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October 13, 2015


Taylor Swift, Beyonce Set to Perform at Grammys

by Michael D. Ayers, posted Dec 23rd 2009 11:00AM
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift and Beyonce will lead a star-studded cast of performers at this year's Grammy Awards, the Associated Press reports.

Also scheduled are the Black Eyed Peas, R&B crooner Maxwell and country trio Lady Antebellum when the 52nd Annual ceremony airs January 31 on CBS.

Both Swift and Beyonce are coming off major years, with two ubiquitous singles. Swift's up for 8 nominations, including Song of the Year for her chart-topper 'You Belong With Me.' Her latest album, 'Fearless,' is also up for Best Album of the Year and Best Country Album.

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Britney will be at the VMAs

by Brad Trechak, posted Sep 4th 2008 10:38AM
Britney Spears Rolling Stone coverIt looks like after some divisiveness on the subject (including a report confirming her non-appearance), Britney Spears will in fact be making an appearance at the 25th MTV Video Music Awards this coming Sunday in Los Angeles. Britney has been nominated 16 times for VMAs but never won a Moon Man.

This year she has three nominations. With that, I don't know why anybody would think she wouldn't show up. I realize that many thought her last VMA appearance/performance was a trainwreck, but look at what she was going through at the time.

Britney does not have a performance scheduled and I would guess that her appearance will likely be more demure (if MTV is capable of such a thing). I presume she'll just be accepting the award (I think she'll win something. It would be a good career boost. Even Scorsese won an award eventually). Of course, I could be complete wrong. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of MTV executives?

My question is: will Britney's appearance at the VMA's make you more likely to tune in?

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Katy Perry plans to make out with a female celeb at the VMAs

by Kona Gallagher, posted Aug 28th 2008 5:25PM
katy perryThere's a difference between cheap, tawdry publicity stunts that are (pop) culturally significant and those that are just, well, cheap and tawdry. An example of the former is Madonna's infamous VMA performance from 2003 in which she performed and locked lips with not only Christina Aguilera, but Britney Spears as well. An example of the latter would be basically anything involving Katy Perry.

if you've walked past a TV, into a retail store or gotten into a car this summer, chances are you've heard Katy Perry's single, "I Kissed a Girl." There's an even bigger chance that if you just read that sentence, "I Kissed a Girl" is now going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Perry is performing that song during this year's VMA telecast on September 7th, and if you haven't already guessed, she's looking for a girl to kiss.

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VMAs will try to survive without Britney

by Kona Gallagher, posted Aug 27th 2008 10:42AM
britney spears 2007 vmasLook, I'm just going to go ahead and take credit for this one. Obviously Britney listened to me when I praised her for her awkwardly funny VMA promos with this year's host, Russell Brand, and agreed that that was enough for this year. Her manager, Larry Rudolph, has confirmed that despite reports, Brit will not be picking up the sparkly underwear from the cleaners in order to perform at this year's VMAs.

Fans of unruly extensions and gum-smacking need not fear, however: there is still a good chance that Ms. Spears will make an appearance at the fête. Britney is nominated for Video of the Year for her single, "Piece of Me." Even though Britney Spears has been nearly synonymous with MTV and the VMAs for most of her career, she's never actually won one of the coveted moon men, so I'm not sure how good her chances are of actually making an acceptance speech. Regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if producers still find something for her to do during the show; if there's one thing for which Britney can always be relied on, it's creating buzz. Well, that and single-handedly keeping Cheetos in business.

The MTV Video Music Awards air on September 7.

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Don't call it a comeback: Britney's VMA promos - VIDEOS

by Kona Gallagher, posted Aug 12th 2008 12:25PM
russell brand britney spears vmasWe all know the story: Britney Spears got divorced, shaved her head, beat a car with an umbrella, went to rehab for a little while, and generally acted in an unstable fashion in front of the paparazzi. Then, last year, she was supposed to put all of that behind her and reclaim her rightful crown as a pop princess by performing her new single, "Gimme More" at the MTV Video Music Awards.

So she opened the show--but her performance was more befitting a zombie stripper than a multi-platinum artist. Things continued to go downhill for a while, until her dad stepped in. After that, it was better extensions, visits with her kids and guest spots on How I Met Your Mother. It was good all around.

Now, after several months of relative stability, Britney may be ready for a comeback from her comeback. Along with VMA host Russell Brand, Spears is starring in a couple of promos for the VMAs. The videos are after the jump.

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"Leave Britney Alone!" guy gets 15 more minutes - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 20th 2007 9:02AM
chris crockerChris Crocker has signed a development deal with reality programmer 44 Blue Productions. He's the guy who got his 15 minutes of fame last week when his mascara-run plea to "Leave Britney Alone" appeared on every news and entertainment show under the sun. Crocker, of course, was reacting to all the bad reviews that Britney got for her phoning-it-in performance at the VMAs.

44 Blue says it's had an eye on Crocker for over a year but decided to scoop him up when he got massive play last week. If it ever gets a green light, 19-year-old Crocker's program will be reality-style, about his life in Tennessee with his grandparents.

Crocker's famous video is after the jump, and here is where you can see Seth Green's spoof of Crocker.

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A reminder: TV Squad live blogs the Emmys tomorrow!

by Jay Black, posted Sep 15th 2007 4:59PM
EmmyTime to take out your Hello Kitty date book and make a note: TV Squad will be liveblogging the Emmys starting Sunday, September 16th at 7:55 PM and running right through to the end of the show (which conservative estimates put at approximately 11:40 PM the following Wednesday).

My favorite part of a liveblog is the family atmosphere it tends to create (check out the Testament-like way we all gave each other comfort and support during the VMA liveblog in the face of Britney's "comeback"), so I'm hoping all of you will join us tomorrow. Run the bubble-bath, pop open the chardonnay, and charge up the laptop, 'cause we're all about to bask in the glow of Seacrest together.

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Rumor: Britney Spears will open the VMAs

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 16th 2007 8:06AM
britney spearsLeave it to MTV to capitalize on someone who is having a mental breakdown in public. There's a rumor being reported by the E! network (that MTV is not denying) that Britney Spears will be the 'surprise' opening act of this year's Video Music Awards (VMAs).

The fact that MTV is not confirming or denying the report could mean a couple of things: A) They're trying to get buzz, or B) They don't want to announce it because she's too unstable to be relied upon to actually show up for the gig.

Either way, it will probably be uneventful. The VMAs are notoriously all build-up with no pay-off. At least, that's what I really hope happens this time if Britney does appear on stage. The show airs on September 9th.

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Who crashed the VMAs?

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 1st 2006 7:49AM
mtv 6000Wondering who the guy is who crashed the MTV VMAs last night? His name is Sixx and he claims to be a filmmaker who can't get a break in Hollywood. He and a couple friends are making a documentary-style movie about how they crash Hollywood awards shows.

Last night on MTV, Sixx hopped up on stage as Panic! at the Disco! was about to accept the award for Video of the Year from Jennifer Lopez. Sixx grabbed the microphone, introduced himself, said that MTV never gave him a show, and told people to log on to MTV6000.com. I went to the website last night and, even though it's excruciatingly slow, I got to watch about half of a movie trailer that is posted there. Eh.

You can watch the VMA crasher video on this site.

[Thanks, Jed!]

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