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September 2, 2015


'The Cougar' and 'Make Me a Supermodel' Finales

by Kim Potts, posted Jun 4th 2009 11:30AM
Branden Rickman

So Branden's the next big supermodel (not that anyone could name more than two male supermodels, ever, right?) and Jimmy's the object of desire for the mature woman ... and after last night's season finales of 'Make Me a Supermodel' and 'The Cougar,' we all realize we've been watching waaaaay too much cable reality TV.

But to recap: The cocky Branden bested Sandhurst (whose name just makes him seem like a 'Zoolander' character) and Jonathan for the big win on 'Supermodel,' which comes with a fat $100,000 check, a Cosmopolitan mag shoot and a one-year contract with New York Model Management. What sealed the deal for Branden? Hmmm, maybe this photo?

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The Cougar is not TV Land's number one show

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 12th 2009 12:03PM
Stacy, the star of TV Land's The Cougar

You won't believe which show is kicking the collective ass of TV Land's The Cougar. Then again, maybe you will. The New York Times reports that reruns of (Shazam!) The Andy Griffith Show are the cable network's most watched show.

So does this mean that the former classic TV network will go back to running shows that people actually want to watch? Probably not. Sorry to break the bad news to you. Oh, and there is no Santa Claus, and if the tooth fairy does exist, she's probably a big ol' commie.

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Does anyone watch The Cougar and if so, do they have eyes?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Apr 16th 2009 9:05AM
Stacey Anderson, star of TV Land's The Cougar

The marketing for this show has been relentless, and that's an understatement. It's easier to shake the SARS virus in a back alley chicken hut in downtown Hong Kong than it is to shake an ad for The Cougar.

One of my personal rules (number one is "thou who smelt it, dealt it") is the harder the advertising, the worse a show is bound to be. TV Land hasn't just aired a commercial for The Cougar every five seconds in between their few remaining watchable shows. They air it on other networks. They plaster ads all over the Internet. If the economy dips any lower, they'll probably start tattooing ads to people's foreheads.

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What to Watch Wednesday, April 15

by Kim Potts, posted Apr 15th 2009 5:00AM
A list awards'The A-List Awards'
(10PM, Bravo)
It's round two for Bravo's pop culture awards fest, and the network's funniest lady (well, intentionally funny, anyway), Kathy Griffin, is back as hostess.

Celebs from A-list to D-list, including Neil Patrick Harris, Tori Spelling, Tila Tequila and Paris Hilton, also pop up throughout the festivities, which will honor winners in categories like A-List TV Show ('Gossip Girl,' 'Mad Men,' 'The Office,' '30 Rock' and 'True Blood') and A-List Abs (Christian Bale, Tyson Beckford, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Matthew McConaughey).

Personally, we can't wait to see who takes home the A-List Kate (Beckinsale, Blanchett, Bosworth, Holmes, Hudson, Jackson, Moss, Perry, Olsen and Winslet).

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Reality shows on TV Land? It's a world gone mad!

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 29th 2009 12:38PM
Reality shows on TVLandMy family often watches TV during the dinner hour. There, I've said it. I'm not proud of that fact, but there you have it. We also force the kids to take 2-hour nature walks with us every weekend, so maybe it all evens out in the end.

Our favorite channel during the dinner hour is TV Land. In our neck of the woods, Hogan's Heroes airs from 6 to 7 p.m., and The Andy Griffith Show from 7 to 8 p.m. We love both these shows, and the episodes always spark laughter and a few discussion topics. Like, how could Colonel Klink be such a dimwit, and why can't more people be like Andy Taylor?

But we might have to start watching the Discovery or History channels or - gasp! - turn the TV off altogether, because the commercials on TV Land are making us gag on our organic mac-and-cheese. I'm talking about the commercials for TV Land's reality shows, High School Reunion and The Cougar.

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Hoping for less reality TV on TV Land? Keep on hoping

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 19th 2009 7:01PM
TV LandCable channels used to have fairly rigid formats that followed simple formulas. Nickelodeon was the network for kids. ESPN was the network for sports. USA was the network for non-stop reruns of Wings.

Now most of them have fallen into a strange gelatinous blob of unoriginal and unrecognizable sewage. I believe the technical term is "reality shows."

The TV Land network has been slowly engulfed by this blob of mediocrity with shows like High School Reunion and The Cougar. Their latest VP hire indicates it's about to be swallowed whole by more of the same.

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