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October 4, 2015


Lisa Kudrow Talks 'Cougar Town,' Botox and 'Web Therapy'

by Michael D. Ayers, posted Jan 6th 2010 9:00AM
Best known as ditzy blonde Phoebe Buffay on seminal sitcom 'Friends,' Lisa Kudrow has continued her post-'Friends' career not only in popular films ('P.S. I Love You,' 'Powder Blue') but also taking on production and development roles, first with the short-lived HBO show 'The Comeback' and now with an online series called 'Web Therapy.'

Kudrow pulled in her old friend Courteney Cox for a guest spot on 'Web Therapy' and now she's returning the favor by appearing on 'Cougar Town' this week. Kudrow plays Dr. Amy Evans, a dermatologist who gives Jules Cobb a hard time about her decision to try and look younger.

Inside TV talked to Kudrow about 'Web Therapy,' producing shows and working with her 'Friend' again.

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Most Improved TV Shows: 10 Bad Shows That Got Better

by Gary Susman, posted Oct 21st 2009 5:00PM
Amy Poehler When it debuted last spring, 'Parks and Recreation' already seemed in need of some urban renewal. Sure, Amy Poehler was funny, but the rest of the ensemble didn't gel around her, the plotting was listless and the jokes fell flat.

In its second season, however, the writing has become sharper, the pacing has gathered steam and Poehler's bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur has become someone to sympathize with and root for.

'Parks' deserves a ribbon for improving on a rocky start; after all, few shows that stumble out of the gate are able to recover their footing and race to the forefront. Here are nine more that did ...

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The Comeback: Valerie Goes to Palm Springs

by Kim Voynar, posted Aug 1st 2005 8:17PM

The Comeback - 7Valerie and Mark decide to get away for the weekend to Palm Springs. They have a luxurious ride for the trip - Lincoln Navigators which, unfortunately, come accompanied by an annoying Lincoln rep who keeps popping out of the back seat like jack-in-the-box, reminding Mark that when we says anything about the car, he needs to say, "Lincoln Navigator", not just "car". Valerie keeps telling Jane, "Jane? He needs to stop that." They can't even listen to music in the car, excuse me, in the Lincoln Navigator, because then they'd have to pay for rights to the songs.

Val gets a call from her agent. "You're on speaker, so no bad news, okay?" she says, only half-jokingly. He tells her that Room and Bored has been benched for a retool, and that the network didn't like the direction of the last episode - they want to "chase the youth" market. "We need a new code word for 'bad news'," Val deadpans, "Because apparently the words 'bad news' aren't clear enough."

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The Comeback: Valerie bonds with the cast

by Kim Voynar, posted Jun 20th 2005 5:38PM

The ComebackThis episode of The Comeback finds Valerie and the Room and Bored cast preparing to shoot their first real episode. There's lots of excitement on the set. Valerie arrives to find she's been assigned a dressing room upstairs, away from the rest of the cast. 

They try to make it out like it a favor conferred, telling her that she got a dressing room with it's own bathroom. When she points out there's a downstairs dressing room with its own bath, she's told that Tom and Paulie G, the show's writers, wanted that room as their "hang out spot". So, upstairs to Siberia she goes.

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Phoebe Buffay no more

by Kat Parr, posted May 16th 2005 7:07AM
Lisa Kudrow"We want people to sit in the uncomfortable reality of what reality is, versus the slick, cleaned-up version of reality TV." HBO debuts a new dramedy, The Comeback, which will star Lisa Kudrow as a television has-been, aka Kirstie Alley in her series Fat Actress. But this show happens to sounds a little better, what with it's determination to expose Reality TV for what it really is, but in that wonderfully quirky Kudrow way. Alexandra Jacobs of the New York Times sits down with Kudrow and director Michael Patrick King to dissect the premise behind the show and all it's has-been moments of distinction.

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