relationship of sorts with Heather. Add drunkenness to the mix, and this assault on their friend simply wouldn't stand.

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Adam Is Ousted from 'The Real World' Las Vegas (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Apr 14th 2011 4:50AM
Adam Royer Leaves 'Real World'Adam Royer's violence finally got him thrown out of Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel on 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). Punching the walls in last week's episode, lashing out at Nany Gonzalez and generally making an ass of himself was too much for his penthouse suite mates and hotel security.

The security manager appeared and ordered him to pack up his stuff and leave. Though Adam's been a terrible boyfriend (if we can even call him that) toward Nany, his leaving upset her the most.

They hugged, and she started to cry. Adam said, "I'm sorry. I feel bad. I'm sorry I have to leave you."

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Adam Drunk and Punching Walls Is Not Nany's Problem on 'The Real World Las Vegas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 7th 2011 2:56AM
Adam, 'The Real World'Romances on a show like 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) are very challenging. It's hard to successfully develop a bond with the heightened reality created by the cameras and all those roommates.

Adding alcohol to the mix just makes it worse. Adam is a violent drunk, too, which is another warning flag that a relationship may not be a great idea.

At least he was limited to punching walls this week, but the way he went after them was still very dangerous and a little frightening. Especially if you're between him and the wall, as Nany was at one point.

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Adam and Leroy Get in the First Fight of 'Real World: Las Vegas' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 24th 2011 1:45AM
The First Fight on 'The Real World'In today's fractured modern era, there are so few shared events that still bind us all together. There's the first pitch of the baseball season. The first songbird of spring. The first fallen leaf of the autumn. The first snowflake of the winter.

... And then, of course, there's the first fight on the latest installment of 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). Stick a group of bored/drunken twenty-somethings together in a house, and a fight is bound to happen. The only question is, who will the fight involve? Will it be guy-on-guy, girl-on-girl, or the far rarer cross-gender fight?

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'The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25 Premiere Recap

by Jean Bentley, posted Mar 10th 2011 12:05AM
The Real World Las Vegas['The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25, Episode 1]

'The Real World'
has chosen to mark its 25th season in the sinningest of cities -- Las Vegas.

Nearly a decade after the first go-round in Sin City, though, the latest 'Real World' installment doesn't really seem all that scandalous.

Sure, the cast is young, tan, beautiful, reality-TV savvy and, most of all, drunk. But in a post-'Jersey Shore' world, is that enough anymore?

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'Real World' Heads Back to Las Vegas: First Look

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 3rd 2011 6:20PM

The Real World Las Vegas"Oh my God," groans a 20-something guy at the end of the first trailer for MTV's newest season of 'The Real World,' which returns to Las Vegas after an eight-year absence. That's essentially how we feel after watching the two-minute clip.

Considering that the first Vegas season marked the show's turn from "interesting glimpse at diverse roommates interacting with each other" to "hot, angry, young people drinking, having sex and fighting," we're a little torn at the prospect of watching yet another batch of PYTs get into trouble.

Included in PEOPLE's first look trailer are drinking, making out, gambling, punching, scromiting (screaming + vomiting) -- really everything you've come to expect from an MTV reality show. That doesn't mean we won't tune in when season 25 (!!!!!) premieres in March.

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