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October 10, 2015

Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell Talks About His Dad Embarrassing Him As a Teen on 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 22nd 2011 3:15AM
Ty Burrell, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Ty Burrell accepted his Emmy with a story about his father. He seems to have tons of them, and they're all incredibly entertaining. After his latest on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS), we're thinking he should write a book about the man. Maybe call it '$#*! My Dad Did' and get CBS to make a show about it ...

It looks like his dad did crazy things to help his son out, too, so it served a purpose. We loved his story about his father wearing a short robe into a hotel lobby to encourage his son to get changed faster after away games as a teen athlete.

Nothing embarrasses a teen more than their parents, and we can only imagine the added horror of the robe. Wonder if there'll be a run on those from parents irritated by their own teenagers looking for ways to get them in line?

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Modern Family' Season 2 DVD Clip (Part 1)

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 20th 2011 11:00AM
Modern FamilyYesterday AOL TV brought you an exclusive clip from the new season of 'Modern Family' featuring the adorable little lady who plays the now-older baby Lily.

Today, we have something just as hilarious from the Emmy-dominating Dunphy-Pritchett gang. In this exclusive clip from 'Modern Family: The Complete Second Season' (out today on DVD and Blu-ray!), watch newly crowned Emmy winners Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen read a scene from the episode 'Strangers on a Treadmill' in front of an audience of Emmy voters.

We can't tell what's cuter, the pair hamming it up for the audience or the giggles of their fellow cast members.

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The 2011 Emmy Awards: Memorable Quotes from the Winners and Presenters

by Michael Hogan, posted Sep 18th 2011 10:21PM
Julie BowenHalf the fun of Emmy night is matching the actual winners to your picks -- especially if you picked 'Modern Family' to sweep pretty much every category in the first hour of the show. But the other half is hearing your favorite stars of the small screen get emotional, veer off script and say stuff that's unexpected, or at least unscripted.

There were plenty of surprising twists and turns at the 63rd Emmy Awards, and more than a handful of remarks to remember. From host Jane Lynch's (jokingly) bitter comments about drowning her sorrows in a tub of turkey meatballs to Peter Dinklage's endearingly odd shout out to his dogsitter, the best quotes of the night are right here.

Click through the gallery to read the highlights, and tell us what caught your attention during the broadcast.

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'Modern Family' Wins All the Emmys

by Crystal Bell, posted Sep 18th 2011 9:45PM
Ty Burell, Julie BowenWell, 'Modern Family' is officially the king of the comedy crop at the Emmy Awards. The ABC comedy is four for four at tonight's awards.

Two-time nominee Julie Bowen took home her first Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, beating out costar Sofia Vergara, Emmy host Jane Lynch and golden girl Betty White.

Meanwhile, her on-screen husband Ty Burrell took home his first Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, after losing out to co-star Eric Stonestreet last year. Burrell was competing against costars Stonestreet, Ed O'Neil and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, along with 'Glee' star Chris Colfer, in his category.

Unlike his character, Burrell seemed rather reflective accepting the golden statue, noting that his father passed away before he ever had the chance to see his son perform. "I wonder what he'd think of this," Burrell said, telling the crowd that his father would probably be surprised that his son goes to work in full makeup every day.

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'Modern Family' Season 3 First Look: New Cast Photos

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 7th 2011 4:45PM
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family Season 3Family gatherings can be quite a circus, that's for sure. 'Modern Family' is taking that thought one step further with this new cast image.

The Season 3 cast picture features the gang dressed in classic circus attire -- there's even an animal in the mix! Each person is dressed like a specific circus character.

Last year's photo had the cast hanging out in vintage beach attire.

The new season kicks off with a 1-hour premiere that sees the Dunphy and Pritchett families heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a dude ranch adventure. ABC promises big firsts, surprises and a face-off!

Check out a full gallery of ABC's new portraits -- including the new Lily, played by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons -- below.

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'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Is Pulling For Her TV Dad In the Emmys (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 3rd 2011 4:30PM
Sarah Hyland of 'Modern Family' is pulling for Ty Burrell in the Emmy race on 'Access Hollywood Live'Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy on 'Modern Family,' has her hands full choosing who to root for in the Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Comedy Series Emmy race. Four of her co-stars -- Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O'Neill, Eric Stonestreet, and Ty Burrell -- are nominated in the category. Kit Hoover put Hyland on the spot on 'Access Hollywood Live' (weekdays, syndicated on NBC) and asked her to choose who she'd most like to see win.

Hoover thought Hyland might have a soft spot for TV veteran O'Neill. "I do, I do," said Hyland. "Of course I love everyone in our cast and I wish them all the luck. But it has to be, for me, it has to be between Ed and Ty. He's my daddy. I want my daddy."

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TCA Awards Nominate 'Justified,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Jun 13th 2011 4:35PM
Critics tend to rave about dramas like 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Mad Men' and 'Justified,' so it was no surprise to learn that all those awards picked up multiple nominations from the Television Critics Association, which announced its TCA Awards nominees Monday.

The Television Critics Association is an organization of more than 200 television critics and journalists, and this year, the group made some pretty unimpeachable choices.

On the comedy side, 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Louie,' 'Modern Family' and 'Community' picked up multiple nominations.

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'Modern Family' Cast In And Out of Character on 'Inside the Actors Studio' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 8th 2011 1:51AM
the cast of 'Modern Family' - 'Inside the Actors Studio'James Lipton set aside a special hour-long broadcast of 'Inside the Actors Studio' (Tue., 8PM ET on Bravo) for the adult castmembers from 'Modern Family.' To keep things interesting -- and a little confusing if you were trying to watch this while multitasking -- Lipton decided to interview both the actors and the characters they play on television.

