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October 13, 2015


Project Runway gets new producers for Lifetime

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 29th 2008 5:16PM
Tim Gunn and Heidi - ProjectA couple of months ago, I interviewed Lifetime president of entertainment Susanne Daniels for TV Week, asking her about Project Runway jumping from Bravo to her network.

"We know for certain that Heidi (Klum) and Tim (Gunn) are returning. We would love to see the judges back, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia...but we're working on that," she said.

She went on to say that the show will look and feel very much like it did on Bravo; it will be airing in the same time slot, the same day of the week. And she secured Kors and Garcia, so the four important Project Runway principals all will be in place.

Now comes word that in an effort to keep Project Runway as much a hit on Lifetime as it's been on Bravo, Lifetime is bringing in the veteran production team Bunim-Murray to take over as showrunners.

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Bob & Harvey Weinstein + WWE = WTF?

by Kevin Kelly, posted Oct 17th 2006 10:29AM
wweBob and Harvey Weinstein, formerly of Miramax fame, have just signed a deal with the World Wrestling Entertainment to distribute all of the WWE's home video library, which includes past, current, and future releases. Plus, the deal opens up the possibility of theatrically releasing WWE videos, and provides them with a ring full of star material. Bob Weinstein told Variety, "Some of these guys are natural-born talents."

That's about when my head exploded. Have Bob and Harvey lost it? Or are they pure and total geniuses? Their Weinstein Company owns a majority stake Genius Products, who signed the WWE deal, which pushes me into the "lost it" camp. Don't call your company "I'm Smarter Than You Are Productions, Inc." unless you are itching for a smackdown. And here I swore I'd get through this post without saying "smackdown," dammit.

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Will Fletch finally be made, starring Zach Braff?

by Jen Creer, posted Jul 26th 2006 3:23PM
Zach Braff might be FletchDespite the popularity of the Fletch movies (starring Chevy Chase as the sarcastic reporter), it has taken longer to get more of the movies made than it took to get another Superman movie made -- and presumably, Superman Returns required many more special effects. Director Kevin Smith (whose new movie Clerks II is in theaters and who was also associated with Superman at one point) had been talking about making a Fletch movie years ago. As in more than five years ago. He wrote on his View Askew message board back then that he wanted to cast Jason Lee (who now stars in the title row of the terrific show My Name is Earl) as Fletch.

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