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October 10, 2015


Wanda Sykes Didn't Like 'The Help,' Thought It Was Too Happy (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 7th 2011 5:17AM
Wanda Sykes, 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno''The Help' has been getting solid reviews from critics across the nation, and Jay Leno said "it was fantastic." But Wanda Sykes had a very different opinion of the film on 'The Tonight Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC).

"It stunk," she said bluntly.

When pressed for more details, Sykes explained, "They're just way too happy for 1960s Mississippi."

The movie also made her uncomfortable now as a parent, because her babies are white. The film looks at the racism experienced by black maids who work for white families.

"I'm cooking the chicken and I just look at 'em like, 'Look at them white babies'," she said. "They think I'm supposed to be over here frying this chicken."

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Jessica Chastain Talks About 'The Help,' and 'The Soup' on 'Good Day New York' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 22nd 2011 4:15PM
Jessica Chastain and her character from 'The Help' on 'Good Day New York'Jessica Chastain had a lot to say about her unexpected box office smash, 'The Help,' on 'Good Day New York' (weekdays, 9AM ET on Fox), but she was also curious about host Greg Kelly's relationship with 'The Soup.' Joel McHale has periodically lambasted Kelly on that show.

Chastain said she was a big fan of the book 'The Help,' and thought the film would do well. But she wasn't as big a fan as her grandmother. "Actually my grandmother is probably the biggest fan of the book, and, so yeah," she said. "I felt that if she brought all of her friends that we were going to be a big success." Grandmom was a little suspicious of her granddaughter being cast as Celia, but she got over it when Chastain brought her to the premiere.

Chastain said she was also a fan of 'The Soup.' Kelly thanked her but said it was humiliating to appear on the show. She said she'd be excited to see Kelly and McHale debate, and Kelly said there will be a response to McHale's teasing. "I can't tell you anything else, but we've got a counter-attack in the works," he said. If it takes that long for a witty counter-attack, 'Good Day New York' may be better off letting it go.

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Viola Davis On the Pressures of Starring in 'The Help' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 15th 2011 1:15PM
Viola Davis talks about 'The Help' on 'The Early Show'Playing a role in the movie adaptation of a bestselling novel can be great exposure, but it also brings its own unique set of problems, according to Viola Davis. Monday on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM on CBS), Davis spoke about playing Aibileen Clark in the new film 'The Help' based on the 2009 Kathryn Stockett novel of the same name.

"I want to rename this movie 'The Pressure Cooker,'" she said, "because so many people have read it, so many people have grown up with these surrogate mothers. And then there was a huge pressure with the African American community because I was playing a maid in 2011 and there's so much kind of stigma attached to playing a maid in movies."

Regardless, Davis said she was thrilled to be able to play the role. "It was such a joy to go on the journey," she said, "to just pay homage to these women who contributed so much to our culture." She was also happy it made anchor Chris Wragge cry. "I don't know if you want to say that on national television," she teased. Wragge didn't seem to mind.

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Allison Janney Discusses Developing Her Mississippi Accent For 'The Help' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 11th 2011 3:20PM
Allison Janney discusses her southern accent for 'The Help' on 'Good Day LA'Dayton, Ohio is about 500 miles from the northern Mississippi boarder. In terms of dialect, it's even further, according to Dayton native Allison Janney. Janney was on 'Good Day LA' (weekdays, 7AM PT on FOX) to talk about her new movie 'The Help,' and the Mississippi accent she had to wrangle for the role of Charlotte.

Janney noted she was at least from the southern part of Ohio. "I love working on accents," she said. "We had a great dialect coach who went down ahead of time and recorded like thirty women's voices, and I got to pick. I'd listen to them and go, that sounds like Charlotte."

The voice she wound up choosing was the mother of one of the film's producers. "I loved the way she said, 'Skeetah!'" she said. "I just loved it." Anyone can do a generic southern accent, but there are specific regionalisms, and Janney was sensitive to that. "They don't cotton to bad Hollywood southern accents," she said. Especially if they are your producer's mother.

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