As a result, he got some different answers to his favorite questions as when he asked Julie Bowen her favorite curse word. Hers was "dagnabbit," but for Claire Dunphy it's one far more crass.

It was certainly a fun hour, and a neat exploration of how the actors perceive their on-screen characters without the filter of the show's writers giving them their words.

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Ty Burrell Missed His Daughter's First Steps (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Feb 9th 2011 1:50PM
Ty Burrell daughter first stepsTy Burrell of 'Modern Family' is a proud dad, and he showed it today on 'Good Morning America' (weekdays, 7AM on ABC). He beamed while talking about his one-year-old daughter taking her first steps. Unfortunately, he couldn't be there to see it in person.

After Burrell announced his daughter took her first steps just the night before, the audience and host gave a collective "Awwwww."

"Yeah," he said. "That's what I said over the phone. I wasn't there."

Burrell then launched into some fake crying, but couldn't hold back a smirk. "My life is so bad," he said. "It's so hard."

He then explained how the kid used to scoot to get around, but at one point, stopped scooting, stood up, and walked to get to her toys. "That's for-real walking," he said. "That's not like where I do it and, like, lead her up to something and go, 'Hey you walked!'"

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Ty Burrell Talks Perils of Hitchhiking in Manhattan (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Nov 10th 2010 7:25AM
Ty Burrell Talks Hitchhiking on 'Late Night'Now L.A.-based for 'Modern Family,' Ty Burrell misses "where the nuttier stuff happens," i.e., New York City, where he lived for 12 years. So he shared an only-in-New-York experience when he stopped by 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC). Burrell needed to get to Midtown by 5PM, but (as always around that time), couldn't hail a cab.

A "friendly looking woman pulled up," recognized him from the TV show and offered him a lift. He accepted. "It started out great," he said of their conversation. "Twenty-five minutes later, traffic got jammed up, and it was kinda like..." (Burrell stared blankly in awkward silence.)

The actor thanked the "good Samaritan" and added, "I'm sorry that you had to witness up-close how dull I am." (An intriguing aside: The TV star wasn't willing to pay for a "freaky expensive" gypsy cab.)

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Outside the Box Interview: 'Modern Family'

by Neil Busch, posted Nov 1st 2010 5:45PM
Bloopers! Don't you just love 'em? Interview with Modern family cast Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Sofia Vergara'Modern Family' cast members Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Sofia Vergara revealed just what's on their blooper reel when they stopped by our studio for an Outside the Box interview.

The stars answered fan questions about their early television influences, their dream shooting location and their childhood celebrity crushes. Plus, Burrell's "most awkward scene" story is not to be missed.

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Sultry Sofía Vergara Talks About Her Accent, Her Role on 'Modern Family' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 30th 2010 5:27AM
Sultry Sofia Vergara Talks About Her Accent, Her Role on 'Modern Family''Modern Family' starlet Sofía Vergara appeared on the latest 'Oprah Winfrey Show' (weekdays, syndicated). She discussed her increasingly impenetrable South American accent, and how it was her dream to one day marry the dumpy guy from 'Married ... With Children.' And okay -- the rest of the cast of 'Modern Family' was there as well. But we'll be honest: sometimes we only have eyes for Ms. Vergara.

Host Oprah Winfrey asked Sophía why her accent seems to be getting heavier, even though she's been living in America for some time now. The actress replied that she actually does it for comedic effect, and gave an example: "I realized that sometimes it was funnier to say 'YOOOUHH' [rather] than 'you.'" Good point!

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Emmy Picks: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 20th 2010 2:40PM
The nominees for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for the 2010 Emmys
With the Emmy voting closed and the awards just over a week away, it's high time for me to resume giving you who I think should and who I think will win the major awards.

I've already given my picks for the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy awards. Now we move on to the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category, where the competition is fierce... especially if you're on 'Modern Family.'

Ty Burrell, 'Modern Family'
Chris Colfer, 'Glee'
Jon Cryer, 'Two and a Half Men'
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 'Modern Family'
Neil Patrick Harris, 'How I Met Your Mother'
Eric Stonestreet, 'Modern Family'

Who will win:
This is an extremely tough category to handicap, mainly because pretty much everyone in the category -- except for Cryer, who should submit himself as a lead actor -- deserves the award. However, because of the Academy's tendency to keep giving the award to the same people year in and year out (this award should be called the John Larroquette Award for the number of times he won it when he was on 'Night Court'), I'm going to have to painfully say that Cryer still has a good shot of taking it this year, especially if the three 'Modern Family' actors split people's votes.

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A Big-Screen Kiss on 'Modern Family' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 20th 2010 2:15AM
A Big-Screen Kiss on 'Modern Family'There are so many potentially bad ways to kiss someone. But on 'Modern Family' (Wed., 9PM ET on ABC), a new way is discovered.

[Spoiler alert.]

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Renewing Vows on 'Modern Family' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 13th 2010 1:00AM
Renewing Vows on 'Modern Family'All great sitcoms should eventually send their cast to Hawaii. 'The Brady Bunch' did it. And, uh, 'Saved by the Bell' did it too. Now, 'Modern Family' (Wed., 9PM ET on ABC) has sent everyone to the Aloha State as well.

[Spoiler alert.]

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