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October 13, 2015

Tim Gunns guide to style

Top Reality TV Gretchens

by Jane Murphy, posted Oct 29th 2010 1:30PM
Gretchen. It's an old fashioned, salt-of-the Earth name. Of German derivation, it means "reality show star." OK, it means "pearl," but are we the only ones who've noticed that some of reality's highest profile provocateurs over the years have gone by the name "Gretchen"?

We don't know if producers actually seek out potential cast members with this admittedly memorable name (not as memorable as "Mondo" or "Omarosa", but pretty memorable). Whether or not Gretchens have an inside track when it comes to casting, they almost always deliver the drama.

Attention-grabbing Gretchens. Fetching Gretchens. Designing Gretchens. Here's a list of some Gretchens whose lives you may have have followed on network TV or basic cable.

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Taylor Jacobson Leaving Rachel Zoe: Who Should Replace Her?

by Rebecca Paiement, posted Nov 9th 2009 1:00PM
Taylor JacobsonIf and when the 'Rachel Zoe Project' resumes on Bravo, it will have to be without assistant Taylor Jacobson.

PEOPLE is reporting that Zoe has fired Jacobson, effective immediately. Zoe's rep, Carrie Gordon, has since confirmed the news.

Why Jacobson was let go remains to be seen, although, given how often she complained about her job on the show, many would say she had it coming.

Still, Jacobson insists that the decision was solely her own. Hoping to begin her own fashion styling business, Jacobson's Twitter account and emails to colleagues, leaked to Fashionista, reflect her enthusiasm to get out on her own. "I am saddened and exhilarated at the same time to announce my departure," she wrote. "After much thought and consideration, I have decided to take the challenging leap and go off and style on my own."

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TV Squad Ten: Top gay characters

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 8th 2009 2:08PM
The L Word - ShaneIt occurred to me recently that there are more gay and lesbian characters on TV right now than ever before. That's pretty cool.

And they run the gamut from The L Word 's edgy Shane (pictured) to Desperate Housewives' funny Bob to Entourage's loyal Lloyd, who takes more verbal abuse from Ari Gold than anyone should ever be allowed to take.

See if you agree with my list of top gay characters on TV right now, and feel free to add your own in the comments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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What Jane is thankful for

by Jane Boursaw, posted Nov 23rd 2008 5:02PM
Jack BauerOh my. So much to be thankful for, even though the fall season hasn't been all that great. Here's my list:

Rogue agents. It's been Far.Too.Long since Jack Bauer has entered our living room, and we couldn't be more gleeful about his return - both the 24 movie and the series in January. Welcome back, Jack! We missed you! Well, my son and I have! My daughter and husband don't get you, but that's ok!

Mad scientists. That crazy Walter Bishop really brightens up our Tuesday nights around here. My son goes to school on Wednesday, talks about Fringe with his buddies, then texts me back their thoughts on The Observer, the cylinders, Massive Dynamic and all the rest. Of course, Walter is the best thing about the show. We love him.

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How Tim Gunn made it work despite the skinflints at Bravo

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 31st 2008 8:03AM
Timmy GunnYou knew when the Harvey Weinstein/NBC Universal case came to court over Project Runway that things were going to get testy. But the information that came out today -- that Tim Gunn wasn't paid a cent for the first season of Project Runway -- was a stunner. Testifying in New York State Supreme Court yesterday, executive producer Harvey Weinstein said that Tim Gunn received no salary in season one, and only $2,500 per episode in season two.

The whole reason for the court proceedings involves Project Runway running away from Bravo to Lifetime. The Weinstein Company wanted more money for the program -- one of Bravo's biggest hits -- and found Lifetime ready to pay big bucks.

Emblematic of this fight over money is the fact that Bravo, apparently, didn't think to reward Tim Gunn for his efforts in making the show a hit by giving him something after season one, and more than a token amount (in show biz money) in season two. Tim wasn't the only one who looked in vain for something from Bravo; Heidi Klum received flowers, but nothing more substantive.

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Which network is the most engaging among 18 to 49 year-olds?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 11th 2008 2:20PM

Kathy GriffinThis is a rather confusing story. Or maybe all of this heat is getting to me and there's obvious point here I'm missing.

Nielsen Media surveyed 82,000 18-49 year-olds (a rather hefty sample), and 75% of the respondents say that Bravo is the most engaging network. Yup, the network of reality shows (is there anything else on the network these days?) holds the attention of that key demographic more than any other channel, network or cable, including runner-up CBS (which got 74%), ABC (73%), The CW (71%), NBC (70%), and FOX (69%).

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Tim Gunn gets a new fashion accomplice

by Erin Martell, posted May 9th 2008 12:03PM
Gretta MonahanWhen Tim Gunn returns for the second season of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, he'll be joined by a new sidekick. Stylist Gretta Monahan has signed on as the show's newest fashion accomplice. Last season, model Veronica Webb helped Tim Gunn make over several style-impaired women. Now it's Monahan's turn.

Monahan owns Boston's Grettacole Spas, Salons and Boutiques. She also has a fair amount of on-camera experience, having appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, The View, and her own fashion segment on Boston's NBC station. Monahan recently served as a consultant on Dove's Real Beauty campaign.

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